Closer Look At The Buffet Table

buffetWeight loss is something almost every one of my friends talks about.  People are always trying to diet, or trying to lose weight.  Whether its 40 pounds or 4 pounds, people are always “watching” what they eat.

According to a study, 213 people were observed at an all you can eat Chinese buffet by trained researchers.  The research showed some fairly interesting results.  Diners who were visibly overweight ot obese were more likely than normal-weight diners to:

  • Serve themselves immediately, rather then browse the buffet first
  • Choose a large plate over a smaller one
  • Sit facing the buffet
  • Use a fork rather then chopsticks
  • Sit without a napkin on their laps

What to do if you are at a buffet such as this and trying to watch your weight? Use a small plate, so you take smaller portions.  Use chopsticks so you slow down while you are eating.  You also pay more attention to the amount of food you are consuming.  Don’t sit facing the buffet, so the food isn’t always “in your face” having you thinking about what to eat next.  Take your time and look around the buffet and go for the food that most appeals to you, not just what’s at hand.  Use your napkin, this way its one more thing you have to do before getting back up to grab another serving, which may in fact act as a deterrent. 🙂

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