Drug Addiction Recovery IS Possible

Just read an article about Narconon, a two-phase, Drug Rehab Program, with a distinct series of steps to help drug recovery.  Drug addiction not only destroys the lives of the person using the drugs, but also has a huge impact on the family and friends of that person.  Many people do not know where to turn to get help for those they love when it comes to drug addiction.  Drug addicts generally withdraw from the people who know and love them.  This alone is one of the biggest problems that the drug abuser suffers and further increases the users need for drugs creating a catch 22.

The program at Narconon covers all aspects of the patients lives, which is essential to a help fully recover from this addiction.  Helping their patients through the tough withdrawal period, along with organizing and retraining the person in how to live a drug free life is Narconons main purpose.  This comprehensive program has had a huge amount of rehab success.  Phase one consists of Drug Free Withdrawal, Communication, Detoxification, and Learning Improvement.  Phase two includes Communication and Perception, Personal Values and Integrity, Changing Conditions in Life and After Care Planning.

Successful results at the end of the program can include:

  • Greater mental acuity
  • Stronger relationships with "healthy" individuals who are not a liability to the person
  • Increased sense of well-being
  • The ability to live independently
  • Help achieving high personal integrity and honesty
  • The elimination of the bio-physical drug craving.

The Narconon program has been around since 1966.  Today Narconon is an international program helping thousands of individuals recover from drug addiction successfully.  Check out http://drugsno.com for more information.

drug rehab

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