Eat Local and Boost Your Immunity

Ever hear the term “locavores”? Locavores are people who seek out foods in their native region and this group of people is growing rapidly. There are many economic and environmental benefits to becoming a “locavore”, in addition to actual health benefits. In fact eating locally may boost your immune system! According to an article on, local foods may be less processed. They are also not transported thousands of miles across the continent to reach your dinner table. Transported foods may harbor unwanted bacteria and pathogens that were picked up along the way. Our bodies may have less natural resistance to foods coming from those other areas, while local foods provide microbes that are specific to the region we live in and bolster our immune capacity.

While there’s no hard science that indicates the health benefits of local foods, the University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill is researching this topic. Last year, they began studying the benefits of eating locally. If you want more information on eating locally and making this switch, check out

While we are all aware of the global warming issues that trucking companies are faced with, eating locally also assists in lowering emissions caused by those trucks thereby benefiting our environment as well.

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