AgLoc? NuSkin? Anyone know

Ok so here’s the deal. Had a friend in high school who entered the entertainment field and was in a television series for many years. Now he’s a Hollywood producer who got into an mlm called AgLoc which is an anti aging business that spun off of more commonly known NuSkin.

My friend, after many years of almost no contact, except for the back and forth of facebook, contacts me to get me involved in his new venture. He said he wants to share this business with me because it has awesome income potential, and because of my “vivacious” personality I’d be great at this business.

Now having come out of another anti-aging skin care mlm business and being a little burned and losing a lot of money in it, I have a slightly different attitude about it then the other 15 people he’s trying to pitch on the East coast. I tapped into all of my friends, and their friends, and so on and so on. Can I now approach those same people with this new product line? Or do I look foolish?

Ok, so now all of this being said, him being a friend, I can’t help but wonder if it may be a good opportunity? i realize he stands to benefit from my hard work…..but so do I. Everyone can use a little extra income.

I just want to ask if any of you have heard of this product and if so just share your thoughts with me. If you have been involved in this mlm what is your honest opinion? Can’t wait to hear from you. 🙂  Check this out, cool site.


4 thoughts on “AgLoc? NuSkin? Anyone know

  1. Hi there … I do believe there’s potential with Nu Skin; however, you are still selliing a product and the people who are buying this will have to WANT to spend money on this type of product. Without a doubt that product line is good … the question is … will you be able to achieve the level of success in mlm with NuSkin.
    If you’re interested, I am involved with another mlm company that I truly believe you can make money with. If you do have the vivacious personality that you say you have, it’s definitely worth checking out. It’s a reputable company and they are based out of the States. Feel free to email me if you want to learn more!

  2. Hi Frankie,

    It’s the real deal. My wife got in a little over a year ago and I researched it hard for 2 months, to make sure she wasn’t getting burned. I knew there had to be a catch somewhere, but the story just kept getting better. Then I discovered Nourish The Children, a distributor initiative Nu Skin created to feed malnourished children and Force For Good, their charitable foundation. This is an amazing company and they are about to enter a rapid growth phase. Do a bit of research and then follow your heart. It always knows.


  3. My wife started with NuSkin in six months ago and I was sceptical. I started using the Galvanic Spa and witnessed how well it worked and decided to join my wife in promoting the business three months ago. Everyone needs to know how well the NuSkin products work. The teamwork and support that is available from the company is amazing and the people you have available to work with is priceless.

    Believe in the products and the company and you WILL succeed.

    Good Luck.

  4. Excelente matéria. Vi algo parecido no, porém de outra marca, VICHY, mas muito boa tb. Parabéns!!!

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