Diet or Exercise, Conflicting Messages?

The latest research on weight loss shows what most people already knew…it’s a combo of diet and exercise.  According to a University study, scientists found that weight loss study participants all lost an average of 22 pounds through diet, exercise or both.  But they did find one big difference.

Those who included exercise in their weight loss programs were able to specifically target belly fat.  In fact, the diet plus exercise group shrank their abdominal fat cells twice as much as those who only dieted.  Abdominal fat cells have different amounts of metabolic enzymes than other parts of your body, causing them to be more responsive to exercise.


3 thoughts on “Diet or Exercise, Conflicting Messages?

  1. Well, you can’t target just belly fat, that has been debunked time and time again! In fact belly fat is the most stubborn type and will get burned the last. You should visit my site and debate this issue some more if you have something constructive to say about it:-)

  2. These days with diet and exersise yoga also plays a vital role in reducing weight and remian healthy. One should practice bhastrika and lom vilom daily. I am getting benefit from these prayanayams Yoga also makes your skin glow.

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