New Years Resolutions

As with most every American, when January 1 comes a new slew of New Years Resolutions.  These promises we make to ourselves are more often broken then fulfilled. In order to help move mine along, I made a checklist that I posted on my bathroom mirror to remind myself of them each morning.  The problem is knowing me, eventually those little stickies will just be looked through as though they did not even exist.  So I stuck those stickies all over my house!  They should suffice until they all start getting un-sticky falling to the ground and I find them attached to my dogs feet.

The stickies about dieting were on my fridge.  The ones about using my Galvanic spa 2-3 times a week were on my bathroom mirror.  Even the ones about this blogging challenge I am going to try to do is posted all over my office walls and on my computer screen!  Being in my  (cough cough) mid forties, I know for a fact that every year I have made those promises to myself on January 1, they have almost always been broken.  Obviously I have not taken the New Years Resolution stuff too seriously in the past, but this year I am determined!  Now let’s just see how long it will last. HA!

Do you make New Years Resolutions?   Curious to know how many of us actually keep them, and if so for approximately how long?


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