Oxi Clean Magic

Was just sent a sample of Oxi Clean Spray-a-Way by the company to test out and write a review.  First I would like to say that I have no connection with the company at all.  From time to time I get asked to review products or services by companies as a volunteer service of sorts. Here is what I found.

While I happen to use Oxi Clean in my laundry when I wash clothes I have always liked how it has brightened up my loads of wash.  But the spray I must say lacks something when used on spot treatments.  Church and Dwight, the makers of the products, packaged it in a small vial with a spray top.  The vial is convenient and small enough to carry with you in a shirt pocket or a purse.  While I loved that idea, I was not crazy about the cap that covered the spray top as it has on several occasions fallen off i my purse and sprayed on everything in my bag.  I got to really embrace the product on New Years eve when one of my guests accidentally dropped some food on his shirt.  I of course ran to my purse and pulled out the vial and immediately, without warning, started spraying the spot on my guests shirt.  Needless to say he was a bit surprised when his shirt now looked a lot worse then it had originally with the food stain on it.   After the Oxi-Spray dried the stain was still there.

However, after his shirt was laundered, the spot was totally removed!  Oxy-Clean once again gets my vote. 🙂  Of course if you don’t have any Oxi-Clean on hand, good old fashioned club soda will do as well.


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