Keeping your age a mystery


“So why do some people look younger and some people look older than their actual age? Well the team at NuSkin has been researching this exact question for years. Did you know that across the globe people feel that the biggest anti-aging question in their mind is not “Why do we get wrinkles?” or “How do our bodies lose the grip on gravity’s pull?” but rather “Why do some people look younger than their real age?”

Most often, looking young is attributed to people having good genes, but if it’s all in the genes, then aging is inevitable and you can’t do anything to change it. That answer has never been acceptable to me, so our team has delved deeply into the molecular mechanisms of aging and has learned something can be done about aging at the genetic level. It’s not about changing the genes, it’s about influencing gene expression.


When someone looks pretty, handsome, or younger than their age, your grandmother or mother would shrug and say, “Oh, she just has good genes.” And they are partly right, everyone has good genes, but the key is how your genes are being expressed. Your genes are your genes and they are fixed. They can’t be altered.

But when it comes to looking younger than your age, what scientists have discovered is that it’s not about altering the genes, but about something called youthful gene expression.”

Youth Gene Expression Before and After

NuSkin has found a way to change your gene expression. Our products target the mitochondria, the brains in our cells, that cause us to age and reverse them to a more youthful state causing us to appear younger and feel healthier, more vibrant and have more vitality.

You can learn more about the products and purchase them here.


3 thoughts on “Keeping your age a mystery

  1. Lovrd your article. I am one of the lucky ones that looks much younger than my 58 years. I had no idea it was in my genes rather staying out of the sun and moisturizing from a young age.
    Thanks for the info

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