Eating clean and healthy

So many times I hear people talking about the foods they should be eating and the reasons why. Well I have a few favorites too…

Portobello mushroom- they are an excellent source of niacin, the B vitamin needed to change carbs into energy. These mushrooms can also be found in certain supplements as well. The supplements containing cordyseps, a form of mushroom, is great for vitality, energy, and sexual labido. I’ve tried one brand called vitality and I’ve got to say it works.

You can learn more about vitality here. here.

blueberries – these are my absolute favorite!! They’re incredibly healthy and super high in anti oxidants. The blue hue comes from anthocyanins, a plant pigment known for it’s ability to combat free radicals in the body that cause heart disease, hypertension and certain types of cancers. I keep a huge container washed on my kitchen counter and grab a handful when I need a healthy snack! Little tip…organic is higher in anti oxidants then traditional or conventional farmed blueberries. Organic blueberries have a higher level because they have to protect themselves from free radical damage.

Lean beef – for you meat eaters out there, two words for you… flank steak. It’s an excellent source of phosphorous and zinc minerals that are essential for metabolizing the 33 grams of protein you’ll get from a single 5 oz serving.

So relax and enjoy your meals, remember “you are what you eat”.


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