Superfeet EasyFit Insoles for High Heels

image This is a remarkable product. It is specifically made for women when they wear high heels. High heels already have a bad reputation of being uncomfortable well Superfeet is helping to solve the problem with their EasyFit Insoles. A key feature is that it reduces toe pinching and crowding, if you wear heels you’ll appreciate that. I hate when my feet feel like they are sliding down to the toe.

Ideal for any shoe with a heel over 1″. EasyFit Insoles are slim and lightweight and will help your feet from feeling tired. The firmness of the insoles aids in evenly distributing your weight on your feet and helps to keep balance as well as giving cushion. These insoles are easy to fit and are designed to fit perfectly. Also, no one will ever know you are using them. Any product that makes me want to keep my heels on all day is a winner in my book.

Get you a pair of Superfeet EasyFit Insoles today and love wearing your heels!

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Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

image Urban Decay makes beautiful shades of eyeshadows and now they have a product that works to keep those shadows bright, beautiful and crease-free. The Eyeshadow Primer Potion comes in a cute purple .34oz counter with a kind of “genie” top. The top is the applicator made like a lip gloss applicator, only this one applies to your eyelids.

The product is stated to be ultra sheer and that is will disappear instantly. But the reviews I have found state it takes about five minutes for it dry completely so that you can apply your shadow. Eyeshadow Primer Potion makes your shadow apply smoother, last longer and keeps the shadows from creasing. Even on oily skin, it seems that it does it’s job; making shadow last longer than shadow alone and look more vibrant. Can also be used on your undereye circles before putting on concealer to help with creasing and smoother application.

Interested in the product? Get it here!

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Shopping Bags

image I am sure you have noticed that shopping bags are really coming back in style. One big reason is most people are trying to be eco-friendly and go “green”. Which is good for all of us. But another reason is that they are so attractive and useful. You can find them in all different sizes, shapes, material, and style.

With the new shopping bag, you can express yourself through your bag. Most of the reusable shopping bags fit nicely in a pocket or purse. This makes the easy to carry with you all the time. You are also cutting down on a lot of clutter from plastic or paper bags when you go to the grocery store or clothing store. The stores are loving them, too. Just imagine the amount of money they are saving from people having their own bags. Let’s just say, it’s enough that they are also promoting the trend.

I think carrying your own bag is trendy and good for the environment. Why wouldn’t you want one? Just get looking around and you are sure to find one that SCREAMS “you”.

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Make-up Removers

There’s nothing worse than getting done with your day and not having anything to remove your eye make up with. I can testify to the damage that can be done to the skin with trying to use soap and water. Not only does it leave a residue and not remove all the make-up, soap in the eyes from trying to get that eye make up off is certainly no fun.

A natural way to removing make-up is a mixture of olive oil, castor oil, and canola oil. Mix equal amounts of all of these and you will get a pretty good natural make-up remover. Put some on a cotton ball or q-tip to remove all your make-up. This can be stored about 4 months.

You can also buy some products. Here are a couple of I have found that should get the job done.

There are dozens of products that will work well, but these are the ones I found that I liked. Let me know what products works best for you!

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Blush Tips

image Blush can make or break your face makeup. You want to look like you have a touch of color or natural glow without looking like a clown. To find out where your blush should go, a good tip is to bend over for a few seconds with your eyes facing the floor. Slowly stand back straight and look in the mirror, the area where you cheeks turned red is where your blush should go.

Applying your blush:

  1. Swirl or dab your brush into your blush color. Blow or tap off all excess on your brush.
  2. Start with the apple of your cheeks and go towards the top of the ear or where your natural hairline begins in an upward move of the brush.
  3. Apply on forehead, chin and temples.

Never apply too much blush. Blush should enhance your natural skin tone not change it. Start light when applying your blush and then add a little more if needed. You don’t want to have take it all off, ruining your already put on makeup.

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–image credit here

Walking Tips

image When you decide to start walking you can always use some tips to keep you motivated. Walking is a great way to get your heart pumping and lose some weight. If you do it correctly and at your own pace you can grow to love walking. After a while you will find yourself looking forward to your daily walks.

First thing you want to do is make sure you have a pair of sneakers that are comfortable to your feet. Don’t pay attention to price. Just get a pair of sturdy sneakers that are comfortable on your feet that you like wearing. For me, a new pair of shoes inspires me to work out.

Comfortable clothing is another thing to consider. You don’t want to keep tugging at a shirt or straightening out some pants while you should be enjoying your walk or jog. Wear clothing is is comfortable and pleasing to you. There is no need to try and “dress it up” when you are trying to exercise. Comfort is your main concern.

When you are walking you want to get a stride or a rhythm. At first, you may feel a little awkward but it will work itself out the longer you walk. Just stick with it and don’t worry what other people are thinking. You should be doing this for you and you alone.

A great tip is to get you some tunes to listen to. There are so many MP3 players out on the market now. You can get one for just about any price range and this will become your new best friend. A trick I like to do to make me look forward and lose myself in the run or walk is to load up audio books onto my MP3 player. I almost have to be dragged in, I am so wrapped up in the story.

One final tip, always keep plenty of water with you. You don’t want to be caught out without water to drink. Walking can be an enjoyable activity if you do it correctly and learn a few tricks/tips to make it worth it.

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Start your Day off Right

 image Many times waking up seems to be the hardest part of the day. Especially when you have a job to go to and that annoying alarm clock keeps sounding every single morning. To make your mornings start off right and to get your day off on the right foot. Try some of these morning tips to waking up.

  • Switch Alarm to something soothing to wake up to – that horrid alarm sound, will even give you chills when you hear it on TV. Switch to something soothing like soft music or a morning talk show to spark your interest and get you to wake up.
  • Coffee – just the smell of coffee can be enough to wake you up in the morning. Get a coffee maker and have it set to start making coffee 15 minutes before time for you to wake up. The aroma will seem to draw you to it.
  • Shower – Wake up with a shower every morning. A nice refreshing shower is sometimes all it takes to shake off slumber and feel energized.
  • A quick foot massage – a quick massage of the feet can get your juices flowing and help you feel revitalized. When I am really tired in the mornings, I give my feet a massage while showering, this helps me to get moving.
  • Stretch – stretching is an ideal way of waking fully up. A great morning stretch is to stand up and raise both arms above your head. Then stretch all the way down to try and touch your toes, stay there and continue to stretch your hands down to the floor. Then rise slowly and shake is all off.
  • Work out – early morning workouts are great for getting your body moving and ready for the day.

These are all things I do to start my day correctly. Hope these tips help. You don’t have to try them all, just give one a try next time you find it hard to wake up and get moving in the mornings Happy.

–image credit here

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