Hair Treatments

Living in an international students community makes it very easy to learn about all kind of stuff, I especially pay attention to all different kinds of hairs. I notice that even people from the same continent have different hair types.
I’m always trying to find a way to make my hair look alive. Yesterday I actually went to my favorite hairdresser, the only Chinese hairdresser in Beijing that knows how to treat black women’s hair.
I can say that I am completely happy with the final result, is amazing how a small change on our hair style can make us different, can light up our face and change completely our style.
I again had to suffer a little bit because of my extremely dry hair (I’ve told you earlier about it).
When I was talking to some of my friends who can’t understand how can my hair be extremely curly one day and very straight the next one with a right treatment, I realized that the problem with women’s hair sometimes is that we don’t KNOW our hair. If you ask any women how their hair is, they’ll definitely take a long time before deciding among dry or oily. Most of the time they just ask the friend closer to her.
Today I want to give a few advices for learning how to treat your dry hair, so you’ll notice how very soon you’ll be able to change your hair, as you like just like I do.
Our dry hair needs a lot of nourishment. Especially the roots require some extra oil and feeding. We women with dry hair should use shampoos and tonics that have nutritive value, preferably with lanolin or Vaseline bases. Egg shampoos can also be extremely useful.
For toning dry hair and for preventing it from becoming brittle, we should use hot oil treatments, like massages with warm oil. Is also recommended to steam the scalp before a hot oil massage. You can do it by soaking a towel in hot water and then wrapping it around the scalp for opening the pores.
There are some specific hair massages that should be done for women with dry hair, is quite easy so you can do it every time you wash your hair: plant your fingers firmly on the head, work in small, circular strokes, first do it clockwise and then do it anti-clockwise trying to move the skin of the scalp on the process.
Remember to always rinse your hair with a gentle acidic solution so as to rid the scalp of the alkaline mantle. An amazing home remedy is to use 2 tablespoons of cosmetic vinegar in your last rinse. This should help you prevent excessive oiliness and give the scalp a chance to prevent as well as to get rid of
any infections.

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Home Made Skin Remedies

As I have been writing lately, this is another post about some different home remedies you can do from the comfort of your home to achieve the perfect smooth skin, especially now that summer is arriving and we all want to show our nice arms and legs on the beach.
Remedy 1: Mash one banana along with milk and apply the mixture to your skin. Leave the mixture in for 20 minutes and after rinse it properly. This remedy is perfect for making your skin smooth and supple.
Remedy 2: Blend the egg white with honey. Apply the mixture to your face. Leave the mixture in for about 20 minutes and after rinse it properly. This remedy is ideal to make your skin smooth and helps reduce wrinkles.
Remedy 3: Blend turmeric powder with milk and apply the mixture to your face. Leave the mixture in for about 20 minutes. Scrub it off with a good face scrub and then wash it with cold water. If you want better results you can also keep the mixture in overnight. This homemade remedy is very good for removing tan and also helps reduce facial hair.
Remedy 4: Mix oatmeal along with curds and tomato juice. Apply the mixture to your face. Leave the mixture in for about 20 minutes and rinse well with cold water. This remedy is very useful to remove tan and lighten the skin.
Remedy 5:Apply some raw sliced tomato to your face. This method reduces blemishes and other scars.
Remedy 6: Apply some cucumber juice to your face. Wash it properly after 15 minutes. Since cucumber juice is an excellent astringent, the juice applied to your face helps tightens your pores.
Remedy 7: Blend turmeric powder with limejuice. Apply it to your face for about 20 minutes. Since limejuice is natural bleach, this mixture is very good for removing tans.
Remedy 8: Mix dried orange peels with curds. Apply it to your face and rinse well with cold water after 15 minutes. This mixture reduces blemishes and scars.
Some other very useful items you can use in your home are rubbing ice cubs that you can rub on your face to tighten the pores and increase blood circulation; honey that makes the skin glow, you can apply it to your face to make your skin soft and smooth as well as to reduce wrinkles.
I hope right now you start making good use of the very different items you have at home to have the perfect silky skin for a very promising summer that is arriving and all with natural ingredients.
Be careful with allergies and make sure all the fruits and items are bought from safe places.
Do you have any other homemade remedies for our skin?

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Home Made Beauty Recipes

Homemade feet remedies
For smooth skin and beautiful feet here is an easy feet wash.
Ingredients: 1 cup of lemon juice, cinnamon (can be replaced with any other scent, spice, perfume or flower petals such as roses), 2 tablespoons olive oil, 1/4 cup of milk and warm water.
Preparation: Add all the ingredients to a desired amount of warm water, put it in a tub where you can soak your feet. Leave it there for a few minutes. When you are done you can dry your feet and rinse then with clear water and a mild soap.
You’ll notice that after a few weeks of doing this wash your skin will be very smooth.
Homemade nails remedies
If you want to whiten your nails, here’s a formula you can try:
Remedy 1: Use common whitening toothpaste. Scrub your nails with Pearl Drops. This will take away any stains and shine up your nails.
Remedy 2: Soak your nails in water with lemon juice or lemon slices. The lemon should act as an astringent and will strip away stains. Once the hands are dry, you need to put a couple of coats of a clear topcoat and that should be enough for white nails.
Homemade skin remedies
For a good deep cleansing treatment you should try giving your face a home sauna. This treatment should be especially useful for congested skin.
Ingredients: A bowl with near boiling water and four drops of essential oil according to your skin type
Normal: mandarin and lavender
Oily: lemon and eucalyptus
Dry: rose and camomile
Preparation: Mix all the essential oil with the near boiling water, place a towel over your head and hold it over the bowl from a distance of about 30 cm, keep it like this for about two minutes. This treatment should open the pores and prepare your face for a facial mask (check my previous posts about homemade facial masks).
Caution: You should not use this face sauna if you have sensitive skin, are pregnant of suffer from asthma.

I hope you enjoy this little easy home made treats that are ideal for a low budget or for very busy house wives that don’t have that much time to go to a salon or spa.
Do you know any other homemade remedies?

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How to Take Care of your Skin

STEP 1: CLEANSING. This should be the first thing on our daily skin care routine. We all use some kind of make-up on our skin, so a proper cleansing process is essential. You should also clean your skin and pores to remove dirt, dust, excess oil, salt and waste coming whiting and coming from outside the body.
I’ve heard that cactus cleanser with a lemon base is the best for the right process because it re-hydrates the skin, or you can just use the Arbonne Intelligence Cleansing Gel.
You must massage the cleanser gently into the skin; pay special attention to the creases of the nose under the chin, neck and ear lobes.
STEP 2: TONING. This step removes the last stages of cleanser and dissolves dirt. You should use a skin toning lotion. The skin toner should help revitalize the skin and get a proper complexion. Toning improves blood circulation in the skin and also helps skin tissues remain tight and firm. A skin tonic, with mint and honey base would be excellent for delicate and parched skin.
STEP 3: NOURISHING. This is very important to prevent your skin from dryness and to maintain the natural oil of the skin to make it lively. Every night you should use a nourishing cream with preferably an orange base. You can use a second application if your skin is too dry. Nourishing cream with vitamin E is very recommended.

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Beauty Masks for Everyday

This are a few beauty tips, for home made facial masks for every day use that we’ll all enjoy. As you’ll see they are very easy to prepare and ingredients are all over our house. I especially selected a few facial masks with honey because of its property for a healthy skin.

Home made facial masks:

Honey facial mask:

Ingredients: honey, piece of clean cloth.

Preparation: This very simple facial mask is probably the best natural facial mask. You should place the cloth in warm water and apply it to your face to open the pores. Smear the honey and leave it on for about 15 to 30 minutes, as desired. Rinse off with warm water and after use cold water to close the pores.

Carrot facial mask:

Ingredients: 2-3 large carrot and 4 1/2 tablespoon honey

Preparation: Cook and mash the carrots, then mix it well with honey. Apply the mixture gently to your face and neck. Leave it on for about 10 minutes and relax. Rinse of with cool water.

Facial mask for dry skin 1:

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 2 tablespoon of fresh cream of your choice (ideally for dry skin)

Preparation: Mix the tablespoon of olive oil with the fresh cream. Apply the mixture evenly and gently to your face and neck. Leave it on for about 10 minutes and relax. Rinse with warm water.

Facial mask for dry skin 2:

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of honey, 15 drop of orange juice and 1 tablespoon of fuller’s earth and 1 tablespoon of rose water.

Preparation: Mix properly the ingredients. Apply evenly to your face and neck. Leave the mixture for 10 minutes and relax. Rinse well with warm water.

Facial mask for oily skin 1:

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 egg.

Preparation: Mix the honey with the white part of the egg. Apply the mixture thickly to your face and neck. Leave the mixture for about 10 minutes and relax. Rinse well with warm water.

Facial mask for oily skin 2:

Ingredients: 2 tablespoon of papaya pulp, 10 drops of lemon juice

Preparation: Mix properly the ingredients. Apply the mixture evenly to your face and neck. Leave it on for about 20 minutes and relax. Rinse well.

Orange yogurt facial mask:

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt and the juice of 1/4 of an orange.

Preparation: Stir the mix and then dip fingers into mixture and onto face. The sensation should be both cool and relaxing. Leave the mixture in for about 5 minutes. Rinse properly.

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The beauty of spinach

I usually don’t pay a lot of attention to what I eat, I mostly don’t like vegetables, so think I have a lack vitamins and minerals.Right now I’m doing my best to little by little incorporate vegetables and healthier food to my food.I was looking for some advices on Internet about healthy food and it turns out that there are even some vegetables and healthy food that are ideal for men as well. I really got interested in this one:

SPINACHIs good for sexual enhancement, muscle growth, heart health, bone building and eyesight enhancing. When I hear about spinach I immediately think about Popeye, the cartoon, that’s probably because spinach is the ultimate man food. This biceps builder is a rich source of plant-based omega-3s and foliates which help reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and osteoporosis.Spinach has at least 13 different flavonoid compounds that function as antioxidants and anti-cancer agents.

A carotenoid called neoxanthin found in spinach and other green leafy vegetables fight prostate cancer.The vitamin K found on spinach is very important for maintaining bone health; this vitamin activates osteocalcin, a major non-collagen protein in bones.

Spinach is also an excellent source of other bone-building nutrients including calcium and magnesium.

Spinach is an excellent source of vitamins C and A. It’s also a source of folate that helps prevent heart attacks and strokes. Spinach is also an excellent source of magnesium that helps lower high blood pressure and protects against heart diseases.

The beta-carotene and vitamin C found in spinach have anti-inflammatory properties; they can help reduce asthma, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. Also the magnesium and riboflavin found in spinach may help reduce the frequency of migraine attacks.

As you can see, the health benefits of spinach are various. While it might seem that spinach is better for men’s health like I’ve read in many articles, actually spinach is as useful for women as it is for men. Most of its properties are the same for men and women. Cooked spinach is also an excellent source of iron, a mineral that is extremely important for menstruating women. And probably what will makes us even happier about the spinach properties, is the fact that in comparison with other iron sources like red meat, spinach can provide us the same amount of iron for a lot less calories and completely fat-free. Pregnant women needs of iron is even bigger than no pregnant ones, so in just one cup of boiled spinach, you’ll be provided with 35.7% of the daily value for iron.

After reading all this information about spinach, I’m feeling more than anxious of trying it as often as possible, I hope you are feeling the same.

Do you know of any other health benefits of spinach? Do you know any cooking recipes with spinach?

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How do deal with cheating

At the end of the day, we are all humans, we all make mistakes, we all hurt other people. I always say that I would never forgive a cheating significant other, but the truth is that I’ve never being in that kind of situation, maybe it is because I try to always keep love alive in the relation and to me while there is love, it won’t be cheating; probably is just because I try to keep communication on my relationships, enough to let my significant other tell me about his feelings, about his doubts and sort things out before it is so late that there’s cheating.

While some people like me think that cheating is a failure of the relationship, other people think that cheating is just a mistake, a crisis like any other one in a couple’s life. I’ve seen many couples live happy forever even after that kind of situation. I always wondered how could they make it, and it turns out that there are ways to make it work.

If you cheated on your significant other, or if you just found out that your significant other cheated on you, and you are willing to still make the relationship work, here are a few tips you should consider:

TIP 1: Say the truth. It doesn’t matter what was the nature of the affair you or your partner had, it is very important that the straying partner come clean about the entirety of the affair. Whether it might seem cruel or unnecessary, it is important that your couple trusts you again.

TIP 2: Avoid details. While I suggested before to tell the truth, is not necessary to give graphic or explicit details. It is very important that you or your cheating couple be honest, but too much explicitly might just be cruel and can hurt your couple’s feelings.

TIP 3: Limit the amount of outbursts. Once you or your couple decided to forgive infidelity, it is important that the grieving process ends fast. Otherwise the whole center of the relationship will be the blame for the mistakes.I do think that the guilty partner deserves at some point some kind of punishment, you should be careful don’t end up punishing yourself with a bad mood and inability to trust again. If you or your partner feel that the grieving period is longer than it is supposed to be and the relationship does not go forward, I would suggest a couple’s counseling service or just finish the relationship for everybody’s happiness.

TIP 4: Discover the reason of the cheating. There are many reasons for infidelity, to my believe probably the most common causes of infidelity is the need to feel special, loved and attractive. I personally don’t think there’s reason big enough to lead a partner to cheat, but if you are willing to forget the whole situation, the most important step to take is to find the deep reasons to the cheating that usually go way deeper than: “I was drunk”. If you can’t decide the real cause of the cheating, again I suggest you to find a couple’s counseling specialist.

I do think that a relationship can work after one of the couple cheated. I won’t way it’s easy, but if there’s love, commitment and confidence, those are enough reasons to give it a try and overcome the crisis.

Do you have any other advice?

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