If stress trigger your need to put some food in your much, why not reach for something healthy that will also help alleviate the stress?  What type of food does that you ask?  Well check out these favorites…

1.  Chocolate – My number 1 favorite.  Eating a 1 oz. piece of dark chocolate can bring on a feeling of calm in less then 2 minutes according to researchers at UCLA.  The feeling can last up to 2 hours!  Chocolate contains a couple compounds that help boost alpha waves in the brain.  Alpha waves are the things that hep calm the brain down.  Who said eating chocolate is a bad thing!

2.  Carrots- Probably my number 2 favorite.  Munching on a handful of these crispy veggies also can help reduce nervousness by 20 percent according to those same researchers.  Actually any number of crunchy veggies can help with this.  The natural aggressive act of crunching between the teeth can actually increase endorphins  which are known to make humans feel good.  The same type of reaction that you can get from sex.  The calm effect can take place within 15 seconds of crunching!

3. Beans – Beans help to PREVENT sugar spikes.  When there are sugar spikes in blood levels a feeling of anxiety can also rear its ugly head.  Beans help equal prevent these spikes when studied among women.  Nearly 50% felts calmer after eating a bean dish (hummus).  The balanced blend of fiber, rote in and polyphenols that prevent tensions triggering blood sugar spikes and crashes can last for up to 4 hours!

Next time you feel stress or tension, its ok to eat.  But reach for something that will help you through it, not something you will feel guilty about indulging in afterwards.


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Brows and What They Say

Brows are the first thing people will notice about your face, even if it’s subconsciously. A thick heavy brow will bring attention to just the brows. While a pencil thin brow will take attention off of the top half

of the face and onto the lower part. The place that you want people to focus should always be the eyes themselves, becuse they are the windows to your soul. Having a well groomed brow will do just that, bringing the attention to your eyes and serving as a frame for the entire face.

Even if you’re not big on makeup, maintaining your brows are essential. Having an unkempt brow is just out of the question. A brow that has too many stray hairs out of the natural arch line can leave its owner looking as if they don’t care about how they look, or have just given up. A naturally thick bushy brow that’s left in its natural state can make even the most feminine face look masculine. And the dreaded uni-brow just leaves everyone looking frightful.

On the flip side, the thin overly arched brow of the past few years is just as awful a makeup crime. It can make a woman look outdated and washed out especially if her brows are blonde or light brown. It’s almost a requirement that she wears makeup with that kind of brow, because the look is quite severe and will age every wearer, since people’s brows naturally thin as they get older.

The brow that is in now, falls somewhere in between the pencil thin brow and the one nature gave you. It follows your natural arch instead of carving out a whole new one, and takes away those stray hairs that grow past it. It’s simple and not as high maintenance as the overly arched brow. It will also frame your face the best, because the arch you were born with is right will define your features best. Another perk to this brow is that you can run out of the house with no makeup on and still look presentable and fresh.

To achieve this brow, you might want to see a pro for a shaping first, especially if you’ve been plucking against your natural arch and aren’t sure where to start. Later when it grows in you can do the upkeep yourself.

The Benefits of Olive Oil

Did you know that  oil holds many health benefits?  Not only is it great to cook with, but it can also contribute to your longevity.  Olive oil, like wine, has been around forever. For people of the Mediterranean, it has had medicinal, even magical powers through the ages. The olive tree is considered a symbol of peace and glory.

Olive oil was used in medicines and different ointments. It was also used for nourishment and as an overall healing agent.

1.  Reduce your chances of plaque buildup on your arteries, thereby avoiding a heart attack or stroke. Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fat and antioxidants like chlorophyll, carotenoids and vitamin E. Scientists have identified a compound in olive oil called oleuropein which prevents the LDL cholesterol from oxidizing. It is the oxidized cholesterol that sticks to the walls of the arteries and forms plaque. Replacing other fats in your diet with olive oil can significantly lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke.

2. Can Inhibit Cancer. A recent study showed that monounsaturated fatty acids found in olive oil has the ability to reduce the affect of a gene within the human body that can cause cancer.  It helps protect against colon cancer as well.  It can reduce the amount of carcinogens formed in meat when it is cooked, if the meat was cooked using olive oil.

3.  Controls Blood Sugar.  Diabetics are always advised to combine low fat, high carbohydrate diets with olive oil.  The combination of them can control blood sugar levels.

4.  Ease the Symptoms of Ulcers and Gallstones. It adds a protective coating on the lining of the stomach to help ease the discomfort often associated with these conditions.

On a lighter side it is also used:

  • As a Body Oil
  • To Control Hair Frizz and Dry Cuticles
  • Control a Nagging Cough
  • Shine Pots and Pans
  • Used as a Lip Balm
  • Used as a Bath Oil

Did you know? Every sacred text from the ancient Near East (now the Middle East) is filled with mentions of olive oil. This product propelled the economy of the ancient world and was thought of as liquid gold. Ancient Olympic athletes rubbed it on their bodies before they competed because they believed it gave them strength and youth.

How do you use olive oil?

Oxi Clean Magic

Was just sent a sample of Oxi Clean Spray-a-Way by the company to test out and write a review.  First I would like to say that I have no connection with the company at all.  From time to time I get asked to review products or services by companies as a volunteer service of sorts. Here is what I found.

While I happen to use Oxi Clean in my laundry when I wash clothes I have always liked how it has brightened up my loads of wash.  But the spray I must say lacks something when used on spot treatments.  Church and Dwight, the makers of the products, packaged it in a small vial with a spray top.  The vial is convenient and small enough to carry with you in a shirt pocket or a purse.  While I loved that idea, I was not crazy about the cap that covered the spray top as it has on several occasions fallen off i my purse and sprayed on everything in my bag.  I got to really embrace the product on New Years eve when one of my guests accidentally dropped some food on his shirt.  I of course ran to my purse and pulled out the vial and immediately, without warning, started spraying the spot on my guests shirt.  Needless to say he was a bit surprised when his shirt now looked a lot worse then it had originally with the food stain on it.   After the Oxi-Spray dried the stain was still there.

However, after his shirt was laundered, the spot was totally removed!  Oxy-Clean once again gets my vote. 🙂  Of course if you don’t have any Oxi-Clean on hand, good old fashioned club soda will do as well.

Gac (Gak) is the NEW Superfruit!

Benefits of this odd fruit are enormous, although you do have to be careful when indulging as some of it can be poisonous.

There is a fruit that grows on vines in Southeastern Asia that looks like nothing else on Earth. This large fruit, about the size of a grapefruit, is related to the gourd and as it ripens it puts on a beautiful show of colors, starting from neon green and working it’s way up to bright hot-pink.  It is called simply a “Gac,” and to add to this interesting landscape, this odd fruit is covered in pointy spikes the likes seen nowhere else in nature!

Equally wonderful are Gac’s nutritional assets. The world of nutrient science has only recently started to get around to interviewing this remote fruit, but they’ve already ascertained, without any doubt, that Gac is the world’s most concentrated source of lycopene, to the order of 76 times the amount of lycopene found in the average tomato!

It has very high levels of Beta Carotene (10 times that of a carrot) and zeaxanthin too, making Gac extremely helpful for your eyes. Also, it is an ideal source of Omegas 6 and 9 fatty acids, which of course your body needs but cannot produce on its’ own.  Once cut open this fruit has a bizarre looking interior that is repulsive actually.

What I didn’t know was that the only edible parts of the Gac were that red oil covering the seeds (where all the Lycopene is) and those huge seeds themselves. Apparently you can roast those and they have a nice, nutty flavor, not unlike a chestnut, but not quite as tasty.  Handling the fruit won’t hurt you, its eating the flesh of it thats dangerous.  To make aquiring and eating Gac fruit more palatable for consumers of the Western world, a company called Pharmanex has come out with a products called G3.

G3 is a nutrient-rich drink based on the juice from this prized Gac “Super Fruit” , the nutritional benefits

have been scientifically demonstrated to help protect cells.  Among Gac’s potent phytonutrients are a the highly-bioavailable form of carotenoids called “lipocarotenes™” that provide powerful antioxidant support while also helping to support healthy immune function.  The combo of both lycopene and beta carotene.  The G3 formula was developed with 3 additional super fruits, Chinese lycium (aka. Wolfberry, helps cleanse the liver and kidneys) , Siberian pineapple and cili fruit (aka. the king of Vitamin C), that synergistically provide exponential benefits. In trying the G3 I have found that it has a refreshing flavour that is deliciously sweet, slightly tart and can be enjoyed daily by everyone in the family. I started giving it to my kids.

The earth’s fruits are a demonstration of nature’s beauty and creativity. Their varied shapes, colors, perfumes and flavors attract and inspire. More importantly, they function as natural reservoirs of life-sustaining nutrients for insect, animal and mankind. They are particularly rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other potent and beneficial phytonutrients.  Many fruits offer specific and targeted health support benefits and can be used as important components of integrated health maintenance programs. Unfortunately, many of the current fruit juice products on the market today are not founded in science. Instead they rely heavily on anecdotal “cure-all” claims that mislead and build false hopes in consumers. Fortunately, this new scientific research focused on the traditional use of specific fruits and juices for wellness benefits is beginning to separate the anecdotal and exotic from the verifiable.

Have you ever tried Gac Fruit?  We’d love to hear your experience.

Want to Earn Some Extra Cash in 2011?

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All the RAGE in Hollywood!

Aging is inevitable and as long as there is free will, people will fight it.  Youth is coveted in our society and looking and feeling youthful is something that money can buy.  With so many options out there it is hard to choose.  Let me show you why these products are leading and cutting edge technology.  It is time to transform yourself into the new youthful you!

What is Transformation

The studies are in! With ageLoc Transformation you will see results and daily work your way to a more youthful you. ageLoc targets the ultimate source of aging and resets youth gene clusters back to a more youthful pattern of activity. Transformation is the total package, featuring these product to achive maximum results. 

ageLoc Gentle Cleanse & Tone- cleanses, purifies, replenishes and hydrates skin, while preparing it to receive advanced anti – aging ingredients, leaving your skin feeling soft, refreshed and youthful.

ageLoc Radiant Day SPF 22 – lightweight, daily use emulsion that hydrates the skin and fortifies against signs of aging while skin brightening ingredients deliver visibly brighter, more radiant skin. This silky smooth formula also protects against sundamage with SPF 22 stimulates youthful cell renewal for a smother, softer texture and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

ageLoc Transforming Night – ultra-mild ingredients mimic the skin’s own structure working with the skin’s natural nighttime renewal process so you wake to glowing , supple youthful looking skin. Specially formulated to reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles and pores, this premium night cream reduces sensitivity while replenishing the skin’s natural moisture-binding ability for deep hydration.

Galvanic Spa ll System and Products – the programmable Galvanic Spa Instrument with patented self-adjusting galvanic currents and interchangeable heads works synergistically with specially formulated products to facilitate the transport of key ingredients for optimal performance: Galvanic Spa Facial Gels with ageLoc restore skin’s natural vibrancy by removing impurities, while delivering targeted ageLoc ingredients; Tru Face Line Corrector helps smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; Galvanic Spa Body Shaping Gel helps reduce the appearance of cellulite; Nutriol Hair Fitness Treatment helps revitalize and promote healthy, abundant looking hair.

The benefits are abundantly clear:

– ageLoc targets the ultimate sources of aging to preserve the look of youth and reduce the appearance of aging.

– ageLoc Transformation delivers unsurpassed anti-aging benefits and is clinically proven to improve skin in eight significant ways:

– Promote youthful skin structure- patent- pending ingredient technology stimulates collagen production and reduces MMP production (MMP’s destroy skin structure)

– Smooth texture – contains ingredients proven to stimulate youthful cell renewal for smoother, softer skin you can feel.

– Even skin tone – by reducing the appearance of blotchy, dull, and uneven skin for a smooth, youthful look.

– Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

– Increase skin radiance- with skin brightening technology.

– Reduce the appearance of pores- through youthful cell turnover

– Reduce discoloration – brightening technology interrupts unwanted melanin production the skin for a reduction in spots of discoloration.

– Increase hydration – by stimulating hyaluronic acid, a moisturizing compound found naturally in the skin.

The subjects testing these products in just as little as 7 days noticed drastic results and after 12 weeks a complete change in all around skin results.