ReDesign in 90 Program

I have been dieting for the past several months and I am so happy to say that in those several months I have lost 15 pounds using NuSkins ReDesign in 90 package.  Finally I found a diet system that works!  Not only does it work but its GUARANTEED to work or you get your money back and for every pound you lose NuSkin will donate a meal to a starving child through their charitable arm called Nourish the Children.  Its crazy!!  What other diet program guarantees weight loss?

Your success with the reDESIGN in 90 Weight Management challenge is important and Nu Skin wants to ensure your success. To start the redesign in 90 Weight Management challenge, maintain for 90 days, and  ensure Nu Skin’s Nourish the Children (NTC) donation,* you will need to complete the following:

1.       Purchase the reDESIGN Weight Management Package. This package contains the reDESIGN in 90 Weight Management Quick Reference Program Guide and a month’s supply of Nu Skin’s innovative dietary supplements to support your challenge. (Purchase of this package is required to officially enter the reDESIGN Weight Management Challenge.)

2.       Set up your Automatic Shipping Rewards (ADR) Package. A $100 minimum ADR must be on your account ordered and shipped for months 2 and 3 of your challenge.  We recommend the following reDESIGN Weight Management ADR packages.

3.       Enroll in the reDESIGN in 90 Weight Management program  Enrollment includes entering goals, entering beginning and target weight, and submitting a “before” picture that follows the photo taking tips listed in the program.

4.       Follow the Weight Management program daily and at the end of your 90 day challenge, share your success.  You will need to submit your final weight, an “after” photo, and a written or video testimonial at

*For every pound lost and recorded on your daily tracker, Nu Skin will feed one child for one day.

We are excited you have chosen to take the reDESIGN in 90 Weight Management challenge and
look forward to seeing your success in 90 days. Contact me to have your preferred account setup and receive the wholesale price

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Longevity Linked with Sleep

Studies at UNiversity College of London, have found and proven that sleep deprived people age faster than those that catch enough Zzzzz’s. This new study has determined that lack of sleep will actually age the brain. Researchers asked study participants on average how much sleep they get each night, then reconnected with those same people and asked them 5 years later how much sleep they got on average. The people whose sleep actually decreased showed signs of age more than those who got enough sleep. The sleep deprived had a mental deficiency decline during cognitive testing that was equal to four to seven years of aging. Sleep regenerates neurons in the brain enabling the brain to function optimally. So how much sleep do people need in general? Six to eight hours is Key to great mental health.

Keeping your age a mystery


“So why do some people look younger and some people look older than their actual age? Well the team at NuSkin has been researching this exact question for years. Did you know that across the globe people feel that the biggest anti-aging question in their mind is not “Why do we get wrinkles?” or “How do our bodies lose the grip on gravity’s pull?” but rather “Why do some people look younger than their real age?”

Most often, looking young is attributed to people having good genes, but if it’s all in the genes, then aging is inevitable and you can’t do anything to change it. That answer has never been acceptable to me, so our team has delved deeply into the molecular mechanisms of aging and has learned something can be done about aging at the genetic level. It’s not about changing the genes, it’s about influencing gene expression.


When someone looks pretty, handsome, or younger than their age, your grandmother or mother would shrug and say, “Oh, she just has good genes.” And they are partly right, everyone has good genes, but the key is how your genes are being expressed. Your genes are your genes and they are fixed. They can’t be altered.

But when it comes to looking younger than your age, what scientists have discovered is that it’s not about altering the genes, but about something called youthful gene expression.”

Youth Gene Expression Before and After

NuSkin has found a way to change your gene expression. Our products target the mitochondria, the brains in our cells, that cause us to age and reverse them to a more youthful state causing us to appear younger and feel healthier, more vibrant and have more vitality.

You can learn more about the products and purchase them here.

Quinoa – Most Amazing Grain

An ancient food, revered for thousands of years in the South American Andes is gaining a new-found following among health-conscious consumers around the world.  Quinoa(pronounced keen-wah) – for a long time considered “comida de pobres” or “poor people’s food” even in its native countries – is exploding in popularity as a nutritional superfood, gluten-free and high in protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Supporting Inca Armies

During Inca times, quinoa was considered the second most important crop, after potatoes and before corn.  They believed it was sacred and called it the “Mother of all Grains,” with the Inca king ceremonially planting each year’s first seed using a solid gold shovel.  Their powerful armies conquered huge swathes of South America, marching for days at a time over high mountain ranges, sometimes eating nothing but a mixture of quinoa and fat called “war balls.”

Rise and Fall

After the Spanish arrived in the New World, quinoa was outlawed and replaced by wheat.  Peasants in remote mountain regions continued to grow it secretly, but it retained the stigma as food for the poor long after the Spanish had left.

It was relatively unknown in the US until the 1980s, when scientists and nutritionists started researching indigenous crops which could be adapted to modern agricultural needs.  In the past 20 years, it has grown in popularity from an obscure health-food item, to a widely-available product found in most supermarkets in the form of quinoa grains, flour, pasta, and cereal.

Now, with global demand up and the price of wholesale quinoa skyrocketing, poor farmers in developing countries like Peru and Bolivia are cashing in on this recently rediscovered crop.  Some even believe quinoa could be the key to lifting struggling mountainous regions out of years of persistent poverty.

Nutritional Benefits

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has identified quinoa as the only vegetable source that is a complete protein, meaning it has all the essential amino acids necessary for human health and development.  It resembles the sort of proteins found in animal sources and has the same nutritional profile as milk.

Quinoa is an easily-digestible food, which is gluten-free, and an excellent source of several B Vitamins, along with most of the minerals needed by the human body – iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, and copper.

Technically not a grain – it’s actually a seed about the same size as sesame seeds – it has a nutty and earthy taste, with a chewy texture.  It cooks quickly, in about 15 minutes, and makes a great substitute for rice.

Brows and What They Say

Brows are the first thing people will notice about your face, even if it’s subconsciously. A thick heavy brow will bring attention to just the brows. While a pencil thin brow will take attention off of the top half

of the face and onto the lower part. The place that you want people to focus should always be the eyes themselves, becuse they are the windows to your soul. Having a well groomed brow will do just that, bringing the attention to your eyes and serving as a frame for the entire face.

Even if you’re not big on makeup, maintaining your brows are essential. Having an unkempt brow is just out of the question. A brow that has too many stray hairs out of the natural arch line can leave its owner looking as if they don’t care about how they look, or have just given up. A naturally thick bushy brow that’s left in its natural state can make even the most feminine face look masculine. And the dreaded uni-brow just leaves everyone looking frightful.

On the flip side, the thin overly arched brow of the past few years is just as awful a makeup crime. It can make a woman look outdated and washed out especially if her brows are blonde or light brown. It’s almost a requirement that she wears makeup with that kind of brow, because the look is quite severe and will age every wearer, since people’s brows naturally thin as they get older.

The brow that is in now, falls somewhere in between the pencil thin brow and the one nature gave you. It follows your natural arch instead of carving out a whole new one, and takes away those stray hairs that grow past it. It’s simple and not as high maintenance as the overly arched brow. It will also frame your face the best, because the arch you were born with is right will define your features best. Another perk to this brow is that you can run out of the house with no makeup on and still look presentable and fresh.

To achieve this brow, you might want to see a pro for a shaping first, especially if you’ve been plucking against your natural arch and aren’t sure where to start. Later when it grows in you can do the upkeep yourself.

New Years Resolutions

As with most every American, when January 1 comes a new slew of New Years Resolutions.  These promises we make to ourselves are more often broken then fulfilled. In order to help move mine along, I made a checklist that I posted on my bathroom mirror to remind myself of them each morning.  The problem is knowing me, eventually those little stickies will just be looked through as though they did not even exist.  So I stuck those stickies all over my house!  They should suffice until they all start getting un-sticky falling to the ground and I find them attached to my dogs feet.

The stickies about dieting were on my fridge.  The ones about using my Galvanic spa 2-3 times a week were on my bathroom mirror.  Even the ones about this blogging challenge I am going to try to do is posted all over my office walls and on my computer screen!  Being in my  (cough cough) mid forties, I know for a fact that every year I have made those promises to myself on January 1, they have almost always been broken.  Obviously I have not taken the New Years Resolution stuff too seriously in the past, but this year I am determined!  Now let’s just see how long it will last. HA!

Do you make New Years Resolutions?   Curious to know how many of us actually keep them, and if so for approximately how long?

Want to Earn Some Extra Cash in 2011?

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