Questions from our readers

I have acne, can wearing a foundation make it worse?

Great question. The last thing you want to do is wear the wrong foundation and bring on another outbreak of acne. So here is what you should know: Some foundations can clog the pores and make the appearance of acne worse. If you are on the hunt for a pore friendly product, try the Get Even Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15. Made oil free with acne fighting ingredients. It sets you up with even flawless looking skin and you are good to go and maybe even acne free!

I love wearing scented products, but the scents never last very long.  How can I make them last all day?

One word: LAYER!  You can do it with clothes and scents, but try to use the same scent from the same line.  Use it as your body wash, perfume and lotion.  For example, in the shower lather your body up with Wash and Wear Body Wash in your favorite scent.  The apply the same scent, Body Better Skin Cream to your arms and legs.  Lastly spray the Personal Space Body Mist on your wrists and the back or your ears and knees

Once you get into the habit of layering your scents, you will find that they lasyt24/7!

I always get blotchy after using my foundation with a bronzer.  How can I avoid this?

One way to get rid of blotchy skin is to switch the type of foundation you use.  If it is a cream base, use a mineral powder.  If you prefer a liquid, then use a light tinted moisturizer that goes on smoothly.  When you apply the bronzer, make sure to dab your brush on a paper towel or tissue after applying the bronzer to the brush to make sure you are not using too much over the foundation.  Apply the brush lightly to your skin and focus on areas of your face that would normally get some sun if you were outdoors for a natural look.


6 thoughts on “Questions from our readers

  1. Recently, I have rashes on my legs which probably is a shaving rashes. i tried certain products to soothes and reduced the impact of itchiness. then, it works. However, after a few days, my skin became uneven and blotchy this may causes that the rashes are becoming blacks. i want to know which products (not treatment) help to solve my problems. thank you.

  2. Dear John Smith,

    I am with you on the shaving rash. I started using my Husbands RE9 Shave gel, and I never have a rash any more. During the Holiday Season I order the “Sky for Men” Shave cream and that also does an awesome job. So, whether you’re shaving your face, legs, or underarms, the RE9 Mens shave gel is the answer.

    I hope you try it, and good luck!

    1. Smoking can make hair loss greater, however you may want to consider using a sulfate free, paraben free shampoo and conditioner. It has been shown that these two compounds have been known to promote hair loss. A great line of hair care that is sulfate free and paraben free is the ORGANIX hair care line. It also comes in many scents to suit anyone. You can find these products at any retail food chain or beauty supply store in the USA.

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