Gorgeous Headpieces by Whichgoose

If you’re into wearing a lot of headpieces, check out Whichgoose’ collection of headband crowns. Featuring decadent, elegantly intertwined pieces, this collection is definitely a cut above the normal fashion crowns. For instance, check out Ariel, a head piece inspired by the sea and consisting of a base of woven wooden vines, topped with various sea shells, star fish, pearl beads and accent sticks. It’s so gorgeous and is really great to wear on a special occasion, on the beach, or probably on a great trip or cruise.

With these gorgeous creations from Whichgoose, you need not be stuck on boring and plain headbands and head pieces anymore. Step up and be more ravishing by donning one of their bands that perfectly fits you.

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Parisian Charm Necklace

Are you a sucker for everything romance and Paris? Check out Etsy’s pretty Parisian Charm Necklace. Composed of a pewter Eiffel Tower charm, a red glass heart dangle, and an excerpt from a vintage love letter encased in a glass cabochon in antique silver plated setting, this necklace is truly romantic and reminiscent of the most romantic city in the world!

With regards to the length of the chain, you can choose from 16″, 17″, and 18″. This necklace could also be a great gift to anyone who appreciates charms and romance. In fact, it is delivered specially gift wrapped just in case you want to give it to a special person.

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Karic & Galehr’s Dust to Dust Collection

If you like classic and organic-looking white jewelry, check out Karic & Galehr’s elegant Dust to Dust Collection. The collection includes men’s necklace, bracelets, and some tribal-looking rings, but what I love most is the women’s long Pearl Necklace shown in the image on the left. I think it looks really elegant on the model’s white backless dress, but I know it can be used in other looks and getups as well.

The whole collection is basically a modern interpretation of indigenous jewelry used in ancient rituals. Check out more of the fabulous pieces here.

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Ed Hardy Women’s Belts

If you love wearing colorful belts to hold up your pants and spice up your look, you might want to check out the Ed Hardy limited collection of women’s belts, all designed by Christian Audigier. Priced at $64 – $80, the belts are mostly fun, glam and fashionable, definitely a deviation from the usual brown or black formal staple.

If you’ve heard of Christian Audigier, you’d know that his designs are often more on the loud side. Thus if you’re the minimalistic type, this is definitely not the collection for you. Nevertheless, it’s never too late to incorporate new things to your wardrobe or everyday getup, ain’t it? 😉

Check out the rest of his Ed Hardy collection here.

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Bebe Multicolor Woven Leather Retro Clutch

Girls and young women out there, heads up! What better way to make your summer more colorful than to have a dainty and very colorful clutch bag that you can wear to all the fabulous summer parties?

Bebe’s Multicolor Woven Leather Retro Clutch is definitely one great summer catch. Made from woven leather, this bag can both be a handbag and a clutch because of its removable strap. It all depends on how you’d like to wear it. This pretty tote is also multi-colored, making it the perfect accessory to spice up a white summer dress or a plain classic look.

Inside, the bag has zippered pockets and is fully lined. Plus, it comes in just the right size at 9 inches height and 12 inches length to fit in all your beauty must haves and small gadgets.

Make summer all the more fun and chic with this Multicolor Woven Leather Retro Clutch from Bebe.

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Gossip Girl Fashion: Blair’s Headbands

Okay, you must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about Gossip Girl until now. Gossip Girl is this fabulous and very popular teen drama show about the life of elite high school students from the upper east side of New York City. Most of these students come from wealthy families with influence and power beyond reach.

The show became an instant hit with its interesting story, setting, and characters like Serena and Blair. But it generated even more talk because of the cool getups and fashion sense of these young NYC characters. Today, we focus our sights on the spoiled, mean, yet endearing and always perfectly groomed Blair and her penchant for gorgeous and elegant headbands. Here are just some of the bands she’s donned that I lurrve.

Silver Turban

I think this is a very simple yet classy and elegant look of Blair. The headband seems to be almost of the same material as the sleeveless dress. Turban-style headbands have been a hit since last year and come in various forms, colors and materials. Thanks to Blair, the demand for these unique hair accessory continues to increase.

Red Bow

It used to be that big bow headbands are for young girls. Today, even teenagers and adults can be seen wearing it. I love the red and vibrant color of Blair’s headband here. I also like the way her hair was fixed – it all makes for one very chic schoolgirl look. If you want to copy this look, you can look for bow headbands in all sizes and colors at online fashion stores or boutiques. If you’re creative, you can even make one on your own which you can tailor to your particular taste.

Thin and Simple

In this scene, Blair dons an elegant yet simple styled headband without the frills. Her long gorgeous curls worn down are loud enough and needed no more accent.

Intricate Crown

The perfect hair accessory to cap off a a semi-formal to formal look. It has a dual purpose: it tucks the hair neatly while giving the whole look a royal feminine accent. I think this is my favorite headband of the four. What’s yours? 🙂

More Gossip Girl fashion in upcoming posts!

Images from these sites.

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Accessory Must Have’s

I always am looking for the latest fashion trends in clothing in shoes. Then I realized how much I take for granted accessories. They can make such a big difference in our whole outfit and still we put little thought into them. Fashion accessories are like plants and wall decor in your home, they just dress you up. Here are 6 must have accessories every woman should have:

  • A favorite pair of heels

Steve Madden Lezlie Zebra Peep Toe Pump

  • A bright handbag (something unlike all your other purses)

  • A thick bracelet (either leather, jewel studded or a set bracelets)

850.00 USD,  Cabochon Wood Cuff - gemstone - salvaged - imbuia Stylehive BM 259160 from vivre.com

  • Real diamond stud earrings (they go with anything!)

  • Dress watch

3,690.00 USD,  Charriol            Diamond Watch -   		Watches with Diamonds - 	Neiman Marcus - charriol - watch diamond Stylehive BM 298120 from neimanmarcus.com

  • Necklace that can be dressed up or down

These are a few guidelines of accessories every woman should always have on hand. I make sure that I keep them at all times, you never know when you will have be dressed up without notice. These can be your splurge items, spend a little more on these key accessories and you can buy more inexpensive accessories to compliment them. It’s easy to see how you can wear these with casual or dressier wear, simply by choosing your clothes correctly. What are some accessories you have to always have in arm’s reach?

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