Healing Effects of Lavender

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.50.25 PMLavender has been used for hundreds of years as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which can be used to heal cuts, inflammation, dandruff, burns and bug bites.  It has become one of the most grown natural remedy for use of its oil.  The oil comes from the distillation of the flower spikes of certain lavender plants and is rich in phytonutrients.  Phytonutrients are beneficial to human health, they help to prevent certain types of diseases. Research has shown that lavender oil has been successful in treating depression, anxiety, insomnia and restlessness.  In fact, some studies have shown an improvement in gastrointestinal illness, headaches, toothaches, sores and sprains with the use of lavender oil.

Got Dandruff or Itchy Scalp?

Lavender oil can help scalp conditions.  Many dermatologists have been prescribing the use of lavender oil prior to suggesting medications for dry scalp.  The remedy:  Wet hair with warm water and towel dry.  Next, grab a mug and mix 15 drops of lavender essential oil in 2 Tablespoons olive or almond oil.  Microwave for about 10 seconds or until it feels warm.  Massage the oil into your scalp.  Using a shower cap, let the solution set on your scalp for an hour, then shampoo out.  It is perfectly safe to use multiple times.


Bloating can be caused by poor digestion from an overload of “bad bacteria” in your gut.  Sometimes when we take antibiotics this can happen as a side effect.  Antibiotics kill both the good and the bad bacteria in your body.  The remedy: Use dried edible lavender in your food.  Putting it into Greek Yogurt is especially helpful since the bacteria in this type of yogurt works super well to rebuild the good bacteria.

Stressed Out?

Ever have a stressful day?  Well Lavender can help with that too.  Research has shown that the smell of lavender can make you feel relaxed.  It has proven to slow down your heart rate as well as lower your blood pressure.  The remedy: If you’re feeling stressed out or just can’t go to bed, try putting some fresh lavender in a vase near your bed, or use a diffuser with some lavender oil in it to feel stress free.

Bug Bite Magnet?

Since lavender is a natural anti-inflammatory, it can help reduce itching, redness and swelling.  It won’t help you avoid the bites, but it will help afterwards.  The Remedy:  Dab a few drops of lavender oil on the affected area and wait about 10 minutes for it to seep in.  This remedy can be reapplied every 6-8 hours for the next 24 hours if need be.

So next time one of these issues arise for you, don’t reach for the medicine cabinet.  Go for the garden and try a natural approach to healing!
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Product Review: Polishing Peel for Baby Soft Skin

As we age, the turnover rate of our skin cells slows. Dead skin cells that normally shed every 28 days hang on to the skin’s surface longer, leaving it feeling coarser due to uneven surface texture. This rough texture does not reflect light evenly, resulting in lack of skin radiance or brightness. This slowed cell turnover can exasperate the appearance of pores making them appear larger.

Many individuals turn to different skin treatments to help alleviate these skin aging concerns. One common skin treatment is microdermabrasion, which uses a tool to buff or sand away the stratum corneum (outer layers of the epidermis). This increases the smoothness of your skin, helps it look brighter and decreases the appearance of pores. This can also stimulate the skin’s natural cell renewal process, resulting in a younger appearance. Microdermabrasion is less invasive than many professional skin treatments, but some may experience mild swelling and redness that lasts from as little as a few hours to a couple of days.

Nu Skin’s Polishing Peel Skin Refinisher resurfaces and polishes skin to immediately deliver a fresh, glowing complexion. It features pumpkin enzymes to resurface, soften and polish the skin and bentonite clay to remove dull skin cells and toxins. In an internal consumer use study, Nu Skin Polishing Peel was found to provide benefits similar to those experienced by some microdermabrasion techniques.

During this study participants received a professional microdermabrasion treatment on one side of their face and used Nu Skin Polishing Peel on the other half of their face. The users and independent graders tactilely and visually evaluated their skin. Overall, the two were considered equivalent, with Nu Skin Polishing Peel rating higher for the skin being smoother and softer and microdermabrasion rating slightly higher for the skin feeling resurfaced.

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Positive benefits reported from both treatments included “skin is glowing,” “looks smoother,” “pores seem smaller,” “looks resurfaced,” “tone and color are more even,” “looks healthier,” “looks less oily,” and “I look younger.”

Nu Skin Polishing Peel provides results equivalent to microdermabrasion with a convenient, quick, application just a couple times per week as part of your skin care regimen. It helps resurface and polish skin leaving a healthy, youthful looking complexion and radiates a healthy looking glow.

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Pimple Problems

What can ruin a perfectly good date or just about any day? A pimple. We all hate them and they seem to pop up for no reason at all. But even though you just want them gone ASAP, resist the temptation to squeeze them. Pimples are actually a skin infection caused by many different reasons. When you pop them, because they are a bacterial infection, they cause the bacteria to spill all over the face. This can cause even more pimples to pop up, how dreadful!

More problems that can come from squeezing those pimples are nasty dark spots, red swollen area, and can cause a scar which can lead to large pores. Some things you can do about pimples are to follow a skin care regiment which incorporates an acne ritual into it.  Check out some of these face products in getting your skin back to it’s beautiful and radiant self. Also, add more water into your day. You should be drinking atleast 8, 8oz glasses a day. If you are really unhappy with your skin, give a detox a try. You are sure to see a positive difference in your skin after doing a body detox.

Even though we all, at some point in our lives, get pimples, we don’t have to live with them at all times. If you are really have pimple problems contact your dermatologist about getting help.

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Back Acne

image Back acne also called Body acne is the acne you can get anywhere on your body. Usually on your chest, back, back of upper arms, shoulder and buttocks. I started getting the upper arm acne when I was pregnant and figured it was a side effect of pregnancy and would leave once I had the baby. I was wrong! A few months after baby, I was still suffering from it. So, rather than go to the doctor, I figured maybe there was something I could do myself to alleviate this.

First, I wanted to find out what causes it. All I found was that the exact cause is unknown. But, I have since heard multiple causes; hormones, weight gain, stress, diet. Since a certain cause couldn’t be narrowed down, I immediately wanted a cure. I found lots of information on how to get rid of it, but I’ll tell you what worked for me.

I started drinking more water, which made it worse at first than it started to get a little better. But what worked better than anything was that I started using a scrunchy sponge in the shower on the area and it started clearing up. I read somewhere that this would work because the clogged hair follicles may be causing the acne. Well, in my case, this must be true because it is helping. I also started to use Benzoyle Peroxide to stop any more acne from popping up. So far it has been getting a lot better, I still have a little acne but nothing like it was before. Now I am simply waiting to be completely free from it…

Anyone else have any tips or things that may work?

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Home Made Skin Remedies

As I have been writing lately, this is another post about some different home remedies you can do from the comfort of your home to achieve the perfect smooth skin, especially now that summer is arriving and we all want to show our nice arms and legs on the beach.
Remedy 1: Mash one banana along with milk and apply the mixture to your skin. Leave the mixture in for 20 minutes and after rinse it properly. This remedy is perfect for making your skin smooth and supple.
Remedy 2: Blend the egg white with honey. Apply the mixture to your face. Leave the mixture in for about 20 minutes and after rinse it properly. This remedy is ideal to make your skin smooth and helps reduce wrinkles.
Remedy 3: Blend turmeric powder with milk and apply the mixture to your face. Leave the mixture in for about 20 minutes. Scrub it off with a good face scrub and then wash it with cold water. If you want better results you can also keep the mixture in overnight. This homemade remedy is very good for removing tan and also helps reduce facial hair.
Remedy 4: Mix oatmeal along with curds and tomato juice. Apply the mixture to your face. Leave the mixture in for about 20 minutes and rinse well with cold water. This remedy is very useful to remove tan and lighten the skin.
Remedy 5:Apply some raw sliced tomato to your face. This method reduces blemishes and other scars.
Remedy 6: Apply some cucumber juice to your face. Wash it properly after 15 minutes. Since cucumber juice is an excellent astringent, the juice applied to your face helps tightens your pores.
Remedy 7: Blend turmeric powder with limejuice. Apply it to your face for about 20 minutes. Since limejuice is natural bleach, this mixture is very good for removing tans.
Remedy 8: Mix dried orange peels with curds. Apply it to your face and rinse well with cold water after 15 minutes. This mixture reduces blemishes and scars.
Some other very useful items you can use in your home are rubbing ice cubs that you can rub on your face to tighten the pores and increase blood circulation; honey that makes the skin glow, you can apply it to your face to make your skin soft and smooth as well as to reduce wrinkles.
I hope right now you start making good use of the very different items you have at home to have the perfect silky skin for a very promising summer that is arriving and all with natural ingredients.
Be careful with allergies and make sure all the fruits and items are bought from safe places.
Do you have any other homemade remedies for our skin?

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Teen Acne

Teen acne is a very common condition. Most of the time is caused by hormones, but teen stress can also be a factor. during this delicate stage in a kids life, it is a tough thing to be cursed with this condition. The ridicule they undergo is so detrimental to their self esteem, it can last their entire life. Effects that acne can have a teen may include: social withdrawal, low self-esteem, self-confidence, embarrassment, depression, poor body image, anger and discouragement. Acne is typically a sign that it may not just be a physical symptom that must be addressed, but also an emotional one.

How does Acne develop?

Acne can develop when a hair follicle (pores) become clogged with dead skin cells, oil from the sebaceous gland or bacteria. The oil in skin, is supposed to help move the hair follicle through to the skins surface and becomes dispensed on the skins surface when the hair emerges. In some teens however, the oil remains under the skin and a pimple develops.

What causes Acne to develop?

During the formative teens years, the sebaceous gland tends to be highly active and produces oil at a faster rate then in adult years, this is partially due to hormonal changes. What causes some people to have a full breakout and others to have no acne at all varies depending on a bunch of factors for that person. Hereditary is one factor. Chances are if a parent had acne as a teen, chances are that their child will also develop this condition. Other contributing factors to teen acne can be diet, system disorders, premenstrual, food allergies, mold or chemical allergies, over growth of yeast in the body, or even thyroid, liver or bowel disfunction.

While no two people have the same reasons for acne developing, it does affect millions of teens.

There are ways to help eliminate teen acne.

Having a pre-teen, we are faced with this issue with my 12 year old daughter. Her friends do not seem to mention it to her, but I know when she looks in the mirror she feels very down because of what her face looks like, most kids would.

Popping pimples is not a cure for teen acne, that only exacerbates the problem, making it red and swollen and gives the huge potential of causing bigger issues down the road, face pitting and scarring. I always tell my daughter, no matter how bad it seems, NEVER pop your pimples! For some reason it is so tempting to them to do this.

The best way to help control acne is through diet and proper nutrition. Eating healthy and having balanced meals alleviate acne symptoms. Being overweight is also a contributing factor in acne. Most overweight people do not have a healthy balanced diet required to maintain healthy skin.

Taking a multi vitamin is also a wise idea. Surprisingly teens do not take a multi vitamin. It is very, very important to take one especially during this time in their life when they are going through so many biological and physical changes. A vitamin that actually tastes good (like a starburst fruit chew) and also has a Adaptogen and Immunity Blend of herbs that help alleviate teen stresses is part of vitamins designed specifically for teens that my kids love. This blend of herbs includes Elderberry, Astragalus root, Shitake, Maitake, Rhodiola extract, codonopsis, bilberry extract, ashwaganda, and andrographis. It also includes a blend of all the fruits and vegetables that teens generally do not eat at all: orange fruit, lemon fruit, cranberry, grape seed extract, pineapple, apple, pomegranate, tomato, carrot, spinach, celery, broccoli, green pepper, turnip, alfalfa leaf, kale, pumpkin, cabbage, bioflavanoids and hesperidin. Of course it also contains all the Daily Value of vitamins that are required for optimum health by the FDA.

Most teens do not drink nearly enough water during the day. Increase of their water intake will also allow their bodies to flush the toxins out of their bodies faster so they do not have time to build up in their systems to then be excreted through their skin in the form of acne.

Cleansing the skin daily with a gentle, non-abrasive cleanser that is non-drying is also a must for acne free skin.  It gently cleanses the skin without stripping the essential oils it needs to be healthy. It is a self adjusting cleanser so it ideal for the t-zone, when you have part oily part dry skin. It equals out the t-zone giving you healthier skin.

Finally, if after doing all of the recommended things mentioned to eliminate acne, if there is still a problem with your skin, I would consult a professional dermatologist to see if there are any other health issues in your body that are contributing to your skins ill health.

What can you recommend about the prevention or elimination of acne?
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Weight Loss Problems

People are always asking me how I lost 25 pounds since the fall, and actually I lost it by drinking tea. Yup, drinking tea, it’s pretty amazing and I would not believe it if it did not happen to me. The tea I drank is a DeTox tea, it provides optimum health inside your body. It helps your body combat free radical exposure and filters toxins that enter your body. According to a study done by a nutritionist and author of the book “The Fast Track Detox Diet” your liver is the bodys main defense in detoxification, energy production and weight loss.

Your body has 2 natural filters, the liver and the kidneys. Detox tea helps improve both the liver and kidney functions; it also contains herbs that help with PMS, especially the bloating that so often occurs with “that time of the month”. A common misconception of Detox anything is that it ties you to a bathroom for elimination of waste. This detox tea is not designed to do that. It helps the liver, which is your first line of defense of toxins in your body. Your liver actually has more then 500 functions it performs. The number 1 function is to detoxify everything you put into your body and your blood stream. This Detox Tea helps your body absorb ONLY the nutrients you put into it and eliminate the toxins by cleansing (urinating or bowels).

The Detox Tea also helps support kidney functions. The kidneys regulate fluids in the body. They filter 50 gallons of blood per day. Between the liver and the kidneys your body has a natural double filter for toxins. The natural herbal blend in the tea helps the body stimulate red blood cells, it helps regulate blood pressure and it also helps in maintaining Bone Maintenance.

The tea is more like a daily tonic to help break down toxins and then adds them to urine or bile for elimination. even if you consider yourself to be a healthy eater, your body still benefits from the Detox tea as it helps eliminate harmful molecules that have already been stored in your cells and soft tissues.

Each year Americans consume:
566 cans of soda in one year
150 pounds of sugar in one year
that is equal to 52 teaspoons of sugar per day!

This sugar overloads your liver and kidneys. The herbal blend in the tea offers anti-oxidants, and helps rid the body of free radical damage. Did you know that your body naturally produces free radicals internally from the foods we eat, whether they are organic in nature or not?

One of the herbal ingredients in the tea is milk thistle. Milk thistle has been seen in scientific studies to help the liver re-generate itself. Milk thistle supports and protects the liver, gall bladder, the bladder. It is rich in anti-oxidants. Lemongrass, peppermint and sarsaparilla are part of the ingredients that help support digestion, and provide anti-oxidants. Burdock root promotes proper kidney function; fennel fruit helps with PMS symptoms (such as bloating) and helps in digestion.

Ways to know that your liver and kidneys are not working at their optimal levels:

  1. You have frequent blemishes or rashes
  2. Severe PMS that lasts over 48 hours
  3. Headaches, indigestion, bloat or fatigue after eating
  4. Trouble sleeping through the night
  5. Cellulite that won’t go away, even after weight loss
  6. Chronic yeast infection
  7. Feeling forgetful, foggy, spacey or confused
  8. Low immunity to colds and flu

A quick detox cleans for 36 hours should help alleviate all, if not most of these symptoms not to mention you can drop a full dress size! Ingesting the right blend of nutrients can cleanse and heal that sluggish liver and help improve the ability to neutralize toxins in your body. This will all help you metabolize the fat stored in your body by as much as 23%, according to researchers at Health Science Institute in Baltimore Maryland. Three days is all that is required for your liver to regenerate the bad cells for good ones making it easier for the liver to flush the toxins out of the body.

Other studies are being conducted on detoxifying that show that having a healthier liver free from toxins can also nourish the nervous system, making you calmer, have steady moods, feel less fatigued, and even sleep better!

This tea is a comprehensive approach to weight loss and a healthy body!
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