30’s, 40’s, 50’s… OH MY!

LIFE…In your 20’s you can conquer the world, you are feeling unstoppable. Your 30’s you think about settling down and starting your own family. You hit 40, the vision starts to get worse and the reading glasses get added as a necessary accessory. You hit 50 and it seems like everything begins to fall apart. Its as though a time clock just went off reminding us that we are entering THE ZONE.

The Zone I am referring too is the one where you log into your Facebook account and see all the updates of your friends… the aches, the pains, the illnesses and surgeries of aging. Weren’t we JUST in high school a few short years ago? Wow how time flies! Gratitude lists begin showing up more and more as status updates. Don’t look at the things that are wrong, look at the things that are right, that are going your way. Sounds like a plan to me. But when you go for your annual physical and the reports are not as peachy as they were before, or you look in that mirror and see that new line that wasn’t there yesterday, or that dark freckle thats starting to look a little off, or the indigestion that you seem to get every single time you sit down to a nice dinner, your brain begins to wander and you start thinking…aging sucks! Then it hits me!

If I want to feel my absolute best and be in the same shape I was in when I was younger, sitting on my butt in front a computer screen all day is not going to work anything out on my body, except maybe my fingers. Time to put the wheels in motion and take charge of my life, while I am still trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. I need to be the best me I can be that will allow me to “grow up” gracefully. So I began to do some research into a variety of products that would help me slow down the aging process, that were not filled with hype and unfulfilled promises. I found a product line by a company called Pharmanex. This company has the key to slowing down the aging process. With their recent aquisition of LifeGen Technologies, they have over 30 years of research on how and why people age. I began taking some of their products and let me tell you, that stuff changed my life! I am not one to rave about a product nor promote a product on this blog very often (if you are an avid reader, then you know this already). But this stuff is truly a life saver. Supposedly it has an ingredient that can re-start the mitochondria in your cells. The mitochondria slows down as we age and causes most of our problems as we age. The mitochondria is the brain of every single cell we have in our bodies. Its the powerhouse of our cells. I not only sleep better at night, but I feel like I have the energy of the 30 year old. Its pretty incredible! The best part is my blood work from my physical came back better then it had in years! This link can give you more information on how to slow down the aging process for yourself and feel year younger. I PROMISE! Let me know how you feel after you try one of these products.

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24/7 Freeze

Freeze 24/7 Anti-Wrinkle Cream (30g) 1 OunceI had been seeing this 24/7 freeze stuff in stores and wondered what was all the hype about. The feedback I had seen from it was miraculous. It is stated to reduce the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles within 10 minutes of putting it on. It claims that 100% of people trying it will see a 50-90% improvement. What it does is, the cream acts as muscle relaxer. That’s a cool idea.

This is a safe and convenient alternative to the pricier medical treatments to help with wrinkles. You don’t need a prescription, just go to the store or internet and pick up some. It also has no side effects. The only thing is that you need to use it everyday. The effects only last for 24 hours, then you need to reapply. That’s something I wouldn’t really mind, except it’s a little expensive (even though it is cheaper than medical treatments) at 125 for an ounce.

If you are like me, you are pretty tired of those creams and oils promising dramatic results only to get a so-so moisturizer. But I may get some of this, I have heard nothing but raves about it. Give it a try you may become addicted. “Instant Gratification“, I am all for that!!

Let us know if you have tried it, I would love to hear some more feedback about it.

Eat your fruits and veggies!

When I was little I remember my mother always yelling at us to eat our vegetables. When we went to school we always had the fruit snacks, bananas, apples and pears. I hated that, my friends all got the “good” stuff. Nutter Butter Peanut Butter cookies, Oreos and chips. My brothers and I thought for sure mom does not love us as much as our friends moms loved them. Well as we know now, mom loved us more!

Food controls so much about us. It tells our bodies how to function, it creates a genetic map for our future health and well being and it helps PREVENT wrinkles! Yes you read that right, prevent wrinkles.

Just read a great article at RealAge. Check it out.
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3 Ways To Prevent That Headache

As we get older and work harder to meet needs, it seems the frequency of headaches increases. Gone are the carefree days of youth when all we had to do was go to school and learn to deal with peers and probably battle with some family issues on the side. Whatever the agonies of our childhood and teenage years, adulthood often brings more stress as responsibilities pile up, resulting to headaches just when you least expect it and just when you can’t afford to have it.

How do we solve this problem of unwanted headaches? As they say, prevention is better than cure. Here are some very basic prevention methods that can sometimes be tiresome to follow but are often effective:

1. Move it, shake it. Exercise or have a regular fitness routine like dancing everyday. Doing so improves your blood flow, minimizes tension, and makes your body more equipped to combat stress. I think most people are really aware of the benefits of exercise; it’s just that when you have a very busy lifestyle, it’s hard to incorporate it in day-to-day activities. But the wonders of doing it are priceless.

2. Prepare for stress. If you have a big presentation at work, a crucial meeting, or a family problem you need to deal with in the coming week, prepare for all the stress you know you will be encountering. List down the things or activities that relaxes you, and make sure you do it at the end of the day or at the time you planned to. It may be a yoga session, music playing, prayer meeting, spa – anything that you know is a surefire way to release your tension and will rejuvenate you for the next day.

3. Stay away from the fats. A high level of fat in the body affects blood circulation, creating body tension. If you’re prone to headaches, you may need to reflect on your eating habits. Do you eat a lot of junk food, meat or sweets? When you are in an especially stressful period, you may want to minimize eating such for a while and reach instead for healthier and more calming alternatives like fruits and grains.

Care to share other tips? 😉

Photo taken from this site.

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