Back Acne

image Back acne also called Body acne is the acne you can get anywhere on your body. Usually on your chest, back, back of upper arms, shoulder and buttocks. I started getting the upper arm acne when I was pregnant and figured it was a side effect of pregnancy and would leave once I had the baby. I was wrong! A few months after baby, I was still suffering from it. So, rather than go to the doctor, I figured maybe there was something I could do myself to alleviate this.

First, I wanted to find out what causes it. All I found was that the exact cause is unknown. But, I have since heard multiple causes; hormones, weight gain, stress, diet. Since a certain cause couldn’t be narrowed down, I immediately wanted a cure. I found lots of information on how to get rid of it, but I’ll tell you what worked for me.

I started drinking more water, which made it worse at first than it started to get a little better. But what worked better than anything was that I started using a scrunchy sponge in the shower on the area and it started clearing up. I read somewhere that this would work because the clogged hair follicles may be causing the acne. Well, in my case, this must be true because it is helping. I also started to use Benzoyle Peroxide to stop any more acne from popping up. So far it has been getting a lot better, I still have a little acne but nothing like it was before. Now I am simply waiting to be completely free from it…

Anyone else have any tips or things that may work?

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