Bliss Bikini Perfect Deluxe – Spa Edition

No question about it, summer is bikini time, but that’s always easier said than applied because of all the “work” every woman has to undergo before she can go out there in thongs and look sexy. Thank goodness lots of products are manufactured specifically to aid women in this department. One such product is the Bliss Bikini Perfect Deluxe- Spa Edition, a complete kit to keep your bikini zone looking clean and nice!

Each kit includes essential products like a micro-shaver, micro-trimmer, peeling pads, body scrub, a cool drawstring bag to keep it all in place, and more! You don’t have to be caught walking in a bikini with unwanted hair peeking out or rough skin when you got the right bikini kit.

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Crochet Swimsuits from Victoria’s Secret

They say crochet is back – from bags, to tops, to no less than swim wear. It is still the summer season after all. So I was browsing for sexy crochet bathing suits and expectedly, I landed on the site of probably the most popular lingerie manufacturer in the land: Victoria’s Secret.

Here’s one of their takes on the crochet fad:

A Crochet Push up Tankini Top. Featuring a removable push up padding that can create superior cleavage, this sexy top comes in an earthy brown color that’s as simple as it is hot. Made from imported nylon and spandex, the top also comes in white and can be bought with matching bottoms.

I think what’s great about this tankini top is that though it’s originally intended for swimwear, it can also be worn as a regular sheer top to a party. If it’s too sexy for you, you can always dress it up with a matching shawl or other accessories.

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Plus Size Swimwear

Magazines and TV shows can feature stick thin models and sexy celebrities every waking day but it will not change the fact that most women are not skinny and are often normal to plus sized. Fortunately more and more clothing manufacturers are acknowledging this fact and creating special lines for plus sized and more voluptuous women to make sure they also stay in style.

It used to be that only thin women have the confidence to wear a swimsuit in public. Well not anymore, because along with the creation of plus size lines came plus size swimwear as well. Today, many stores at the mall, market, or in the Internet offer great plus size swimwear that include boy cut short styles, Tankini swimsuits, and one-piece silhouette swimsuits that really enhance the body of the plus size woman. These styles can camouflage bigger areas of the body such as the thighs and tummies. The bottom line is, they not only fit – they flatter as well.

What To Wear. If you’re plus sized and looking for some tips on wearing swimwear, here are a few that hopefully you’ll find useful. First, if you’re a bit heavy in the breast area, wear swimwear with extra breast support so that you do not endanger your breasts. If you have nice legs and you want to show them off but want to cover up your bigger upper torso, you can wear a blouson style of plus sized swimwear that balances the top and bottom half of the body. If you have thicker legs, wear swimwear that is cut higher in the hip area to create the illusion of longer legs.

You can also try tankini suits, which are one-piece swimsuits cut in half at the waist to allow more breathing room. If you’re a bit shy in showing off skin in the midsection, choose tankini suits that have smaller cuts in the middle. Remember though that one-piece suits look more flattering for full-figured women than two-piece suits because they create a vertical illusion. When it comes to color and style, wear dark-colored or vertically patterned swimwear because these have a slenderizing effect.

What Not To Wear. If you have thicker legs and you want to elongate them, refrain from wearing swimsuits with short shorts or skirts because these can make your legs appear even thicker. However skirt styles can look good if your objective is to cover up the thigh and butt area. Do not wear light and bright-colored suits or suits with large or horizontal patterns because these can make you look bigger. Lastly, refrain from too tight swimwear no matter how nice it looks – it’s always your comfort that should matter first and foremost.

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Brazilian Bikinis

Since it’s still bikini season and all, I’m going to talk about one famous type of bikini: the Brazilian Bikini. Beginning as a trend in the hot tropics of South America, the Brazilian bikini is so hot that it quickly spread across the globe.

Brazilian bikinis are bikinis with seductively cut bottoms. It sits low on the hips and provides half the coverage of a regular bikini, really showing off the butt cheeks. When it comes to the tops, the Brazilian bikini has three main types: the triangle top, the tie top, and the halter-top. The triangle top consists of two triangle patches of fabric that are usually held in place with a set of string ties that reach around the back and neck. The tie top or the Bandeau top is a minimal tube top that can have center strings to tie behind the neck. The halter-top is similar to the triangle style but uses a bit more material.

Through the years, more and more styles of the Brazilian bikini have sprouted. In addition, the Brazilian bikini of today measures 2-3 inches smaller than the American bikinis, probably partly due to the fact that South American women tend to have a smaller build compared to North Americans. Needless to say, it takes a lot of confidence to be able to carry off the scandalously sexy Brazilian bikini. But this doesn’t mean conservative types can’t wear the Brazilian bikini because there are still larger versions perfect for those who want a bit more coverage.

When shopping for Brazilian bikinis, here are a few tips. First, make sure that you are in good shape and that other people think so and not just you. This is one type of bikini wherein you can’t do some magic – it exposes your body exactly how it is. Second, make sure you’ve had your Brazilian wax and other necessary waxes before you wear a Brazilian bikini. Third, choose a style you like best and which suits you. Even if you got a hot bod, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care anymore about style and fashion. Lots of Brazilian bikinis are available in the market so choose a color and style that most flatter you’re smokin’ bod and you’re good to go.

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Look Hot, Feel Hot: Choosing the Perfect Bikini Bottom

A few weeks ago I posted some tips on choosing the right bikini top for your body type. This time, here are some pointers you may find useful when choosing the perfect bikini bottom to make sure you strut your butt on that beach in the hottest possible way.:D

1. Complement your shape.

Like bikini tops, not every cut of the bikini bottom suits everyone. Choose a bikini bottom that focuses on the good features of your lower torso, whether it’s your legs, your rear, or your waist. If you have flat abs and a tight ass and you want to command attention, wear a low-slung micro-bikini. If you’ve got a boy shape, wear bikini bottoms with high cut legs because these create the illusion of longer legs and slimmer hips and thighs. High cut legs also work great with pear-shaped bodies because these create a more balanced illusion between the upper and lower torsos.

Torso length is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a bikini. If you have a short lower torso, choose a bikini with low-rise bottoms that sit just on the hip. If you have a long lower torso, choose bikini bottoms that sit a little higher on the hips. One good way to select a flattering bikini is to replicate the cut and style of your most flattering underwear.

2. Enhance less flattering parts.

Your bikini bottom should cover or create a flattering illusion of your less attractive parts. For instance, if you have a heavy bottom and want to hide the extra fat, wear a dark colored bikini bottom. If you have bulging skin on the thighs and belly, don’t wear a very tight and skimpy bikini. If you want to add volume to very thin hips, choose bikini bottoms that have wider and lower straps.

3. Know your activities.

Knowing what you plan to do the whole day is important to prevent bikini discomfort or embarrassment. For instance, if you plan to play volleyball or other sports, wear a bikini bottom that stays in place in spite of constant movement. Full bikini briefs often do the job.

4. Make a statement.

After assessing your body shape and planning your activities, it’s time to choose among the hundreds of styles and colors of bikini bottoms in the market. This is the most exciting part because you have lots of options and you can choose to be fun, trendy, sophisticated, classic, or have a totally new look. Showcase your personality, mood, or style by making a statement through the bikini that you choose.

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3 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Bikini Top

Whether you’re overblessed in the boobs department or on the “cuter” side, wearing the perfect bikini top is important to highlight your great upper torso features and unleash your goddess from within.

As we all know, bikini tops showcase a woman’s cleavage or breast area and definitely raise the sex appeal level to new heights. But not all women can wear any type of bikini top; a woman must know what best suits her body. Choosing the wrong one not only brings out the worst; it can even risk one’s health. Here are some basic concerns and tips that should not be overlooked when choosing bikini tops.

1. Captivate with color. Bikini tops should highlight flattering features like the shape of the breasts, the shoulders, or the collarbone. Bright colored bikini tops with extra details often command attention but usually work best for the petite ones as fuller figured women may look even bigger with loud colors and bright patterns. More curvaceous babes could wear dark colored bikini tops as these induce a slimming, sexier effect.

2. Strengthen the support. Women who have less on top can try a tie-front bikini top that draws attention to the upper torso and creates magical cleavage previously inexistent. Meanwhile, bikini tops with push up paddings work great for both women who have large and small breasts. For the slight of build, push up paddings enhance the minimal cleavage and instantly transforms any thin girl into a hot babe. At the same time, push up paddings offer greater support to large-breasted women who are not advised to wear light and frail bikini tops. After all, large and sexy fronters need maximum support.

3. Feel good with the fabric. These days, bikini tops are made of all sorts of fabrics, from the regular cotton-nylon to shocking metal. For health purposes, it is best to refrain from wearing bikini tops made of rough clothing because the tough surface may damage your nipples or lovely breasts in general, and you wouldn’t want that.
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Preparing For A Bikini Wax

Dreaming of strutting down the beach in that very sexy bikini? Wearing the skimpiest bikini in the world will definitely turn heads and make you a major babe, but it’s not something you can easily do. It calls for major preparation, like that one process most women dread: the bikini wax. Unless of course, you want hidden hair to play peek-a-boo and turn off all the hot guys.

Some women go through the process like it’s the most natural thing to do. If you’re not one of them, take comfort in the fact that 99% of bikini wax virgins are absolutely scared. After all, hair removal using waxing could be really painful. Unless you have a very high tolerance to pain, much preparation is definitely needed if you want to make things a bit easier.

First of all, if you’re a diabetic, has a skin condition, or under certain sensitive medications, you cannot have a bikini wax. Furthermore, if you have your menstrual period or expecting a baby, you’re not allowed as well as your pain tolerance during times like these is low. If you’re unsure about your condition, better ask your physician.

Once you know you can do it, choose the best professional person to do the waxing. Of course, you have to choose a credible and respected beauty salon as well to lower the risk of being treated by a nervous neophyte. Those who have years of practice know how to make everything easier and make the process more relaxing for you.

Another thing that matters is the length of the hair. Too long may have to be cut prior to the treatment, which would take a longer time. Too short hair is very hard to remove. It is best to have it at ½ to ¼ inch in length before the bikini wax.

Taking a relaxing drug or a mild anesthetic prior to the process also helps, especially if you have a low tolerance for pain. In some ways, it also works psychologically, which could only benefit you.

Once everything is set, smile, take a deep breath, and go for gold! Remember, no pain, no gain. And I’m telling you, all the hot stares and attention from the male species at the beach will be well worth it. 😉 Besides, after your first waxing, the next ones are bound to get easier. 🙂

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