Black Tea

There has been much fuss all over the globe over the health benefits of green tea. But today let’s talk about the health benefits of another kind of tea: black tea.

Black tea is the type of tea used to make the popular iced teas. However, its purest form is less popular than green tea, which is China’s favorite drink and considered to be one of the most beneficial beverages in the world. Nevertheless, black tea is not to be left behind as it has millions of consumers as well and has its own health benefits to boast of. The following are just a few of these health benefits that I’ve gathered.

1. Black tea can reduce risk of stroke and heart attack. In various studies, it has been found that polyphenols in black tea can block damage associated with tobacco and other toxic chemicals that can lead to cancer, stroke, or heart attack. In fact, black tea is packed with flavonoids which are potent antioxidants that prevent free radical damage and increase good cholesterol in the body. Black tea also improves blood flow by relaxing and expanding arteries.

2. Black tea is good for oral health. Black tea can promote oral health by preventing bad breath and improving the condition of the teeth and gums. How? Polyphenols, one of the components of black tea, has been found to inhibit growth of oral bacteria. Black tea can also help prevent mouth infections like cavities.

3. Black tea can prevent viruses. Researches have shown that black tea can neutralize germs that causes various diseases like diarrhea as well as infections on the skin. This is also why black tea is good for the mouth because drinking the tea can wipe out the viruses in our mouths.

Know more healthy benefits of black tea? 🙂

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All About Tea

tea-leaves-picked.jpgTea is an amazing thing! I recently got hooked onto drinking tea more then coffee. I make the entire tea experience into an art form. I bought myself this adorable little cast iron tea pot that has a strainer fit to the interior. I but tea leaves that are larger in size from reputable places. Smaller tea leaves have less potency and typically companies like lipton and tetly use tea dust for their tea bags as it is more cost effective for them to do so.Tea is commonly grown in lush hillsides of China, India and Japan. The fresh leaves for Oolong, Gree, or Black Teas typically are withered first before being processed. After withering occurs, Green tea is either steamed, or pan fried before they are rolled and then dried. Whereas Green tea is Steamed or Fried, Oolong tea is shaken to remove bruised leaf edges. Then it is partially fermented before being pan fried or enters the drying process. Black tea requires being fully fermented and fired for the drying process. The size of the leaf and the type of processing makes for the quality of all tea.Some properties of teas are as follows:Red Tea improves digestions and is great for the skin and allergies. It is naturally high in vitamins and minerals and has more anti-oxidents then green tea.Green Tea may help prevent cancer and lowers cholesterol. It also has been proven to help regulate sugar level. It too is very good for digestions and helps in preventing cavities and aging.Black Teas help lower cholesterol as well and helps in preventing tooth decay. Black tea is very good for the heart and can act as a gentle stimulant, it tends to be a stronger flavored tea.White Tea is a very high anti-oxident. It helps regulate blood sugar and also helps in lowering cholesterol. It has a one of the highest levels of caffeine in a tea. Typically white tea is high in vitamins and minerals.Tea can be very confusing. The best way to know which tea is right for you is for you to sample some tea and then choose which ones you like. I switched from coffee to tea, just because the health benefits are huge in drinking tea and the variety is awesome. Flavored teas all have a base of one of the teas I mention above. The flavoring in teas may also be additional anti-oxidents and offer additional nutritional and health benefits.AddThis Social Bookmark Button