An Absolute MUST HAVE to look younger longer!

Galvanic treatments are used by spas and salons. It is a gentle, low current to refresh and energize the skin. These treatments, through a gently massaging action, help to focus cellular energy and enhance circulation.

Charges that are alike repel each other while opposite charges attract. By creating products to contain the specific charge and using the same charge, the currents are able to absorb the product deep down into the skin.

Nu Skin developed a patent technology, using the galvanic instrument to enhance the delivery of key ingredients up to 24 hours with only five minutes of each treatment. The galvanic instrument is a hand held home device that uses positive and negative low currents. It is light weight, battery operated machine that is used in the comfort of your own home.

With extensive research, Nu Skin found the source that causes aging: an internal free radical generator in the epidermis. Present on the surface of the cells, the age causing generator causes skin damage free radicals around the clock.

In addition to the amazing discovery, Nu Skin scientists have identified an exclusive blend of ingredients that slow down the production of the free radicals deep down in the epidermis. The technology that was designed to reduce the visible signs of aging by targeting the source aging is called ageLOC.

The ageLOC comes into two gel forms – Pre-treatment gel and treatment gel. Not only does the gels help slows down the aging signs, but it also remove impurities to revive the skin. The result reveals a clear, smoother look.

The pre-treatment along with the galvanic instrument uses a negative charge. Combined system absorbs the treatment deep down into the pores to adhere to impurities such as excess oil and pollutants. This allows the pores to breathe to soothe and condition the skin.

The treatment phase along with the galvanic instrument uses a positive charge. The positive charge attracts the negative charge from the pre-treatment gels and pulls the gels along with the dirt and impurities out of the skin. This results in promoting cellular energy, enhances skin hydration, which leaves the skin feeling soft, clean, and refreshed.


Treatment Phases

 The pre-treatment gel contains marigold extract to comfort and soothe the skin, sea kelp to moisturize and condition the skin, and vanilla extract to condition the skin These ingredients help remove impurities, allowing pores to breathe.

The treatment gel contains a proprietary ageLOC blend to help slow free radical production at its source and reducing visible signs of aging, arginine – an amino acid to help skin recover from stress, and magnesium to promote cellular energy.

 The galvanic spa can also be used on your under arms, stomach, butt, thighs, and under the chin.  The spa package comes with the body shaping gel to help tighten the skin elasticity.  If you are a mother like me, you’ll want to use it on your stomach area to tighten the flab that you get after carrying a child.  And if you have cellulite or stretch marks on your hips, the galvanic spa will help reduce the appearance. 

For those of you have lost significant amount of weight, use the body gels to tighten up the loose skin.  Also use the gel under your chin to tighten up the loose skin. 


The following image is a corporate released image and depicts a woman before using the Galvanic Spa and the same woman after 4 months of using the Galvanic Spa 2 times a week.  Truly impressive!Image


NO Botox …..please!

If you are like me, you hate the idea of being injected with botulism (botox), or of going under the knife to get rid of unsightly wrinkles. There is another way to eliminate wrinkles without using these desperate measures, and I found it!My friend told me about this product that is conveniently packaged in pen form that can be used anytime day or night. It works as a form of topical botox. This precise applicator pen delivers a formula that visibly reduces wrinkles and crows feet, best of all it is ONLY $45.Now we all know that those procedures I mentioned above are costly and the effects do not last a lifetime and must be repeated after some time. This filler is my very favorite product I own.  I cannot mention the name but if you email me I will happily tell you. Now if that is the case, then why not use something topical that you can apply yourself daily without spending a fortune?After trying a ton of these type of filler, I wanted to let you know, that if a product touts that you see results immediately, chances are those results will wash away the next time you wash your face. Wrinkle pens and fillers have to penetrate the skin and help fill in the wrinkles from the inside in order to have long term effects. I found that out the hard way, after spending a few hundred dollars in doing comparison testing with some friends, on a variety of these pens.This wrinkle filler I found is used like restilin, in that it plumps up the skin to minimize the look of wrinkles and crows feet. It has short and long term benefits. It contains liposomes that target the deeper layers of the skin and delivers nutrients to the area it is applied too. It was formulated with a new type of molecule that acts as a balloon of water.If you were to draw a circle and draw consecutive circles inside that one to form a series of ring, every other ring would contain water and the alternating ones would contain nutrients that act as magnets to draw moisture from other areas of the skin to the area of application thereby plumping up the skin minimizing wrinkles. Those rings I mentioned above also act on a time released basis, providing moisture and plumping the skin throughout the day, or night.This filler contains tri-peptides that condition and moisturize the skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. The formulation also includes alpha-lipoic acids, which are a universal anti-oxident that fights and neutralizes environmental free radicals, helping to protect your skin form the aging process. This formulation is approximately 500x more powerful then Vitamin C alone. And we all know that Vitamin C is a wonderful anti-oxident that helps us keep our youthful appearance when it is part of our skin care regimen.I have tried it, and although I was a skeptic when I first heard about it, after 3 days of using it about 2 times on average per day, I really do notice a difference in my wrinkles. I have that forehead, problem and a deep line between my eyes from squinting. Friends have noticed a difference too, and I did not have to spend a fortune of money to get the results I want. Now I have everyone trying that wrinkle pen!
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