Dangers of Tooth Whitening

Every where you look there are ads for tooth whitening. Ads, commercials, billboards, magazines, tooth whitening is all over the place. But which do you choose? Some just grab the cheapest thing on the store shelf and go for it. Other’s decide to go the medical route and get it done by their dentist. But just how safe is tooth whitening and is it good to get done repeatedly?

The fact is that teeth whitening does work, and many times it works extremely well. The negative part is that it doesn’t work without side effects. Prolonged exposure to the bleaching agents can cause damage to tooth enamel. It can also make teeth sensitive to cold, hot, even air and cause some irritation. If any of the bleaching agents are ingested, which often happens when using the home bleaching, it may make you feel nauseated or experience a burning sensation.

Some home remedy whitenening rely heavily on acidic properties from some fruits which can cause teeth’s enamel to deteriorate, making teeth look worse. Tooth whitening use hydrogen peroxide. This is the cause of irritation to delicate and soft tissues in the mouth. When whitening is done by a dentist, they will place a dam to keep everything but the teeth from coming in contact with the product.

I have also read that continued over use of tooth whitening can eventually lead to losing those pearly whites. Also, it can cause your gums to start to deteriorate if not done correctly. So take care of your teeth and once they are whitened take head to what your dentist says. Whitening is great and looks beautiful, if you decide to get it done read all you can about it and talk with your dentist about it.

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