Black Tea

There has been much fuss all over the globe over the health benefits of green tea. But today let’s talk about the health benefits of another kind of tea: black tea.

Black tea is the type of tea used to make the popular iced teas. However, its purest form is less popular than green tea, which is China’s favorite drink and considered to be one of the most beneficial beverages in the world. Nevertheless, black tea is not to be left behind as it has millions of consumers as well and has its own health benefits to boast of. The following are just a few of these health benefits that I’ve gathered.

1. Black tea can reduce risk of stroke and heart attack. In various studies, it has been found that polyphenols in black tea can block damage associated with tobacco and other toxic chemicals that can lead to cancer, stroke, or heart attack. In fact, black tea is packed with flavonoids which are potent antioxidants that prevent free radical damage and increase good cholesterol in the body. Black tea also improves blood flow by relaxing and expanding arteries.

2. Black tea is good for oral health. Black tea can promote oral health by preventing bad breath and improving the condition of the teeth and gums. How? Polyphenols, one of the components of black tea, has been found to inhibit growth of oral bacteria. Black tea can also help prevent mouth infections like cavities.

3. Black tea can prevent viruses. Researches have shown that black tea can neutralize germs that causes various diseases like diarrhea as well as infections on the skin. This is also why black tea is good for the mouth because drinking the tea can wipe out the viruses in our mouths.

Know more healthy benefits of black tea? 🙂

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Yummy Toothpastes!

Ever have trouble making your kids brush their teeth? Well, you can spice up brushing moments with this out of the box toothpastes that will surely make tooth brushing a more exciting task. You can even use these for yourself!

Chocolate Toothpaste

Since a study in Tulane University showed that cocoa powder is actually an effective tooth cleaner and a research in Osaka University stated that chocolate could prevent tooth decay, a lot of companies have started manufacturing chocolate toothpaste. Some are just flavored chocolate for that fun kick, such as those from Close Up and Colgate. Meanwhile some are actually made of real chocolate. I think using chocolate toothpaste will definitely make a lot of people especially the chocoholics look forward to brushing, provided that they don’t succumb to temptation and eat it!

Ice Cream Toothpaste

With four different flavors, Banilla Bling’s ice cream flavored toothpaste is truly a treat for kids and adults alike. Its four different flavors are Banilla Bling (vanilla ice cream), BlingSide (vanilla and orange ice cream), Cha Cha Chocolate (chocolate), and Baby Bling (mild vanilla). Those who’ve tried this say it tastes so good, any kid will love it! Consequently, a lot of dentists use Banilla Bling toothpaste in dental cleaning to make the commonly scary experience a lot more fun for kids.

Fruit Toothpaste

Don’t care for too much dessert? Then get rid of the sweety sweets and settle for some fruit toothpaste. Bursting with fruity, non-mint flavors, HerbKids Toothpaste infuse a lot of pleasure in brushing to make sure kids learn to love caring for their teeth!

All in One Toothpaste

Want a different flavor as you brush your teeth every day? Then the Breath Palette is the perfect toothpaste for you. With 31 different and highly unique flavors and 4 kits to choose from, your brushing moments will never be the same. The following are the four kits to choose from: (1) Sweet Tooth (vanilla, bitter chocolate, caramel, L’Espresso, Pumpkin Pudding); (2) East Meets West (Green Tea, Indian Curry, Tropical Pineapple, Darjeeling Tea, Cinnamon); (3) Zen Palette (Rose, Honey, Lavender, Lemon Tea, Cola); and (4) Smoothie (Fresh Yogurt, Monkey Banana, Kiwi Fruit, Strawberry, Blueberry). Why stick to one flavor when you can have various options each day?

There are a lot more toothpaste brands that produce exciting toothpastes for all of us, all you have to do is look around!

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