If stress trigger your need to put some food in your much, why not reach for something healthy that will also help alleviate the stress?  What type of food does that you ask?  Well check out these favorites…

1.  Chocolate – My number 1 favorite.  Eating a 1 oz. piece of dark chocolate can bring on a feeling of calm in less then 2 minutes according to researchers at UCLA.  The feeling can last up to 2 hours!  Chocolate contains a couple compounds that help boost alpha waves in the brain.  Alpha waves are the things that hep calm the brain down.  Who said eating chocolate is a bad thing!

2.  Carrots- Probably my number 2 favorite.  Munching on a handful of these crispy veggies also can help reduce nervousness by 20 percent according to those same researchers.  Actually any number of crunchy veggies can help with this.  The natural aggressive act of crunching between the teeth can actually increase endorphins  which are known to make humans feel good.  The same type of reaction that you can get from sex.  The calm effect can take place within 15 seconds of crunching!

3. Beans – Beans help to PREVENT sugar spikes.  When there are sugar spikes in blood levels a feeling of anxiety can also rear its ugly head.  Beans help equal prevent these spikes when studied among women.  Nearly 50% felts calmer after eating a bean dish (hummus).  The balanced blend of fiber, rote in and polyphenols that prevent tensions triggering blood sugar spikes and crashes can last for up to 4 hours!

Next time you feel stress or tension, its ok to eat.  But reach for something that will help you through it, not something you will feel guilty about indulging in afterwards.


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Burning Off the Fat!

Do you want to become a regular arsonist when it comes to burning body fat?  According to the latest study on Men’s nutrition, health and weight loss, Japanese researchers found that men who lift weights before doing cardio exercising tend to lose fat and get leaner muscle faster, then men who do cardio first and then lift weight.  By lifting weight first, those men burned twice as much fat as those who only pedaled first.  The explanation is that resistence training stimulates the release of fat0burning hormones.  It’s like pouring kerosene on your inner fire.

Making Fish Oil Twice as Effective for Weight Loss

Oh No! Summer is coming and bating suit season is just about here.  What do we do with those extra stubborn pounds that we cannot seem to lose?  Taking fish oil as well as making minor adjustments…yes I said MINOR, to your menu can help you shed those pounds before D-DAY.  Many people tell you that taking fish oil capsules everyday can help improve a variety of health issues and prevent certain diseases from occurring.  However, is your fish oil enough to accomplish all of that?  After doing a bunch of research from a variety of resources I came upon something that can actually help enhance the effects of fish oil making it more effective.  By combining high dose fish oil supplements with the Zone Diet can help you see results twice as fast, both in improving overall health as well as losing weight.  Keep in mind that fish oil does have a blood thinning effect, so check with your doctor before taking high doses.

1.  Replace Omega-6 Fats with Monosaturated Fats.  Instead of eating corn, soybean, sunflower and safflower oils, have extra virgin olive and sesame oils, nuts, seeds, nut butters and avocados.  The switch of simply changing your fats greatly reduces the bodys ability to create fat by depriving the toxic fat of its basic building blocks – omega-6 fats. Weight loss could be kick started in as little as three days!

2.  Reach for low-glycemic foods.  High glycemic foods increase insulin by the body which causes weight gain.  Reducing your high glycemic food carbs and starchy veggies such as corn, potatoes and peas, can cut insulin by up to 22%.  Thats been proven to help women in particular lose 10 pounds in 14 days!

3.  Include protein in every meal.  By doing so will increase the release of pancreatic polypepide, a hormone that promotes a feeling of fullness.  Protein rich foods stimulate the pancreas to release a hormone that encourages the burning of stored fat for energy.  A great way t burn calories without being on a restricted diet.

Some people feel overwhelmed when they think of “dieting” or having to change the way they eat in order to lose the weight.  Well below is a sample menu of what you may want to incorporate into your menu to help kick start the process.

Sample Day to Slimdown

Breakfast – Try scrambled eggs made with 2 eggs and 4 egg whites or 1/2 Cup egg substitute, 3/4 tsp. olive oil and 1 tsp. milk (can use non-fat).  3 strips of turkey bacon, 1/2 slice of rye toast with 1 tsp. natural peanut butter, 1 Cup of grapes.

Lunch – 1 halved whole wheat mini pita topped with tomato sauce, 3 oz. lean ground beef sauteed with bell peppers and onions, and 1 oz. low fat cheese (broil until melted), side of lettuce and fresh veggies with olive oil and vinegar.

Snack – 1oz. part skim mozzarella string cheese, 1/2 apple with 1/2 tsp natural peanut butter.

Dinner – 3oz. chicken cutlet with 1/2 Cup of salsa, 3 Tbs. guacamole and sprinkle low fat cheese, 1 1/2 Cups green beans and 1 Cup of berries.

Snack – 4oz. wine, 1oz. cheese

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Healthy Dieting

I have been working out with a personal trainer for the past 8 months. I started off 1 day per week and increased it to 2. While my actual weight is not changing I do notice that my clothes are fitting me better. I try to avoid my scale at all costs. I even put it into my garage so I would not be tempted to jump on. The mark I use now is not a numeral but the way I look and feel in my own skin and in my clothing. WHile exercise is important one watching their weight cannot avoid the “diet”. That four letter word that we all hate.

A healthy diet is an important part of any fitness plan. To help you in your weight loss and goals for fitness I came across this handy chart to help aid you in determining how and what you should be eating.


A healthy nutritional balanced diet is also key to losing weight.  Following a clear chart for dieting showing the amount of simple carbs to complex carbs and everything in between can keep you on track for losing weight.  There are six primary categories food is assigned too:  Complex Carbohydrates (starches and fiber), High Quality Protein, Non Starch Vegetables, Simple Carbohydrates, Milk/Soy, Fats and Water.


We all hate diets, but following this chart seems to be a great way to improving weight loss and becoming a thinner, healthier you!

Body Care Products that are as Good as Gold

Peaceful Mountain is a company based in Boulder, Colorado that specializes in organic remedies that help relieve a wide range of maladies. One product I have tried is Arnica Gel that has been proven amazing both pre and post workout to help increase blood flow to the muscles that I have used. This gel has helped sooth the soreness that develops the day after you have worked out when the lactic acid has build up. The best thing about these products is that they don’t compromise the kidneys as some other remedies have been known to do. The combination of Arnica, Confrey Root and St. Johns Wort works magically. The company suggests using it at the first sign of muscle aches, stating that if used at the onset, it may help prevent a full blown spasm!

This natural formula can be found at for about $11 a tube. A small price to pay for the pain. 🙂 You can also find this product at Whole Foods or a local health food store.

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Eat Local and Boost Your Immunity

Ever hear the term “locavores”? Locavores are people who seek out foods in their native region and this group of people is growing rapidly. There are many economic and environmental benefits to becoming a “locavore”, in addition to actual health benefits. In fact eating locally may boost your immune system! According to an article on, local foods may be less processed. They are also not transported thousands of miles across the continent to reach your dinner table. Transported foods may harbor unwanted bacteria and pathogens that were picked up along the way. Our bodies may have less natural resistance to foods coming from those other areas, while local foods provide microbes that are specific to the region we live in and bolster our immune capacity.

While there’s no hard science that indicates the health benefits of local foods, the University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill is researching this topic. Last year, they began studying the benefits of eating locally. If you want more information on eating locally and making this switch, check out

While we are all aware of the global warming issues that trucking companies are faced with, eating locally also assists in lowering emissions caused by those trucks thereby benefiting our environment as well.

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Closer Look At The Buffet Table

buffetWeight loss is something almost every one of my friends talks about.  People are always trying to diet, or trying to lose weight.  Whether its 40 pounds or 4 pounds, people are always “watching” what they eat.

According to a study, 213 people were observed at an all you can eat Chinese buffet by trained researchers.  The research showed some fairly interesting results.  Diners who were visibly overweight ot obese were more likely than normal-weight diners to:

  • Serve themselves immediately, rather then browse the buffet first
  • Choose a large plate over a smaller one
  • Sit facing the buffet
  • Use a fork rather then chopsticks
  • Sit without a napkin on their laps

What to do if you are at a buffet such as this and trying to watch your weight? Use a small plate, so you take smaller portions.  Use chopsticks so you slow down while you are eating.  You also pay more attention to the amount of food you are consuming.  Don’t sit facing the buffet, so the food isn’t always “in your face” having you thinking about what to eat next.  Take your time and look around the buffet and go for the food that most appeals to you, not just what’s at hand.  Use your napkin, this way its one more thing you have to do before getting back up to grab another serving, which may in fact act as a deterrent. 🙂

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