Burning Off the Fat!

Do you want to become a regular arsonist when it comes to burning body fat?  According to the latest study on Men’s nutrition, health and weight loss, Japanese researchers found that men who lift weights before doing cardio exercising tend to lose fat and get leaner muscle faster, then men who do cardio first and then lift weight.  By lifting weight first, those men burned twice as much fat as those who only pedaled first.  The explanation is that resistence training stimulates the release of fat0burning hormones.  It’s like pouring kerosene on your inner fire.


Diet or Exercise, Conflicting Messages?

The latest research on weight loss shows what most people already knew…it’s a combo of diet and exercise.  According to a University study, scientists found that weight loss study participants all lost an average of 22 pounds through diet, exercise or both.  But they did find one big difference.

Those who included exercise in their weight loss programs were able to specifically target belly fat.  In fact, the diet plus exercise group shrank their abdominal fat cells twice as much as those who only dieted.  Abdominal fat cells have different amounts of metabolic enzymes than other parts of your body, causing them to be more responsive to exercise.

Healthy Dieting

I have been working out with a personal trainer for the past 8 months. I started off 1 day per week and increased it to 2. While my actual weight is not changing I do notice that my clothes are fitting me better. I try to avoid my scale at all costs. I even put it into my garage so I would not be tempted to jump on. The mark I use now is not a numeral but the way I look and feel in my own skin and in my clothing. WHile exercise is important one watching their weight cannot avoid the “diet”. That four letter word that we all hate.

A healthy diet is an important part of any fitness plan. To help you in your weight loss and goals for fitness I came across this handy chart to help aid you in determining how and what you should be eating.


A healthy nutritional balanced diet is also key to losing weight.  Following a clear chart for dieting showing the amount of simple carbs to complex carbs and everything in between can keep you on track for losing weight.  There are six primary categories food is assigned too:  Complex Carbohydrates (starches and fiber), High Quality Protein, Non Starch Vegetables, Simple Carbohydrates, Milk/Soy, Fats and Water.


We all hate diets, but following this chart seems to be a great way to improving weight loss and becoming a thinner, healthier you!

Body Care Products that are as Good as Gold

Peaceful Mountain is a company based in Boulder, Colorado that specializes in organic remedies that help relieve a wide range of maladies. One product I have tried is Arnica Gel that has been proven amazing both pre and post workout to help increase blood flow to the muscles that I have used. This gel has helped sooth the soreness that develops the day after you have worked out when the lactic acid has build up. The best thing about these products is that they don’t compromise the kidneys as some other remedies have been known to do. The combination of Arnica, Confrey Root and St. Johns Wort works magically. The company suggests using it at the first sign of muscle aches, stating that if used at the onset, it may help prevent a full blown spasm!

This natural formula can be found at www.peacefulmountain.com for about $11 a tube. A small price to pay for the pain. 🙂 You can also find this product at Whole Foods or a local health food store.

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Forget the lowfat food!

Recently I took my 7 year old daughter to a nutritionist after my pediatrician gave her a scare telling her that she was “very very unhealthy”.  We had gone to the pediatrician for a physical, which we do every year before school starts and as usual they took her weight.  She weighed 84 lbs when she should (according to the chart) weigh about 70 lbs for her height and build.  My daughter looked at me when the doctor told her about her unhealthy weight gain and did not shed a tear.  I actually thought she was not really taking it seriously at all, until we got into the car.  The she cried and asked if what the doctor said meant she was going to die. 😦 .   I took issue with the way the doctor addressed the issue, but don’t want to get into that now.

While my daughter likes her food, her problem is portion control.  I tend to cook very healthy foods.  I rarely EVER fry anything, I always bake and with very little oil if any at all.  After undergoing blood testing to find if the inherited thyroid condition was causing her weight gain (which it was not), we went to see a nutritionist.  One piece of advice she gave me that made a HUGE difference is that you should never purchase any food where the sugars are 50% or more of the Carbohydrates.  People are always buying lowfat items, thats a big mistake.  When something is lowfat they overcompensate for flavor by adding sugar!  Sugar is metabolized in the body and stored in the body as fat.  One of the main reasons a lowfat processed food does not help with weight loss.

Next time you reach for that bag of school snacks, check out the sugar to carb ratio.  Go for the regular version, not the lowfat, and keep the portions under control.

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Hidden Fat

Here’s a warning to the slim people who feel comfortable because they have the right “weight”: being slim doesn’t necessarily mean you’re okay health-wise and that you’re far from acquiring any of the much feared diseases. If your daily food intake is more on the junk food and greasy side and/or you’re living a sedentary lifestyle, there’s a high chance you can have internal fat collected in your heart, liver, pancreas, and certain muscles which can trigger the deadly diseases like various heart conditions and diabetes. Having the proper numbers on the scale and fitting into your ideal clothes doesn’t mean you should rejoice and be complacent. Exercising daily is a big big necessity to be able to burn any internal fat that may be forming. Eating healthy food is also essential to make sure you are not deficient on all the nutrients you need.

Image from this site.

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Gaining Healthy Weight

Sometimes it seems to me that 99% of people in this world would like to lose weight. Some would simply like to, many are desperate to. But what I seldom encounter are people who would actually like to gain weight because they lack the proper pounds. If you’re one of them, here are just three of the things you need to work on to start the process.

Cut down on fatty and greasy food. Sure, eating a lot of fast food, sugary sweets, and the like can help you gain weight, but it won’t be the type of weight you want. You’ll end up being even unhealthier because the risk for deadly diseases increases every time you consume unhealthy oily foods and food high in trans fats like pastry products and processed meats.

Consume a lot of protein. Protein builds muscle tissue. Since your goal is to have more healthy muscles to increase mass and weight, make sure you focus on foods that are good protein sources such as chicken, fish, low fat dairy products, healthy meats, and nuts and seeds. Of course, your meals still have to be well-balanced so make sure you’re also consuming all the other important vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.

Weight train. Many people have the misconception that doing any form of exercise will just make you lose weight. Weight training and weight lifting can actually do the reverse by building on muscles not akin to those of heavy bodybuilders but just enough to increase your weight and add body mass and strength. Weight training helps convert additional calories into muscle rather than fat. It also stimulates appetite.

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