Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

image Urban Decay makes beautiful shades of eyeshadows and now they have a product that works to keep those shadows bright, beautiful and crease-free. The Eyeshadow Primer Potion comes in a cute purple .34oz counter with a kind of “genie” top. The top is the applicator made like a lip gloss applicator, only this one applies to your eyelids.

The product is stated to be ultra sheer and that is will disappear instantly. But the reviews I have found state it takes about five minutes for it dry completely so that you can apply your shadow. Eyeshadow Primer Potion makes your shadow apply smoother, last longer and keeps the shadows from creasing. Even on oily skin, it seems that it does it’s job; making shadow last longer than shadow alone and look more vibrant. Can also be used on your undereye circles before putting on concealer to help with creasing and smoother application.

Interested in the product? Get it here!

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Makeup Tips for Gorgeous Eyes

When it comes to makeup, our eyes are definitely one of the best parts to play with. The good news is that there are lots of techniques you can do to glam up your eyes and make sure they’re as fab as can be. The following are just a few basic expert-given makeup tips to achieve gorgeous eyes.

Eyeshadow. To make your eyeshadow last the whole day or night, brush loose powder first on your eyelids before applying the first coat of eyeshadow. Afterwards, put some loose powder again and then apply a second coat of eyeshadow. It may be the same shade or a new one, depending on the look or blend you’re gunning for.

Eyeliner. For better depth and a more glam look, try using two colored eyeliners instead of just one colored one. One technique is to apply the first color like blue eye liner first then apply green eyeliner just slightly above it.

Mascara. To volumize and truly sexify your lashes, curl them first then apply a coat of volumizing mascara. Let it dry for a few minute and then apply a layer of lengthening mascara. This method plumps up your eyelashes a lot better than all-in-one formulas.

Do share your own eye makeup techniques!

Image from this site.

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Eye Shadow- One size fits all?

picture-5.pngThere is a company out there called ColorOn which has a product that they claim will give you instant professional eyeshadow application with a single process. The idea of having a “press on” eye shadow intrigued me to the point that I invested $30 and got myself a box.When my product arrived, I called my girlfriend up to come over and try it. She is a professional make up artist, I figured we would have some fun. So over cosmos, we played with the eye shadow. We started with clean lids and followed the directions to a “T”. I used the Everyday Neutrals since I figured, how bad could those colors be? My girlfriend thought this whole process was funny and from the start tried discouraging from conducting my little experiment, let alone invest $30 bucks.Being a bit hesitant about using this product to begin with, my friend applied the pink and chocolate combo to her lid using the lighter application method described. I followed her lead and did likewise. I placed the oval disc on my lash line and began patting the applicator gently with my finger, then began peeling it back. I blended it a bit, once it was on my lid.As soon as I removed the disc, my friend turned around to see me and we both broke out in hysterics (to the point of almost peeing ourselves). We looked like we were circus clown rejects. The shadow was all over our brows and covered our lashes. I do not think I have ever laughed so hard in my life.You can bet I was not laughing when I tried to get that stuff off my face. It was very, very difficult to remove. Here a seasoned makeup pro started freaking out. You can imagine how I felt then, the panic struck. We just could not get that stuff off our eyes! We left my house and went to hers where she had some ultra, heavy duty cosmetic wipes that she had left over from a soap opera she did makeup on.Finally, with clean lids, I realized…I should have listened to my friend at the get go and not let my intrigue get the best of me. But we did have a great laugh before the panic struck, despite the $30 investment!

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