Fab Tights @ Forever 21

Tights have made a big comeback since last year. I for one really love wearing tights because they add oomph to any outfit and they act as a fashionable covering when I’m wearing too short skirts or dresses. Forever 21 sells fabulous tights that can be worn from normal work/school days to glamorous occasions. For instance, check out these hot Dotted Sweater Tights shown in the picture on the left. Available in colors Navy and Charcoal, these tights are made of 80% cotton, 15% poly, and 5% spandex for a truly great fit and comfortable wear.

How do you wear your tights?

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Skinny Jeans

It seems that everywhere I look, more and more women are wearing skinny jeans again, paired off with all kinds of tops. Skinny jeans are an interesting type of jeans because they fit tightly in the legs, almost like a pair of tights, only it’s jeans of course. 😀

Lots of skinny jeans can be found in the market, from the bargains to the designer ones. Unfortunately not everyone can wear skinny jeans because we all have different body types. However, it can definitely enhance body types like straight bodies because skinny jeans emphasize the buttocks and hip area, creating a sexier overall illusion. Petite women can also wear skinny jeans to look longer. Modelesque body types with long slender legs can wear them like a second skin anytime. But if you’re pear-shaped or a bit too heavy on the legs, better ditch skinny jeans because they can really be a disaster. There are lots of other types of jeans in the market anyway so don’t be sad. 😉

Are you a skinny jeans freak?

Image from this site.

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Power of the Tank Top

image Most women should already know this but if you don’t, the tank is the most versatile item you can have in your wardrobe. I have about 15 in different shades and colors. You can never have too many and you will often be buying new ones to replace the older ones. A quick tip, anytime you find tanks on sale buy as many as you can.

Tanks can be used to layer. They can be paired with other tank tops or they can go under any locate shirt or sweater. Pair a tank with jeans or shorts for a casual look. Put the tank with dress pant or a skirt for a more dress casual appearance. If you want to add some interest to your tank top, embroider something on it. This will give it a unique personalized feel to it. Never underestimate the power of a tank top Winking!

Zippered or button up jackets and shirts look incredibly put together when you put a contrasting colored tank under it. You can also match your tank with your shoes or contrast them for a dramatic effect.

When thinking up outfits, never forget about the versatility of the tank top. It can made casual or a bit more dressy by simply pairing it with the right accessories and clothes. A tank can make an outfit, so go look in your closet and start “making” some outfits of your own.

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Shoes for Young Teens

image With the school year fast approaching, the start of school clothes and shoes shopping has begun. In my household it is a fun time for the parents and the kiddos. It is also a very confusing time when it comes to choosing shoes for my teen daughter. She has very specific taste….whatever her other friends wear. Which can cause a problem parents when you have one idea of what they should wear and they have totally different opinions. But we all know, if you don’t get what they want to wear, they won’t wear it.

I have been privileged enough to find out from many teens that visit the house some of the latest trends in footwear. Although I don’t really like many of them, I felt it important to share and get feedback on any other trends we may be missing in this crucial, expensive time of the school year. Here is a list of brands that are a hit with the young teens right now:

  • Converse
  • Vans
  • Marc Ecko
  • Jordans
  • Air Force Ones
  • Roxy

This is not an exhaustive list. But it seems the growing trend is flat athletic shoes like the old school converse shoes. Please share your teens favorites!

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woman_wearing_hat From the days of me as a little girl dressing up in my mom’s big hats, I have been a true hat fan. It is so weird for me to see that women don’t wear hats as often as I would think they should. Hats are an accessory that can make you stand out from the crowd. From Sunday Church hats to straw cowboy hats, hats can complete an ensemble.

     My long time favorite has been Fedora’s. Slightly cocked to the side; you are confident, sexy, and ready for the world. Originally made for men, it took a woman to show off it’s true potential.  I can’t get enough of these stylish hats. They come in a number of materials, so easily matched with your outfit.

     Two more of my favorites are the Sunday straw hat (big circular bill) and the straw cowboy hat. I like to use the Sunday hat for spring/summer dresses. It makes me feel all light and airy, like I am back in the days of the big dresses and women walking with umbrellas. The cowboy hat is my version of the baseball hat. It’s my casual bad hairday hat. I can’t get enough of hats. Start adding them into your outfits like you do your accessories and you won’t regret it!


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The Oversized Clutch

The hottest new accessory this season is the oversized clutch. Since the start of making the Sex and the City Movie, clutches have been gaining more and more  popularity again. The clutch is a bag you just carry, there is no need for straps or wristlets, you simply carry in your hand.

If you loved clutches and regretfully had put them away with the changing trends, you can now confidently and stylishly start wearing them again. The Clutch bag is a very easy bag to carry. You simply pack, grab and go. The Oversized Clutch is making a fast approach into Hollywood’s spotlight. But Sarah Jessica Parker isn’t the only one sporting these gorgeous bags. Celebrities all over the red carpet and sporting them. Women can’t get enough of them. They combine the cuteness of the standard clutch with the added benefit of more storage. Before you would have to pick and choose which items you could not live without, when taking the smaller clutch. Now you can pack it full of all kinds of goodies and necessities. Just make sure you don’t over do, nothing looks worse than a clutch that is over-spilling. A welcomed trend for me. The stylish oversized clutch, large enough for all your trendy needs.

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The Jelly is back

MarcJacobsballetflatjelly Marc Jacobs Jelly Ballet $160.00

Remember those jelly shoes we all used to wear and put our kids on back in the day? I sure do, I used to love them until I saw my teenage sis in a pair. I don’t know what it was about seeing her clear, dirty run over jellies, that made me instantly hate them. Ever since then, when I thought of jelly shoes it brought a bad taste in my mouth. Until……I saw the new jelly shoes that are out.

jelly shoes1

The new jelly is stylish, functional and most importantly cute! No longer are they the cheap woven jelly shoes you get from any small store they have become high fashion. Available in a wide assortment of colors and styles. Designers such as Fendi, Marc Jacobs, and Gucci are getting in on the act. With prices for these new jellies sky rocketing up into the 100’s, (this yellow Jcrew jelly sales for about 45.00, how sweet is that), the jelly is definitely back with a vengeance. Modern and gorgeous, very nice Winking.

If you haven’t already, I am sure you can get prepared to see many jellies crossing your paths this summer. Jellies seem to be making a comeback. I may even get a pair for me and my sis. Will you join the jelly movement Hee hee?

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