Fab Tights @ Forever 21

Tights have made a big comeback since last year. I for one really love wearing tights because they add oomph to any outfit and they act as a fashionable covering when I’m wearing too short skirts or dresses. Forever 21 sells fabulous tights that can be worn from normal work/school days to glamorous occasions. For instance, check out these hot Dotted Sweater Tights shown in the picture on the left. Available in colors Navy and Charcoal, these tights are made of 80% cotton, 15% poly, and 5% spandex for a truly great fit and comfortable wear.

How do you wear your tights?

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Torn lace? No problem!

If you have a favorite article of lace clothing that you just dont know how to fix when it tears, try using this fast fix remedy.  Just place a piece of wax paper beneath the torn lace, brush a small amount of clear nail polish on the tear.  Let dry, then remove the wax paper.  The polish will leave a hard layer of coating that invisibly seals the hole….works great!

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Slippery Shoes?

Ever buy a new pair of shoes and find that you are sliding all over the place when you wear the first time?  In order to prevent injuries by falling, try scraping the soles of your new shoes with either a brillo pad, a piece of sandpaper or on the pavement you are walking on.  Be sure to hold onto something to hold your balance if they are  very slippery.  The grittiness of the surfaces of the mentioned methods helps give you traction as you walk.  Added bonus….it also removes unwanted price tags from the bottom as well. 🙂

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Skinny Jeans

It seems that everywhere I look, more and more women are wearing skinny jeans again, paired off with all kinds of tops. Skinny jeans are an interesting type of jeans because they fit tightly in the legs, almost like a pair of tights, only it’s jeans of course. 😀

Lots of skinny jeans can be found in the market, from the bargains to the designer ones. Unfortunately not everyone can wear skinny jeans because we all have different body types. However, it can definitely enhance body types like straight bodies because skinny jeans emphasize the buttocks and hip area, creating a sexier overall illusion. Petite women can also wear skinny jeans to look longer. Modelesque body types with long slender legs can wear them like a second skin anytime. But if you’re pear-shaped or a bit too heavy on the legs, better ditch skinny jeans because they can really be a disaster. There are lots of other types of jeans in the market anyway so don’t be sad. 😉

Are you a skinny jeans freak?

Image from this site.

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Geren Ford Rivet Shorts

If you like wearing shorts but you’re a bit uncomfortable with those little bulges at your stomach and thighs, check out Geren Ford’s Rivet Shorts from their Summer 2008 collection. Designed with a 4″ smocked elastic banding at the waist, wearing a pair can definitely disguise your tummy or any unsightly bulges you want to conceal. Its length and cut is also perfect for almost all body shapes, long enough to hide the upper thighs but short enough to be the comfortable shorts it’s designed to be.

Each pair can be worn with a stylish blouse for a semi-formal look or a regular tee for those ordinary days. Comes in various colors such as blue, white, gray and black.

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Socks with a lot of holes?

Apparently, it’s become trendy. Especially to the fans of Sans’ Organic Pima Cotton Hole Socks. Featuring organic pima cotton, these socks come in bright colors and can be crew cut or knee-high. Obviously they have big holes as well.

Sans is an eco-fashion line based in New York. They use only sustainable materials like bamboo, wool and organic cotton in their products so that each piece is quality, highly wearable, and most of all, unique. The Organic Pima Cotton Hole Socks line is just one of their proud fashion offerings. Yes, the socks have big holes cut in them, but not in a way that looks rugged. Each hole is clean-cut and placed correctly. Aside from the uniqueness factor, I think these holes work great during hot weather and you need more “ventilation”. 😉

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Soften your jeans!

If you are like me, you love buying a new pair of jeans, especially those skinny jeans, but you hate the rough texture of them?  I found that by washing the jeans in warm water with regular detergent and 1/2 Cup of table salt thrown in softens the jeans so they feel like they have been worm a thousand times.  The sodium actually softens the jeans through som type of chemical reaction.  Next time you do the wash, reach for the salt! 🙂

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