Pomegranate: The Healthiest Juice of All

A recent study in UCLA revealed that the healthiest juice of all is not grapefruit, nor cranberry, nor apple. It’s actually pomegranate juice. The study actually released a list of the top ten healthiest juices, and the “winners” are (from #2 to #10): Red wine, Concord grape juice, Blueberry juice, Black cherry juice, Açaí juice, Cranberry juice, Orange juice, Tea, and Apple juice. I’m a bit surprised that tomato juice is not on the list, but I’m glad apple and orange juice are as I often drink these two. If you do want to have the healthiest juice or shake though, you know now what to blend!

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3 Tips For A Healthier Barbecue

Almost everyone loves barbecued meat. Unfortunately we also know that it isn’t exactly the healthiest food. So here are some tips given by expert cooks on how we can have a healthier barbecue.

1. Microwave meat before barbecuing. This process reduces time over the charcoal, which as we know can have harmful properties. Remember that it’s best to use an oil-free marinade to hamper the formation of cancer-causing chemicals.

2. Make kebabs with fruits and veggies. Who said barbecue has to be all-meat? Incorporating fruits and veggies in your barbecue is one good way to pack on the nutrients, and besides, fruit and veggies are great because they don’t form harmful chemicals when flame-cooked. In fact, you can skip the meat altogether if you want to and just grill fruits and veggies for a much healthier option. Vegetables taste a lot more awesome when grilled.

3. Take all the skin off. If you’re barbecuing chicken, remember to take off all the skin because half the saturated fat in the chicken breast and thigh is all in the skin! Remember to take all the skin off before you marinade and grill because cooking with the skin on and then taking it off at the dinner table just makes you lose all the flavor from your marinade and seasonings.

Care to share your healthy barbecue tips?

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Open Secrets To Young-Looking Skin

There are lots of ways to defy skin aging, such as purchasing expensive creams, getting surgical treatments, and more. But do you know that just sticking religiously to the basics can help you have younger looking skin for a much longer time? Here’s a reminder again of some of the bare necessities to achieve young looking skin.

1. Wear sunscreen! Health professionals, skin experts, beauty bloggers can’s stress it enough: these days, it’s not healthy anymore to go out without wearing sunscreen. So make sure you slather some SPF 15 on your face before heading out.

2. Lessen exposure to the sun. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, avoid direct exposure to sunlight. They say that if you want to look ten years older in no time at all, just expose yourself to sunlight for hours on end. Of course you wouldn’t want that.

3. Don’t smoke or stay near smoking people. Smoke totally dehydrates skin, sucking out the moisture and youthfulness of the skin.

4. Get regular sleep. Sleep deficiency will make your skin look stressed and tired all the time.

5. Eat a lot of fruits and nutritious food! The more healthy, antioxidant-loaded, and nutrient-filled you are, the more glowing your skin will be. Remember that what you take in (or not take in) will always reflect on how you look.

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Natural Ways To Beautify

As we grow older, it seems that the cost of beauty increases. We tend to cover up or enhance more parts than we used to and we seem to need more and more products and treatments. Beauty is definitely one of the topmost concerns of everyone, and if you want to make yours last longer, you cannot just depend on the products alone. It is also essential that you incorporate natural beauty habits in your lifestyle, like the following:

1. Hydrating well. Never underestimate your water needs or try to replace it with sodas and other unhealthy drinks. Water is good for your overall body because it flushes out toxins that can cause your health to deteriorate or your body to age faster. Water is one of the basic nourishments our body needs to keep it healthy and young.

2. Eating greens. While it may seem boring at times, the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables are endless. Taking in more of the healthy stuff than carbo- or sugar-loaded foods reflects on our looks as well.

3. Stretching your muscles. Living a sedentary life is one of the fastest ways to bulk up on the fats and lose your youthful figure. Stay active as much as possible either through sports, dance, or whatever is your passion. Hamper aging by keeping that blood flowing.

4. Rejuvenating! Stress is one of the leading factors of physical aging, and a person can look much older than she really is just because she’s stressed all the time. Take time to relax and do the things that calms and re-energizes you.

Care to share your natural ways to beautify?

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Oh My Yogurt

One of the simple, accessible, and healthy snacks I like to eat is yogurt. I love how I can indulge in something fruity and semi-sweet without being too scared of the calories. Of course, it also depends a lot on the brand and flavor of the yogurt. For me, I like strawberry and chocolate flavors in general. How about you? 🙂 Well, regardless of what type of yogurt we like, here’s a list of just a few of the benefits we can get from it.

1. Yogurt is a wonderful source of calcium because it can provide up to 40% of the daily calcium value we need. And we all know how good calcium is to our body. It not only keeps our bones and teeth strong, it also promotes overall strength and wellness for more years to come.

2. Yogurt helps boost our immune systems because of its friendly bacteria composition. Yogurt fights against bacterial infections and diseases like food poisoning. A healthy level of good bacteria is also great for digestive health.

3. Yogurt is a great alternative food to the lactose intolerant or simply to the non-milk drinkers, like me. I was born with a natural aversion to milk but I’ve always loved all the other dairy products like cheese and of course, yogurt.

4. Yogurt can be served in a lot of ways, so if you or your kid don’t really like yogurt in its solo state, you can incorporate it into other stuff so you can still avail of all the health benefits it can give. For instance, you can serve it with nuts or your favorite fruits like bananas, strawberries, raspberries, or peaches. You can also add a different flavor, like chocolate or mocha. You can also substitute it for high fat ingredients like heavy creams. You can even make it into delicious ice cream. There are a lot of easy to follow yogurt recipes on the net.

5. Yogurt doesn’t make you fat. Of course, there are sugarless and with-sugar versions of yogurt, so it’ll be good to check on the labels first or do your research before buying a particular brand. Nevertheless, yogurt in general contains much less sugar, calories and fats than the usual sweet snacks like ice cream or pastries. If you want to be absolutely strict about it, choose the sugarless and zero-fat versions.

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Five Benefits of Bananas

Bananas are one of the most common fruits in the world, one of the most accessible, and one of the cheapest as well. But did you know that bananas can give you a lot of benefits that you can take advantage of? Read on to know some of the great perks bananas can give.

1. It can make you happy!

Bananas contain a type of protein called tryptophan that is converted into serotonin by our bodies. We all know serotonin is a substance that can induce relaxation, enhance mood, and generally make us happy. So next time you’re feeling down, try reaching for that banana in the table and who knows, you may be feeling better in no time.

2. It gets rid of hangover.

Had too much fun and alcohol at the party last night? Speed up your recovery by eating a few slices of banana or blending a banana shake. Bananas have properties that can calm the stomach to get your tummy in gear in just a bit of time.

3. It fights against stress.

When we’re stressed or freaking out, our metabolic rates rise, reducing our potassium levels. Bananas contain a high amount of potassium that can help normalize potassium levels and at the same time normalize the heartbeat and improve water-oxygen flow.


4. It boosts brain power.

Still connected with potassium, bananas can boost the brain because potassium has been found to help in making one alert and more aware. Better have a few bites before that major exam or presentation.

5. It beautifies!

Time and again, bananas have been used in facial masks because of its believed anti-aging properties. A good recipe for a banana mask would be to mix it with honey and drops of orange before applying the mixture to the face with a warm washcloth.

Know more benefits of bananas?

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7 Benefits of Pineapples

The pineapple is one of my favorite fruits in the world. I used to not like it because it kind of stings in the mouth and can be very sour. But as I grew up I learned to appreciate its tangy and sour to sweet taste, especially when I think of all its health benefits that the adults keep informing me about.

I’m pleased that these days we always seem to have slices of fresh pineapple in the refrigerator and that I can indulge in a slice or two anytime I want. But I still think my knowledge on the benefits of pineapple is limited, that’s why I thought of researching more about it on the web. Read on to know just seven of the many perks of eating pineapples that I’ve found out.

1.It lessens risk of hypertension. Hypertension occurs when too much force is exerted on the artery walls while the blood circulates. One of the best ways to combat this is to infuse a high amount of potassium plus a small amount of sodium in your diet to lower blood pressure. Pineapples are the perfect for hypertension because a cup of pineapple contains about 1 mg of sodium and 195 mg of potassium.

2.It helps you lose weight! Eating pineapple can highly cut down your sweet cravings because of its natural sweetness, saving you from a lot of sugar-induced calories. Incorporating a lot of pineapple in your meals will also help a lot in weight loss because pineapples can make you feel full without giving you an ounce of fat.

3.It maintains good eye health. Time and again, studies have found that pineapples protect against age-related eye problems because it is rich in antioxidants.

4.It fights a lot of diseases, being rich in Vitamin C. Pineapples are known to be a very good source of vitamin C, which protects our bodies from free radicals that attack our healthy cells. Lots of free radicals in the body can lead to major diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and various cancers. Vitamin C is considered the most important water-soluble anti-oxidant that fights against disease-inducing substances within the body. It is also an excellent fighter against flu and a great enhancer of the immune system.

5. It prevents plaque and keeps teeth healthy. Another benefit of the high amount of vitamin C in pineapples is that it prevents formation of plaque and gum diseases.

6. It cures constipation and irregular bowel movement. Pineapple is rich in fiber, making it effective in curing constipation and irregular bowel movement.

7. It keeps your skin beautiful! Pineapple contains enzymes that make skin elastic, improve skin hydration, and remove damaged and dead cells. Thus, it helps us achieve a clear and glowing complexion. The enzymes in pineapples also fight free-radical damage and can reduce age spots and fine lines.

Do you want to get all the health benefits of eating pineapple along with the best nutritional supplements out there?  Its used by thousands of medical professionals in the USA.  You have to check this out.

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