Benefits of White Tea

I‘ve posted about green tea and black tea, now it’s time to feature white tea and recognize the benefits of drinking it. Do you know that white tea is often considered the oldest form of tea? Made from immature tea leaves, white tea has many varieties, depending on the ratio of leaves to buds that are used in each mixture. Read on to know just some of the benefits of drinking white tea that I’ve gathered.

1. It has anti-cancer properties. White tea has flavonoids, a class of antioxidants that inhibit the growth of cancer cells and prevents development of new ones. Scientists have also found that the white tea extract can protect skin after exposure to sunlight to protect against skin cancer. Studies have shown that white tea is even more effective than green tea when it comes to cancer-fighting properties.

2. It is loaded with antioxidants. Like green tea, white tea is also loaded with antioxidants that protect the body against damage and promotes overall health. White tea has also been found to have prophylactic applications that slow down growth of harmful bacteria. It also contains catechins, a group of antioxidants that can reduce cholesterol.

3. It’s good for relaxation. Well, I think this is the trademark of all teas. They’re great to drink when you want to focus, clear your mind, or simply relax. White tea is no exception.

Care to share more benefits of white tea?

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Turning Japanese

I cannot remember the exact day I fell in love with Japanese cuisine. Probably since I first tasted it. With all its spiciness, freshness, and exotic, wonderful flavors, it comes as no surprise that Japanese food is one of the most famous cuisines in the globe and that nearly every city you visit has a Japanese restaurant or food shop somewhere.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of eating delicious Japanese food again. My meal consisted of ten pieces of sushi, five pieces of sashimi, one bowl of Miso soup, four pieces of spicy shrimp tempura, some rice, a whole lot of mixed veggies, and good old Japanese green tea. As usual, I had the time of my life sampling each of the stuff and mixing the spices. I loved it that I was having a great time eating yet feeling that I’m not ruining my diet or harming my heart, because Japanese food is not just tasty – it’s actually a lot more body-friendly than other popular cuisines.

For one, it concentrates on seafood, grains and vegetables – not a whole lot of pork, cheeses, and other fatty substances. I think one of the beauties of Japanese food is that despite its pretty but no-frills look on the outside, it just bursts into flavors once you put it in your mouth. Take a look at the sushi. Technically it’s just fish and rice, seaweed, and whatever you’d like to incorporate in it. Dip it in soy sauce and wasabi and bam! You got one great snack or meal. Yet sushi is more than just delicious, it is figure-friendly due to its generally low-calorie content as compared to your regular burger or pizza. In addition, the nori or the outer seaweed layer of the sushi is very healthy and rich in iodine, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and other micronutrients that help prevent a host of diseases. Plus we all know the healing powers and nutrient content of seafood, which is rich in protein, omega-3 fats, vitamin B-12, and more.

Miso soup, a traditional Japanese soup that is becoming increasingly popular in the West, is another Japanese food packed with health benefits. Made of soy paste and rice, miso soup has been found to be high in sodium protein, copper, and other beneficial minerals. Plus it’s a great accompanying soup to any meal, Japanese or not.

Let’s not forget the health benefits of our good old green tea – authentic Japanese one, to boot. Known to have a high amount of disease-fighting anti-oxidants, green tea is always the perfect soothing beverage to bring down a wonderful, healthy Japanese meal.

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Some tea recipes

tea, tea recipesHere’s another very interesting post about tea preparation. Since I started drinking just a few days ago, I had a really hard time figuring how to prepare it. If you are also starting drinking tea for the first time, here are a few recipes, preparation ways that will help you have a nicer experience drinking tea. In the future you might be able to create even more complicated recipes, but this is just perfect for beginners.Lemon tea: This is a very common and easy to make tea that I personally love it.Ingredients-3 cups of water-1 tablespoon loose black tea (or 3 to 4 orange pekoe tea bags)-4 to 8 fresh mint leaves (you can use even more if you like mint)-3 cups ice water of 3 lemons or limes sugar-Honey or sugar (at your consideration)Preparation: Step 1: Boil 3 cups of water and remove from heat when boiling.Step 2: Add the tea leaves and mint leaves.Step 3: Cover the pot for 5 minutes (if you want a stronger flavor you can live it longer)Step 4: Remove tea leaves and mint leavesStep 5: Strain (if you are not using infusers), add sugar or honey as desired.Step 6: Add ice water and lemon or lime juice.Green tea: This is probably the easiest tea to make. In China is very popular in restaurants, hotels and waiting rooms. Here’s an easy guide to make the perfect green tea.Ingredients: -Water (according to the amount of tea you want to make)-Small sauce pan-Your selected teaPreparation: Step 1: Pour a mug of cold water into the sauce pan at low heat.Step 2: Boil the water in a pan for black tea but not for green tea.Step 3: Heat the water until steams and starts making light bubbles, turn the heat off just before the water starts boiling. (Boiling green tea can make it bitter)Step 4: Pour the hot, steaming water over the tea bag in your mug.Step 5: Cover the pot for three to five minutes (never more than five minutes)Even though is not common, you can of course add some sugar or honey as desired. As you can see this is a very easy to make kind of tea, so don’t waste any more time and start making your first cup of coffee right now.Chai tea:Chai (Indian word for tea) is a very exotic kind of tea. I tried before at school when some Indians classmate made it for us. I didn’t imagine at first that was so difficult to make, but since it has such a unique taste, I want you to try as soon as possible. The original tea is black tea with sugar, some spices and milk. On the recipe I’m going to share with you, you’ll use whole spices, but you might as well use Indian tea masala or tea spice mixture.Ingredients: -3 to 5 cloves-3 to 5 peppercorns-2 to 3 thin slices fresh ginger roots-2 tablespoon of sugar-2 cardamom pods-crushed-1 large cinnamon stick-1 cup of milk-2 rounded tablespoon of black teaPreparationStep 1: Mix 21/2c of water in a small pot with sugar, cloves, ginger, cardamom pods, cinnamon stick and peppercorns.Step 2: Slowly bring to boil over medium-low heat and simmer for a few minutes.Step 3: Add 2 rounded tablespoons of tea, turn off the heat, cover and let steep for 3 to 5 minutes.Step 4: Add milk to the pot; turn the heat back on to medium-lowStep 5: Strain the tea into mugs or a teapot and serve.I hope you find it interesting to try all this kind of teas and in future posts I’ll be explaining other different ways to prepare tea for beginners and even for not so new tea drinkers.If you are like me, a coffee drinking just starting to drink tea, don’t force yourself to love it or to drink many cups of tea a day. I still haven’t drink more than one cup a day and honestly I don’t do it every day. I just think that tea is very beneficial for our health in many ways, so if we really want a healthy diet and life style, I advice you to start drinking tea little by little.The first week you can just try one or two cups, then the second week you can start drinking more often, maybe every two days.Have the tea always handy for a moment when you feel like drinking some water or some coffee, have a cup of tea instead.If you know other tea recipes, share it with all of us.
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Green Tea Health Benefits

In a previous post I talked in a general way about all the many benefits green tea have. I was looking into it and as I promised before in that post, today I’ll be telling you in details some of the benefits of drinking green tea.

Green tea is very famous for its property in cancer prevention. Green tea is famous for its potent antioxidants, like polyphenols. These antioxidants prevent the cancer cells from gaining a foot holes in the body. They discourage cells growth and then squelch the creation of new blood vessels that tumors need to thrive. Many studies have proved that people who regularly drink green tea, actually reduce their risk of developing cancer of many kinds, like breast, stomach, esophagus, colon and/or prostate ones. So, if you have a family history of cancer or for any reason you are in any way more likely to develop cancer, or even if you just want to prevent any possible risk of cancer, you should drink green tea as often as possible, remember that Chinese people drink green tea at restaurants and at home just like if it was water and they are very famous for living often more than 100 years old, so you should try and catch some of their traditions to have a healthier and happier life.

The green tea is also very well known for its properties to soothe your skin. This is because green tea is a natural antiseptic that relieves itching and swelling. You can soak a cotton pad on green tea to cure any cut, scrape or bite. Green tea is also very beneficial for inflamed breakouts and blemishes, sunburns and puffy eyelids. Lately green tea is more often used on sunscreens and moisturizers, and that’s because green tea can help block sun-triggered skin cancer. You can drink the green tea it or apply it directly to the skin for better results.

Green tea is also very useful to control your blood pressure. A healthy blood pressure is around 120/80, but keeping it among the normal limits is quite difficult to many people, especially high blood pressure patients. It’s been proven that people who drink at least half a cup of green tea a day are almost 50% less likely to suffer hypertension than non-drinkers. This green tea propriety is said to be cause by the polyphenols on it (especially one known as ECGC), this polyphenols are the substances in charge of keeping the blood vessels from contracting and raising blood pressure. So if you have a family history or hypertension or simply if you want to keep a very healthy blood pressure you should at least drink half a cup of green tea, and once you are in the mood, drink a full glass or make an use of drinking it as often as water.

Another very good use of green tea is to protect your memory. Some scientists think that the green tea’s big dose of antioxidants fights the free-radical damage to brain nerves seen in Alzheimer and Parkinson’s diseases. So green tea can help us keep our brain from turning fuzzy. Adults who drink at least two cups a day are 50% less likely to develop cognitive problems than non-drinkers. Since green tea has can help us keep our brain from developing cognitive problems and some other brain illness, I advice you, especially to those not so young readers to drink green tea often as a prevention method. We don’t need to wait until we have the illness or symptoms to start taking care of our health.

Green tea is very useful to help us stay young and healthy. This might seem a little bit too general, but actually green tea can fight plaque build-up in your blood vessels, this plaque build-up would rise the risk of heart disease and stroke, adds years to your biological age and saps your energy. Just by drinking around 10 ounces of green tea we cannot only fight the plaque build-up, but prevents our body from absorbing artery-clogging fat and cholesterol.

Another very important benefit of green tea, especially for women, is its help on losing weight. You might be wondering how is this possible, very simple, green tea speeds up our body’s calorie-burning process. So before trying all those “special weight loss diet”, try and go natural, you only need to drink some green tea. I’ve been in China for almost 4 years, and while children’s obesity is very common, I can assure you that women’s obesity is very rare, so it means that the green tea is actually helpful.

Remember that in one of my previous posts I promised to start drinking tea little by little? Well, I did it! I’m personally very happy that I’m finally taking care of my health even if that means drinking something I don’t like at first. Right now I do still not love it, but I’m getting very used to the taste. If you were like me that wouldn’t drink tea for anything in this world, I can assure you that you’ll like it and the most important thing is that you’ll be doing it for healthy reasons, don’t we all want to be healthy? Don’t we all spend money on expensive gyms or diet pills? Well, what about we spend less money and drink green tea?

There are many other teas with many different benefits for our health, I promise to keep writing about it. Do you know any other green tea benefits?
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All About Tea

tea-leaves-picked.jpgTea is an amazing thing! I recently got hooked onto drinking tea more then coffee. I make the entire tea experience into an art form. I bought myself this adorable little cast iron tea pot that has a strainer fit to the interior. I but tea leaves that are larger in size from reputable places. Smaller tea leaves have less potency and typically companies like lipton and tetly use tea dust for their tea bags as it is more cost effective for them to do so.Tea is commonly grown in lush hillsides of China, India and Japan. The fresh leaves for Oolong, Gree, or Black Teas typically are withered first before being processed. After withering occurs, Green tea is either steamed, or pan fried before they are rolled and then dried. Whereas Green tea is Steamed or Fried, Oolong tea is shaken to remove bruised leaf edges. Then it is partially fermented before being pan fried or enters the drying process. Black tea requires being fully fermented and fired for the drying process. The size of the leaf and the type of processing makes for the quality of all tea.Some properties of teas are as follows:Red Tea improves digestions and is great for the skin and allergies. It is naturally high in vitamins and minerals and has more anti-oxidents then green tea.Green Tea may help prevent cancer and lowers cholesterol. It also has been proven to help regulate sugar level. It too is very good for digestions and helps in preventing cavities and aging.Black Teas help lower cholesterol as well and helps in preventing tooth decay. Black tea is very good for the heart and can act as a gentle stimulant, it tends to be a stronger flavored tea.White Tea is a very high anti-oxident. It helps regulate blood sugar and also helps in lowering cholesterol. It has a one of the highest levels of caffeine in a tea. Typically white tea is high in vitamins and minerals.Tea can be very confusing. The best way to know which tea is right for you is for you to sample some tea and then choose which ones you like. I switched from coffee to tea, just because the health benefits are huge in drinking tea and the variety is awesome. Flavored teas all have a base of one of the teas I mention above. The flavoring in teas may also be additional anti-oxidents and offer additional nutritional and health benefits.AddThis Social Bookmark Button

Green Tea Not Just for Drinking

Green tea has been used in Asian culture for over 4,000 years. It has been used for everything from beauty products, being an antiseptic, an anti-oxident to helping with depression. What you may not have known is that it is also a great source of anti-oxidents for your skin.

After having been exposed to asian remedies and herbal medicine through my brother who is an acupuncturist and chinese herbalist, I started developing a keen interest in the health benefits of green tea. What I found are a few recipes I would love to share with you that have truly worked for me. People had actually noticed a difference in my skin after using these recipes.

Green Tea Face Mask (Use once every 2 weeks)

  1. One teaspoon of green tea powder (found at asian markets)
  2. One teaspoon of egg white

Mix well in a bowl and apply to your face and leave on for 20-30 minutes. Another option would be to add milk to help even out skin tone, and/or add honey to help moisturize.

Green Tea Eye Cream

  1. One Apple (cut into thin strips)
  2. Green Tea (from one tea bag, or 1 tsp of bulk green tea leaves)

Soak the apples in cold green tea for five minutes and apply the apple strips directly over your closed eyes. Let sit for 10 minutes. This will freshen the skin area around the eyes and help rid puffiness and dark circles.

Face Mask to Help Remove Freckles

This mask will help to lighten freckles on your face.

  1. 1 Egg Yoke
  2. 1 Cup White Wine (preferably chinese wine)

Soak the egg yoke in the wine for 1 week. Blend the ingredients together by whisking it in a bowl. Spread a thin layer on your face every morning or night and leave the mask on for 1 hour. Wash your face with clean warm water.

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Green Tea and It’s Health Benefits

Coming from a Latin American country where we drink coffee first thing in the morning and many times during the day, moving to China was a completely upside down kind of experience. My first cultural encounter was to realize that fridges are not as popular here as hot water machines. It also puzzled me the fact that Chinese people don’t drink cold water, if you go to a Chinese restaurant they’ll give you a glass of hot water and tea for free but if you want to drink cold water you’ll have to buy it. In my country, when someone visits you, you’ll always offer a cup of coffee because you give for granted that they’ll drink it. Here something similar happens when you visit a friend or go for a business meeting, they’ll serve your tea even without asking.

I need to confess that I have been living in Beijing for almost 4 years now, but I have never drank tea or hot water. I always find a polite way to explain that I prefer to drink coffee. It might seem silly but I have the idea that if I start drinking tea, I’ll be losing some of my Latin American identity. I think that what makes us different and unique makes us stronger.

I know for a fact that drinking tea is healthier than drinking coffee, so I never advice anyone to drink coffee. Being in China helped me appreciate the very interesting and vast tea culture. I love wondering around the many different tea houses in Beijing. I found the tree tables very appealing, even if I don’t drink it, I love hearing about all the different kind of teas and their history. I enjoy the tea ceremony as much as I enjoy watching my favorite TV series (Grey’s Anatomy). Whenever I want to offer a present, a typical Chinese souvenir, I’ll always go for a tea packet. One of my favorite teas for presents is the “8 Jewels”, a Japanese friend of mine told me that it has that name because the tea it’s made by 8 different kind of teas mixed together, and every time you have a sip of tea, will taste different. Isn’t that amazing? Of course I’ve never tried it, but some of my friends have and they love it.

Probably one of the most popular teas in China is green tea. You can get it for free at any restaurant or shop and I personally think it’s a great idea and way to promote a healthy style of life. Green tea is very useful for many different illness and conditions. This tea is specially recommended for bad breath caused by stomach heat, this is a very common Chinese term and I’ve been personally battling it since I came to China.

Green tea is also promoted to prevent cancer. There are many new studies that promote tea as a potential cancer therapy, specially against lung cancer.

Tea is very beneficial for our health in so many other ways that will have to dedicate a few blogs to the topic. I think it’s worth it to start drinking it as a health supplement.

I promise I’ll start drinking it from tomorrow and I’ll walk around my neighborhood tea house to find out some other tea recipes and let you know, so we can all make together a mystical experience.
Do you know of any other tea recipe that you want to tell us?

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