Fish Oil

I‘ve heard many people on TV and radio mention the health benefits of fish oil but I never really got around to researching more about it. Today I decided to Google and here’s what I found:

  • Fish oil contains the healthy substances called omega 3 fatty acids. Surely you’ve heard of a lot of food stuff being marketed as healthy because they contain omega 3 fatty acids, stuff that is very good for the heart.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids can normalize abnormal heart rhythms, lessen blood clots, and improve the condition of arteries. Thus, taking fish oil regularly can greatly reduce chances of heart attacks and other heart ailments.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids can also be found in other sources like walnuts and canola oil but it’s highest concentration is in fish.
  • Studies have found that fish oil protects the nervous system, lowering the risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • Studies have also linked lower risks of breast and prostate cancer to regular consumption of fish oil.
  • You can get the benefits of fish oil by eating fish (of course) like sardines and salmon but you can also get it through capsules. There are lots for sale in the market.

Know more benefits of fish oil?

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Activate your days

The average weight gain for most Americans is 1-2 pounds per year.  WHile this does not sound alarming the problem really begins when those 1-2 pounds start adding up year after year.  Carrying those extra poubnds means being physically active gets more straining on your body.

Unfortunately eating healthy foods alone may not do the trick.  Regular activity is key in keeping yourself physically fit.  Being physically fit also means looking and feeling healthier and younger!  Researchers have found that exercise itself has a unique important health benefit.  It is highly unlikely that being physically active only on weekends will help if you have a sedentary lifestyle the other 5 days a week.  Activity even in small doses daily will help ward off those extra pounds.

After reviewing thousands of research studies to analyze how diet, activity and body weight are linked to cancer risk, the panel of 21 experts who prepared a report on this issue have found the physical activity is essential in lowering the risk of cancer.  Together with eating healthy and a healthy body weight, and a good level of physical activity the chance of getting any type of cancer decreases substantially.

These same scientists have convincing evidence that physical activity protects against colon cancer.  It probably also protects against breast cancer (in post menopausal women) and endometrial cancer as well.

The recommendation is at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day, everyday!

Being active makes the body respond better to insulin it produces.  Other perks that come with physical activity are a stronger immune system, a well functioning digestive system and less a chance for osteoporosis for women.  While 30 minutes of exercise per day lowers cancer risk, preventing weight gain requires 60 minutes per day.  Examples of moderate exercise are brisk walking (about 3.5 miles per hour) or swimming at a leisurely pace.  Thirty minutes of daily vigorous activity, like tennis or running (5 miles per hour) can replace the 60 minutes of daily moderate exercise.

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Swim and Heal

Much has been said about the good things our body can get from swimming, as the seemingly innocent gliding and moving in the water is supposed to be a total body workout. Since the actual benefits of swimming are still a bit vague to me, I looked for more specific answers to why it’s good for us in more ways than one. Check out what I found:

1. It strengthens the heart, lungs and muscles.

Swimming conditions all body types, from the perfectly normal ones to those plagued with alarming conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, or arthritis. In fact, doctors often recommend swimming as an activity to those recovering from a major surgery or heart operation because it is a not too taxing yet effective workout. Regular swimming also builds lung stamina and muscle strength without straining connective tissues like other workout activities could.

2. It’s a great calorie-burner.

Swimming uses all the major muscle groups in the body, which makes it a great weight loss workout and body toner. This is why many swimmers often have toned arms, legs, and tummy, which is one of the major fat problem areas of everyone.

3. It’s the perfect stress reliever.

Swimming is a meditative workout because it deals with not just the body but also the mental state. Exercising while enveloped in warm water induces a calm and relaxing feeling that not only reduces stress, it also help clear one’s mind as it improves delivery of oxygen to all muscles and stimulates blood circulation.

4. It works wonders in pregnant women.

Expectant women are often forbidden to do any moderate to heavy physical activity, but swimming is one of those activities that can actually aid them in their condition. For one, it strengthens the abdominal muscles that are very important when carrying and delivering the baby. Experts say that swimming also reduces the common negative symptoms associated with pregnancy, like high blood pressure and stiffness.

5. It’s a perfect bonding activity.

Now we all know about this one. Swimming is one of the best and healthiest activities we can do to bond and enjoy with our families and friends. The great thing about swimming as a bonding activity is that you can choose to talk and interact with people yet you can also swim off anytime and do your routines and beneficial exercises whenever you want.

Care to share more swimming perks?

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