Take caution with lipstick

Take caution when wearing lipstick or lip gloss during the day. Most lip products contain a reflective ingredient that gives your lips the shine after applying it to your lips. While that shine is what we are trying to achieve with it’s application it is also quite harmful for your lips.

You have heard that applying baby oil to your skin is not a healthy nor wise decision when out in the sun because it can promote sun damage or even skin cancer. Most lipsticks contain a form of baby oil, called mineral oil. It aides the sun in burning the thin, gentle skin on your lips increasing the cell breakdown and depletion of collagen. Collagen is what gives your lips their fullness. Without it we start to show signs of age with fine wrinkles around our lips. Most people don’t realize that wearing lipstick in the sun can cause premature aging. Next time you shop for lip products, be sure they contain an SPF of at least 30. There are some great products that are inexpensive out there. Maybelline and Cover Girl make one but the SPF is 15. Burts Bees has one with an SPF of 30. Color choices may be limited, but I’d rather be safe then sorry.

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Lipstick Tips

resize_lipstick04 Here are a few lipstick tips I have picked up in the past that are quite good and interesting. Lipstick can be seen in just about every woman’s makeup bag, it’s good to know a few tricks to about it.

  • Dual purposes – lipstick can act as a blush or as an eyeshadow.
  • Get creamier as you age – as a woman ages so should her lipstick, stay away from glossy and matte lipsticks. Stick with creamy lipsticks.
  • Lip Liner first – apply lip liner as a base to the lips before putting on lipstick to make it last longer
  • Store lipstick in refrigerator – there’s a reason they make climate controlled make up storage areas. Lipstick lasts longer if it is kept refrigerated.
  • Avoid lipstick on teeth – once you have your lipstick completely finished, run a finger through the middle of your lips and pull it back out to remove excess lipstick.
  • Lipstick can be layered – if the color you bought isn’t the color you thought it would be once you put it on, you can layer it with other colors to get something new.
  • Mixing colors – colors can easily be mixed to create new colors. Don’t be stuck with a color and think you can’t change it. Experiment with your colors.

These are a few tips to give you some more options with your lipstick. After all, everyone woman loves lipstick, wear it well!!

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Yves Saint Laurent Lip Twins

If you’re like me who loves lipstick and likes to experiment with it, then you’ll surely enjoy lipstick twists like Yves Saint Laurent’s Lip Twins. Each tube of the Lip Twins offers two textures: the actual satiny lipstick and a shiny gloss. You can choose from 12 color combinations and mix colors or textures to get the shade and look you want.

Lip Twins is rich in color, glides easily, and contains anti-oxidants that both moisturize and nourish the lips. The formula also contains SPF 8 for sun protection. But what I really love about this product is that it comes in a gorgeous jewel-like tube, making it look almost like a perfume. Definitely a winning product from YSL.

Image from this site.

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L’Oréal Paris Infallible Never Fail Lipcolour Compact

L’Oreal Paris has come up with a new lip product that is said to have a breakthrough formula and a revolutionary three-in-one packaging. By three-in-one that means there is a vibrant lip color, moisturizing balm, and built-in mirror in one package. It’s no other than L’Oreal’s Infallible Never Fail Lipcolour Compact.

The lip color alone would have been fabulous as it offers 16 hours of gorgeous color that won’t dry out. But the compact also features a moisturizing balm with Vitamin E and Marine Collagen that makes sure your lips are nourished all those 16 hours. Add the patented precision applicator and stylish mirror and you’ve got one great package!

You can choose among not 3 nor 10 but 24 beautiful shades of glorious lip color. What are you waiting for?

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Applying Lip Gloss

lipglossLip gloss is very popular right now. You can find them in almost any store you go in. Glosses can be worn alone or paired with other products. You can never have enough lip gloss. Check out these ways to use your lip gloss.

  • Over lipstick – add a little gloss to your lipstick by applying your lip gloss over your lipstick. It can make your lips feel more moisturized and give them a great shine.
  • Application – when putting on lip gloss, a little goes a long way. A few dabs to the middle of the lips can then be smoothed over using your lips or finger. Don’t out on too much because you will just be wasting it.
  • Add some concealer to lips before gloss to give lips an added flawless smooth look.
  • Make lips light pink and soft line the lips with a pink lip pencil and use pink colored gloss.
  • Light and Medium skin toned – use pale and natural shades for lining lips with a clear lip gloss
  • Darker skin toned – use brown shades with lighter lip glosses

Glosses are a great item to keep on hand at all times. There are so many different types and features to the glosses out now, you should experiment with various colors and textures to find the glosses that work best for you.

–image credit here

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Summer Makeup Tips

Since it’s still summer in many parts of the world, here are some more tips you can use to prettify yourself for summer. After all, we can never get enough helpful makeup tips, can’t we? Hope these few pointers enhance your gorgeous features even more!

Cheeks. Due to the warmer rays of the sun, our cheeks are often more glowing during summer . Thus, it’s time to enhance that part and make it even more fabulous by bringing out those blushes and bronzers and putting them to good use. If you’re on the fair side, pink shimmers do wonders to your cheekbones by making them pop. If you’re on the tanned side, you can try a brown-toned bronzer with gold specks for extra fab points. Remember to apply your cheek stain and blusher on bare skin and not on top of powder.

Lipstick. Summer means color, thus the limit to lipstick hue is endless. This is the time to experiment with brighter and more out-there shades of lipstick or lip gloss. Don’t fret about being too loud nor go the usual safe route. It’s the season to be out there and have fun!

Facial Sheets. The humidity of summer entails sweating a lot, so make sure you’ve got handy facial sheets to blot out all the oil before retouching. Blotting occasionally with facial sheets allows your makeup to stay as clean and neat as can be.

Do share your own summer makeup tips!

Image from this site.

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Pucker Up

luscious lipsNo makeup look is complete without lip color. Lipstick, lip gloss, or even just a slick of lip liner will balance heavy eye looks and give focus to the face when you are using more neutral eye shades. However, while most of us take time on our eyes and use the right tools for our base, our lip color is often just dashed on with the stub of a lipstick. Also despite the fact that they are one of the part’s of the body with the thinnest skin and the least natural moisture, we rarely include lips as part of a skin care regime. The result is that many of us end up with chapped or dry lips, spend hours reapplying color because our lip shades won’t stay put and never really make the most of one of the focal points of our face. Well, that does not have to be the case anymore. Creating a perfect pucker is very simple.

Lipstick tips


  • Orange lip color highlights yellow teeth, while bluey reds make them look whiter.
  • Light shades, in particular shimmery shades make lips look bigger and fuller.
  • Dark shades or very matte colors make lips look smaller.
  • Tan skinned people should choose a color slightly darker then you would if you were not tanned so you do not look washed out.
  • Sheer lipstick and lip stains are great as a baby step to darker colors.
Lipstick types
  • Matte – creates an intense, solid color, but as it has little shine it will also contain few moisturizing benefits.  Always apply lip balm before you use it.
  • Satin – more colored and less sticky than gloss.  Offers a shiny finish.  More moisturizing than matte lipstick, but will need more frequent application.
  • Lip Pencils – Softer and thicker than liners, perfect for creating definition.  They have a tendency to dry lips, so its best to stick to neutral or shimmery shades, dark shades show more flaking.
  • Lip Stain – Normally liquid, it offers sheer but long lasting coverage.  Do not use liner with it, just apply it straight to the lips.
  • Lip Sealant – Good for setting very bright, matte colors.  Contains a ton of chemicals so beware of dangerous ingredients that slip through the FDA.  DO NOT USE IF YOU HAVE SENSITIVE SKIN.

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