Blush Tips

image Blush can make or break your face makeup. You want to look like you have a touch of color or natural glow without looking like a clown. To find out where your blush should go, a good tip is to bend over for a few seconds with your eyes facing the floor. Slowly stand back straight and look in the mirror, the area where you cheeks turned red is where your blush should go.

Applying your blush:

  1. Swirl or dab your brush into your blush color. Blow or tap off all excess on your brush.
  2. Start with the apple of your cheeks and go towards the top of the ear or where your natural hairline begins in an upward move of the brush.
  3. Apply on forehead, chin and temples.

Never apply too much blush. Blush should enhance your natural skin tone not change it. Start light when applying your blush and then add a little more if needed. You don’t want to have take it all off, ruining your already put on makeup.

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Lipstick Tips

resize_lipstick04 Here are a few lipstick tips I have picked up in the past that are quite good and interesting. Lipstick can be seen in just about every woman’s makeup bag, it’s good to know a few tricks to about it.

  • Dual purposes – lipstick can act as a blush or as an eyeshadow.
  • Get creamier as you age – as a woman ages so should her lipstick, stay away from glossy and matte lipsticks. Stick with creamy lipsticks.
  • Lip Liner first – apply lip liner as a base to the lips before putting on lipstick to make it last longer
  • Store lipstick in refrigerator – there’s a reason they make climate controlled make up storage areas. Lipstick lasts longer if it is kept refrigerated.
  • Avoid lipstick on teeth – once you have your lipstick completely finished, run a finger through the middle of your lips and pull it back out to remove excess lipstick.
  • Lipstick can be layered – if the color you bought isn’t the color you thought it would be once you put it on, you can layer it with other colors to get something new.
  • Mixing colors – colors can easily be mixed to create new colors. Don’t be stuck with a color and think you can’t change it. Experiment with your colors.

These are a few tips to give you some more options with your lipstick. After all, everyone woman loves lipstick, wear it well!!

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Summer Makeup Tips

Since it’s still summer in many parts of the world, here are some more tips you can use to prettify yourself for summer. After all, we can never get enough helpful makeup tips, can’t we? Hope these few pointers enhance your gorgeous features even more!

Cheeks. Due to the warmer rays of the sun, our cheeks are often more glowing during summer . Thus, it’s time to enhance that part and make it even more fabulous by bringing out those blushes and bronzers and putting them to good use. If you’re on the fair side, pink shimmers do wonders to your cheekbones by making them pop. If you’re on the tanned side, you can try a brown-toned bronzer with gold specks for extra fab points. Remember to apply your cheek stain and blusher on bare skin and not on top of powder.

Lipstick. Summer means color, thus the limit to lipstick hue is endless. This is the time to experiment with brighter and more out-there shades of lipstick or lip gloss. Don’t fret about being too loud nor go the usual safe route. It’s the season to be out there and have fun!

Facial Sheets. The humidity of summer entails sweating a lot, so make sure you’ve got handy facial sheets to blot out all the oil before retouching. Blotting occasionally with facial sheets allows your makeup to stay as clean and neat as can be.

Do share your own summer makeup tips!

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Makeup Tips for Gorgeous Eyes

When it comes to makeup, our eyes are definitely one of the best parts to play with. The good news is that there are lots of techniques you can do to glam up your eyes and make sure they’re as fab as can be. The following are just a few basic expert-given makeup tips to achieve gorgeous eyes.

Eyeshadow. To make your eyeshadow last the whole day or night, brush loose powder first on your eyelids before applying the first coat of eyeshadow. Afterwards, put some loose powder again and then apply a second coat of eyeshadow. It may be the same shade or a new one, depending on the look or blend you’re gunning for.

Eyeliner. For better depth and a more glam look, try using two colored eyeliners instead of just one colored one. One technique is to apply the first color like blue eye liner first then apply green eyeliner just slightly above it.

Mascara. To volumize and truly sexify your lashes, curl them first then apply a coat of volumizing mascara. Let it dry for a few minute and then apply a layer of lengthening mascara. This method plumps up your eyelashes a lot better than all-in-one formulas.

Do share your own eye makeup techniques!

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Blusher Tips

When people ask me about applying their makeup, many of them forget all about their blusher.  Blusher seems to be looked at as over rated with the advent of bronzing powders, gels, and creams.  I think that both products need to be in conjunction with one another to give a truly natural look.

Using a blusher should be a final step in creating a base foundation for your makeup regime.  As I mentioned, for whatever reason most women avoid using it.  Used correctly it can be the best beauty tool you own.

Types of Blushers


  • Powder Blushers – The densest type, it is best applied after translucent powder as powder adheres best to powder.  It’s also the only one to use if you want to “sculpt” your face with a blusher.
  • Cream Blushers – Best applied with fingers, this offers dense color but still lets your skin shine through.  Apply it over foundation and before powder.
  • Gel Blusher – If you want just a sheer glow, then its this type of blusher you are looking for.  You can apply it with your fingers either on bare skin or over a foundation.
  • Tinted Blusher – This is a very sheer and long lasting look.  The problem with this type is if you do not apply it carefully it can look streaky over a foundation.  If you use this type of blusher, you must blend it in well to make sure you are not creating a mask effect.
  • Shimmers – These are also referred to as highlighters and are typically used when trying to sculpt your face.  They are commonly used today as a light gleam to apply to cheekbones to make your face look thinner.  This is great for an evening look, and can barely be seen during the day.
Blusher Brushes are very important.  A round brush is vital for natural effects.  Avoid the flat ones that come in compacts, they create stripes.  For a highlight effect, get a fan brush.  Apply the highlight color to the tip of the fan brush and just apply the side of the brush to your cheekbones for the desired effect.
Blusher Tips
  • Gel or tint blushers are best used on bare skin.  They tend to stick to foundation and can be hard t blend into the skin.
  • While the shade of the blusher you choose is determined by your skin tone, keep in mind that dusky pink blush can warm up any tired looking skin.
  • The best way to work out where to apply the blusher is to go for a walk on a cold day and see where your face turns pink or rosy.  Where you appear most flushed is where you should apply your blush.  If you live in a warm climate, you should apply your blush where you generally would get tanned (or burned if not properly lotioned up).
  • If you are using a powder blusher, brush in on only one way, going over and over or around and around with the brush creates streaks.
  • When using a gel or tint, do not just apply it as one big blob and then try to blend it.  The color will take more to the one area you put the blob and not be smooth all over the face.  It will then be hard to get an even tint over the entire face.  Use small dabs around the face and then blend it into the skin.  When blending go up the cheekbone towards the forehead. The across the forehead, and then spread across the chin area.
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What color is best for you?

When you stand if front of a makeup counter in any department store the color selection for any product seems limitless.  Sometimes I find that the people behind the counters just want to sell me whatever they can make the most commission off of whether it works for me or not.  I always want to go into one of those cosmetic departments knowing what I need and the color I want before being bombarded by salespeople. So how do you know which colors would work for you?  

The good news is that you can pretty much wear any color you want, as long as you pick the right shade. To do this you need to know two things:  The first is your hair color.  This shows the depth or brightness of shade that will flatter you best, the lighter your hair, the lighter the shade that will suit you.  The darker the tone the darker he shade that suits you.  

The second thing you need to know is your skin tone.  This helps tell you what shades of color will suit you best.  To determine your skin tone, the best place to look is on the inside of your wrists.  This is your true skin tone.  It is the area on your body that you can check in a snap as to your actual skin color.  Sure beats trying to check pantie lines at the makeup counter.  To determine your skin tone hold your wrist over a white sheet of paper.  If your skin shade is white, pink, blue or gray it means you have a cool tone and need cool shades (white, pink, blue and grays).  If your skin tone appears yellow or brown, it means you have a warm skin tone and should stick to warmer shades.

Some examples to help determine your color choices

Blonde or light brown and cool skin toneEye shadow shades would be: slate gray, sky or ice blue, lilacs, plums, navy.  Mascara shade should be a gray, stay away from black as it would be too harsh.  Your best blusher would be a rose pink and your best lipsticks would be in the color range of sugary pinks, lilacs, heathers or pinky browns.

Blonde or light brown hair with warm skin toneEye shadow shades would be warm browns, shimmery golds and greens, pale yellows or peach.  Mascara should be in the brown family.  Blushers would be apricot or beige family.  Your best lipsticks would be golden brown, corals, peach pink or bronze.

Red hair and pale skinEye shadow shades would be in the peach, orange, khaki, light green and bronze family.  Your best choice for blush would be in the beigey pink or light apricot range.  The best lipstick for you would be orangey red, heathery pink, terra cotta brown or apricot.  Your mascara choice would be in the brown family.

Dark hair and pale skin – Your best eye shadow colors would be in the cool gray, ivory, silver and rich plum family.  Your blush would be more towards a rose pink, and your lipstick would be fuschia pink, crimson red, deep plum or mauve.  Your mascara would be black/brown.

Dark hair and warm skin – Your best eye shadow color is olive green, rust, beige, chocolate brown, earthy red and orange.  Your best blush choice would be light brown or apricot and a bright pink for accent on cheekbones.  Your best lipstick choice is in the rust, raisin, warm chocolate brown or orange red family. Your mascara should be dark brown and you can get away with a black.

Light black skin and dark hair – The best eye shadow choice for you is charcoal gray, bitter chocolate brown, pale pink, lilac and sky blue.  Your mascara should be black or brown black. Your blush should be shimmery pink, or a camel shade if using dark eye colors.  Lipstick should be nude, bitter chocolate brown, pale shimmery pink or a warm brown. 

Dark black skin and dark hair – The best choice for you is navy blue, deep plum, dark or reddish brown and golds for eye shadow.  Mascara should be black.  Blusher should be in the plum or dark brown family. Your lipstick should be raisin brown, deep or glossy plum, deep red or chocolate brown.

Using this a guide you are sure to get the right look for your skin tone and hair color.  So next time you go to the makeup counter know what you want before you get there.
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Every girls favorite product, or it should be!

Every girl has her favorite product she cannot do a day without. From must have makeup to skin care secret weapons, here’s this months product for the Arbonne product you will want to keep in your purse or on your makeup counter at all times.

Virtual Illusion Lash Enhancer. I wrote about this before, and I am still awed by the lashes that I never thought I would ever have again. Long healthy lashes are all the rage! Magnify your lashes with this science based nourishing formula that helps transform, the appearance of volume, texture, density and radiant shine in lashes. Strengthening and conditioning ingredients revitalize lashes, helping to prevent breakage and loss, and promote natural, longer, thicker looking eyelashes.

As we age we also tend to lose more lashes, until we have the appearance of having very short or no lashes at all. This product acts like a cement making lashes longer lasting and nourishing them encouraging the re growth of additional lashes. It truly is an amazing product. I have been using it for 1 month now and have totally seen a difference in my own lashes, people have actually commented on what type of mascara I am using and I do not use mascara everyday. It really is an amazing product.

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