Lancome Poudre Elephant

If you’re bored with your plain-looking bronzer and want something a bit more fun but still does the job, check out Lancome’s Poudre Elephant. With a super fine and very light textured powder in a shade called Sunny Manorama, you get an instant naturally glowing Indian Summer look once you apply it to your skin. And it’s long-lasting too!

But what makes this product a bit more unique is the impressed white and red elephant design on the powder. This bronzer also has a touch of red if you brush near the red part of the elephant. Users say that mixing the red and the brown really makes for a pretty blush!

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Make-up Removers

There’s nothing worse than getting done with your day and not having anything to remove your eye make up with. I can testify to the damage that can be done to the skin with trying to use soap and water. Not only does it leave a residue and not remove all the make-up, soap in the eyes from trying to get that eye make up off is certainly no fun.

A natural way to removing make-up is a mixture of olive oil, castor oil, and canola oil. Mix equal amounts of all of these and you will get a pretty good natural make-up remover. Put some on a cotton ball or q-tip to remove all your make-up. This can be stored about 4 months.

You can also buy some products. Here are a couple of I have found that should get the job done.

There are dozens of products that will work well, but these are the ones I found that I liked. Let me know what products works best for you!

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Precautions on Makeup

In a previous post I gave a few makeup tips for summer. For this entry I’m giving just a few reminders that I’ve read about on how we can best make use of our makeup to ensure that we maximize their purpose and to protect us as well.

1. Throw away mascara after 2-3 months. This is because sty-triggering germs may have formed on your mascara by this time and it’s best to dispose of it. Also, if you start to get eye infections whenever you put eye makeup on, then make sure to dispose of any eye makeup you’ve recently used but have kept stashed for so long.

2. Clean all your primping tools at least once a week. Never forget to wash all your sponges and brushes with a mild cleanser to remove all germs that may inhabit in it. Also, swipe all your lash curlers with cotton dipped in alcohol to get rid of any bacteria or leftover makeup. Remember to keep all your tools in a safe and sealed box or container and never leave them lying around, which many women are prone to do when in a hurry.

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Summer Makeup Tips

Since it’s still summer in many parts of the world, here are some more tips you can use to prettify yourself for summer. After all, we can never get enough helpful makeup tips, can’t we? Hope these few pointers enhance your gorgeous features even more!

Cheeks. Due to the warmer rays of the sun, our cheeks are often more glowing during summer . Thus, it’s time to enhance that part and make it even more fabulous by bringing out those blushes and bronzers and putting them to good use. If you’re on the fair side, pink shimmers do wonders to your cheekbones by making them pop. If you’re on the tanned side, you can try a brown-toned bronzer with gold specks for extra fab points. Remember to apply your cheek stain and blusher on bare skin and not on top of powder.

Lipstick. Summer means color, thus the limit to lipstick hue is endless. This is the time to experiment with brighter and more out-there shades of lipstick or lip gloss. Don’t fret about being too loud nor go the usual safe route. It’s the season to be out there and have fun!

Facial Sheets. The humidity of summer entails sweating a lot, so make sure you’ve got handy facial sheets to blot out all the oil before retouching. Blotting occasionally with facial sheets allows your makeup to stay as clean and neat as can be.

Do share your own summer makeup tips!

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Makeup Tips for Gorgeous Eyes

When it comes to makeup, our eyes are definitely one of the best parts to play with. The good news is that there are lots of techniques you can do to glam up your eyes and make sure they’re as fab as can be. The following are just a few basic expert-given makeup tips to achieve gorgeous eyes.

Eyeshadow. To make your eyeshadow last the whole day or night, brush loose powder first on your eyelids before applying the first coat of eyeshadow. Afterwards, put some loose powder again and then apply a second coat of eyeshadow. It may be the same shade or a new one, depending on the look or blend you’re gunning for.

Eyeliner. For better depth and a more glam look, try using two colored eyeliners instead of just one colored one. One technique is to apply the first color like blue eye liner first then apply green eyeliner just slightly above it.

Mascara. To volumize and truly sexify your lashes, curl them first then apply a coat of volumizing mascara. Let it dry for a few minute and then apply a layer of lengthening mascara. This method plumps up your eyelashes a lot better than all-in-one formulas.

Do share your own eye makeup techniques!

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Hiding Freckles

Freckles are cute and adorable to have when you’re a kid. However, they can become a nuisance as you enter adulthood, where clear, smooth skin is worshiped. If you still have freckles on your face or certain parts of the body and you want to conceal them, here are just three of the quicker ways you can do so.

1. Proper makeup. Applying makeup to the freckled parts is the fastest way to conceal the freckles. However, to make this most effective, it has to be done in the proper way. Make sure you have a good liquid foundation to use as base and then some powder to cap it off. It may also be beneficial to use a tinted moisturizer and loose powder to blend away the freckles and to achieve a more even skin tone. Use a sponge to apply.

2. Green Tea Antiseptic Oil. A lot of people have claimed that regular application of green tea antiseptic oil on their freckles caused the freckles to dry and fall out or disappear. Meanwhile, some say they didn’t see any effects at all. Nevertheless, it may be worth a try.

3. Laser treatments. This is probably the most effective way to treat freckles. Nowadays there are lots of treatments to choose from such as chemical peels. Of course, this requires a bit more budget and courage as well, because it still entails some risks. If you decide to go the laser route, make sure you do it in a very reputable clinic and that you do your research.

How do you deal with freckles?

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Sephora Girls Lip Gloss Key Ring

Who said key chains need to be just that – key chains? Sure there are a lot of cutesy key chains in the market but ain’t it much cooler if your key chain is a key chain and makeup in one?

I just recently discovered that Sephora has a cute line of makeup key ring products called the Lip Gloss Key Ring. The key rings come in very cute shapes and contain glittered lip gloss inside, perfect whenever you feel the need to prettify your lips! You also have four sweet colors to choose from: Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry and Cotton Candy.

These key chain lip glosses are so cute yet so affordable, you can give one each to your closest girl friends whether there’s an occasion or not! Or you can buy one yourself. Definitely a small price to pay for such a functional yet pretty accessory.

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