How To Help Your Wife De-stress

To all the husbands out there – do you want to help your wife de-stress and take out some of the pressure she has at work and home? Check out the following ways you can do so:

1. Clean and romanticize the house. Nothing can stress a working woman more than coming home to a dirty house after a long day at work. If you happen to have a day off or you arrive home earlier, try to make your place a lot more orderly and romanticize it by either running a soothing bath or adding fresh flowers.

2. Serve her favorite drink as she gets home. After a tiring day, blow your wife away by having her favorite beverage ready for her when she comes home. Whether it’s her favorite coffee blend, some kind of shake, or a frosty iced tea, she’ll surely love indulging in it while resting.

3. Give her a massage. Of course, this is one of the surefire ways to fully please and relax a woman. I can’t remember a woman I met who doesn’t like massages, even once in a while. If you don’t know how to give massages, then now is the time to learn and surprise her.

Do you have more suggestions?

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Natural Ways To Beautify

As we grow older, it seems that the cost of beauty increases. We tend to cover up or enhance more parts than we used to and we seem to need more and more products and treatments. Beauty is definitely one of the topmost concerns of everyone, and if you want to make yours last longer, you cannot just depend on the products alone. It is also essential that you incorporate natural beauty habits in your lifestyle, like the following:

1. Hydrating well. Never underestimate your water needs or try to replace it with sodas and other unhealthy drinks. Water is good for your overall body because it flushes out toxins that can cause your health to deteriorate or your body to age faster. Water is one of the basic nourishments our body needs to keep it healthy and young.

2. Eating greens. While it may seem boring at times, the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables are endless. Taking in more of the healthy stuff than carbo- or sugar-loaded foods reflects on our looks as well.

3. Stretching your muscles. Living a sedentary life is one of the fastest ways to bulk up on the fats and lose your youthful figure. Stay active as much as possible either through sports, dance, or whatever is your passion. Hamper aging by keeping that blood flowing.

4. Rejuvenating! Stress is one of the leading factors of physical aging, and a person can look much older than she really is just because she’s stressed all the time. Take time to relax and do the things that calms and re-energizes you.

Care to share your natural ways to beautify?

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The Wonders of Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a therapeutic practice that originated in China as a martial art. It uses gentle flowing movements to reduce stress and promote body health. When I was in college, I took up Tai Chi as one of the my minor Physical Education classes. However, I was disappointed that the class ran only for a few weeks because I really wanted to master the art for all the benefits it can give.

For one, Tai Chi helps relieve stress through its use of diaphragmatic breathing and focused meditation. Tai Chi is also believed to aid decrease in diastolic blood pressure and to promote more efficient breathing. Furthermore, Tai Chi improves balance. I know this for a fact because this art uses a lot of positions which you can only master through the proper balance of feet. In addition, Tai Chi improves posture, muscle strength, and flexibility.

For more information on the health benefits of Tai Chi, you can go here.

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Benefits of Chamomile

Chamomile is a great herb often found in Europe and North America. Believed to be the world’s most soothing herb, it is well known for its relaxing properties and is often made into tea. But did you know that drinking chamomile tea can give you a whole lot of other benefits aside from relaxation? Read on to know just what I’ve gathered about this excellent beverage.

1. Stressed because of your period? Having the usual stomach cramps? Drinking chamomile tea may help you as its anti-spasmodic properties makes it a great treatment to various pains like stomach cramps, menstrual cramps, diarrhea, and other stress-related pains. Drinking chamomile tea has also been associated with increase in urinary levels of glycine, an amino acid that relieves muscle spasms and which is also known to be a nerve relaxant.

2. Having a hard time sleeping because of some problems that worry you? Try drinking chamomile tea which is used to relieve anxiety and insomnia.

3. Had a little too much to eat? Is your digestion all messed up? Chamomile can be used to treat bowel inflammation, digestive disorders and heartburn because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes the muscles lining the digestive tract to relieve pain.

4. Suffering from skin and eye problems or bacterial infections? Chamomile has also been found to be a great treatment to skin disorders, sunburns, and eye problems. If you want to relieve tired or puffy eyes, you can soak a wash cloth or cotton on a cool cup of chamomile tea and place the cloth over your eyes a few times a day.

5. Having a bad day? One glass of chamomile tea may be all you need to relax and improve your mood. Studies have shown that not only does chamomile tea relax; it can also lighten up a bad mood.

6. Feeling a bit weak? Not too conditioned lately? Drinking chamomile tea regularly may help you get in your normal top condition as studies have shown that chamomile’s antibacterial properties boost the immune system and fight infections associated with colds.

Care to share your knowledge on chamomile tea?

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Heat and Health

Last week I went to a gym to meet my friend who’s a member there. When I arrived, my friend told me that for that day, members’ guests could have free use of the sauna and some other facilities and so she asked if I wanted to avail.

Since I didn’t feel like sweating because I had no extra clothes with me, I declined. But had I known earlier, I probably would have tried the sauna and see what is there to it. I’ve never been to a sauna and have always wondered why a lot of people love going to one to envelope their selves in the heat treatment. I researched for actual health benefits and the following are just some of what they say to be the perks of going to a sauna.

Toxin Remover


The excessive sweating brought about by the sauna opens skin pores and allows the excretion of body toxins, body wastes and other impurities from the blood. Because of the intensely high temperature, we release and detoxify our skins in a more intense way than normal, everyday sweating.

Skin Invigorator

The high temperature of the sauna increases out heart rates and consequently, our blood flow. Increase in blood flow means more oxygen and nutrients reach our skin, allowing it to be rejuvenated and be healed faster from certain skin conditions like wounds and acne.

Stress Reliever

Many people go to saunas to relieve of some stress, as this is one of the main benefits of saunas that people do claim. Some critics say that this is the one and only real benefit of going to the sauna. Regardless, sauna promotes stress relief by releasing stress-inducing chemicals and toxins from the body through sweating.

Weight Reducer

When we exercise, our heart rates rise and our metabolisms increase, which can lead to weight loss upon regular doing. Because saunas increase our heart rates, many claim that regular trips to the sauna can also help us lose weight in the same way it burns some of the unwanted fat.

Of course, not everyone can go to the sauna. Experts advise pregnant women and people with heart or blood pressure complications to stay away from saunas because the intense heat may complicate their conditions. It would also help to drink several glasses of water before entering a sauna to avoid being dehydrated. Lastly, refrain from staying for more than 20 minutes.

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Preventing Back Pain

It’s a known fact that as we grow older, our bones turn brittle and become weaker. One of the first manifestations of this is back pain. Just how can we slow down the process and be more productive without dealing with aches in the back? Here are a few tips given by experts that you may find useful.

1. Watch your weight. Being overweight can cause a lot of back problems because the spine has to counterbalance a lot of extra weight, particularly in the front midsection or the belly area. Women who have too large for comfort breasts may also experience back issues. So remember to keep your weight at a normal level. More than protecting you against major diseases in your later years, keeping your weight balanced also saves you from a lot of present back pain.

2. Slow down, brake and rest. Do you know that long car rides can damage your lower back? This is because the constant body vibration caused by speed and bumps affects your lower back and heightens risk of pain. It is important to slow down when the road gets rough because speed magnifies the effect of bumps. If you’re in for a long drive, remember to stop once in a while, rest, and stretch your body.

3. Relax. Studies around the globe have shown that a lot of back pain is caused by tremendous amount of stress and pressure. It is vital to take time to relax and do away with work or personal issues that cause you a lot of stress. Exercise, go to spas and have a massage, and do other things that you know relieve you and soothe your body tensions.

4. Sleep in the proper way. When you sleep, do not lie on your stomach because it causes your back to bend and creates a lot of pressure on your lower spine. The best positions are usually lying on your side or your back. In addition, sleeping in a bed or mattress that is not firm and flat can cause a lot of back pain. If you are currently sleeping in the same mattress you have used for many years now, it may be time to change and buy a new one. No matter how much you’ve become used to your mattress and feel comfortable in it, it may actually be the cause of some of the back pains you are experiencing.

5. Don’t smoke. Here’s another reason why you should stop smoking: cigarette smoke can reduce the flow of your blood to the spine, leading to herniation of a disk in your back. Thus, unless you want to suffer from a lot of back pain before you even reach your prime years, do away with the smokes.

Do you have more tips?

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

stress Everyone gets stressed or the feeling of being worn out or drained sometimes. From money, to relationships, to just life there are times you just can’t avoid feeling stressed out. But you should do your best to get over it as quickly as possible. Stress can affect you mentally and physically, immediately or over time.

     Many times we are stressed and don’t even realize it. The first sign of stress is tension. You will start to feel tight or sore and you will become irritated very easily. Some other signs are stress are headaches, weight loss or gain, being exhausted, doubting yourself, backaches, or “sick to your stomach” feelings. If you feel any of these you should start looking into stress management options.

     There are a few things you do to reduce your stress level. Get plenty of rest and sleep, a clear mind may be able to deal with the situation better. Exercise on a regular basis. Exercising has a positive effect on your mood and helps keep your body fit and more capable of handling stress. Relax, try not to take things too seriously. Realize that there will be hard times and it won’t last forever. Find a place of solitude. You will be able to clear your thoughts and better assess the situations that are stressing you. If all else fails, talk with someone.

   Everyone goes through stressful situations, it’s the way you handle these situations that will determine whether the stress is over quickly or taking over your life.

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