Slippery Shoes?

Ever buy a new pair of shoes and find that you are sliding all over the place when you wear the first time?  In order to prevent injuries by falling, try scraping the soles of your new shoes with either a brillo pad, a piece of sandpaper or on the pavement you are walking on.  Be sure to hold onto something to hold your balance if they are  very slippery.  The grittiness of the surfaces of the mentioned methods helps give you traction as you walk.  Added bonus….it also removes unwanted price tags from the bottom as well. 🙂

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Terrasoles Cascade Ballet For Women

Planning to do some shopping/grocery or probably finish some tasks across town? Situations like these can be confusing when it comes to choosing footwear because while we do want to look good (lest we run into someone we know!) and not scrubby in rubber shoes or slippers, it’s not really appropriate to wear high heels as well.

This is where shoes like Terrasoles’ Cascade Ballet come in. Engineered with the latest comfort technology, Terrasole’s Cascade Ballet flats are lightweight and flexible enough for walking with their perfed, cushy insoles (can be easily removed for cleaning) and sculpted heel seats. What’s more is you get to choose from four colors (Black, Melon, Petwer and Seafoam) and you can match the flats with dresses, pants, shorts, and basically any outfit.

Ultimate fashion and comfort in one pair? Definitely must-have footwear.

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Miu Miu Satin T-Strap Jeweled Sandal

Pink elegance – that’s what this pretty, pretty sandal is all about. I fell in love the first moment I looked at these wonderful Satin T-Strap Jeweled Sandal from Miu Miu. Available in hot pink color, this Miu Miu creation is so in demand right now what with its pink satin make with multicolor stones and a goldtone heel. T-strapped and ready to wear, these made in Italy shoes are perfect for almost all kinds of occasions.

What I love about its look is that it’s not too gaudy, too plain, or too formal. Just the right amount of multi-color accents on perfectly pink high-heeled shoes. Price may be a bit steep at $710 but hey, it’s Miu Miu, it’s high heels, and it’s pink. You decide if it’s worth it. 😉

Image from this site.

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Shoes for Young Teens

image With the school year fast approaching, the start of school clothes and shoes shopping has begun. In my household it is a fun time for the parents and the kiddos. It is also a very confusing time when it comes to choosing shoes for my teen daughter. She has very specific taste….whatever her other friends wear. Which can cause a problem parents when you have one idea of what they should wear and they have totally different opinions. But we all know, if you don’t get what they want to wear, they won’t wear it.

I have been privileged enough to find out from many teens that visit the house some of the latest trends in footwear. Although I don’t really like many of them, I felt it important to share and get feedback on any other trends we may be missing in this crucial, expensive time of the school year. Here is a list of brands that are a hit with the young teens right now:

  • Converse
  • Vans
  • Marc Ecko
  • Jordans
  • Air Force Ones
  • Roxy

This is not an exhaustive list. But it seems the growing trend is flat athletic shoes like the old school converse shoes. Please share your teens favorites!

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Slippery Soles

My daughter had a bar mitzvah to go to this past weekend. So being crazy with juggling the three kids schedules we of course left shopping til last minute. The party was taking place on Saturday, so Friday after school we went out looking for a great pair of shoes she can wear with her new outfit. After many hours of trying on a variety of shoes, we found a pair of shoes. We were so excited, it was like looking through a haystack to find that one needle. We were planning our late night dinner as she slipped on the shoes that we were going to purchase, telling each other how tiring this process was. Feeling purely exhausted, she slipped the shoes on her feet with an air of delight. She began doing the “runway walk” for me that she has always done since she was a little girl when trying on new shoes. Then suddenly, she slid falling on her rump in the middle of the store. Being slightly embarrassed (but not bruised), she got up feeling like she just lost a battle.

A very nice lady walked up to us and after inquiring if my daughter was alright told me a secret about slippery shoes. Logically I should have thought of this myself. She said that to create traction you should slightly scrape sand paper along the bottom of the shoe. The gritty material gives shoes a textured surface leading to few falls. It also doubles its service because it will take off those price labels on the bottom of your shoes. The only draw back is, once sanded you cannot return them to the store. So be sure they are the shoes you love before sanding their soles.

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Why Stilettos?

For anyone that asks that question, you haven’t really looked at a stiletto. In fact, you must have not seen a woman wearing a pair of sexy stiletto heels. The stiletto has to be the sexiest shoe ever made. When a woman wears a stiletto her whole demeanor changes. She becomes more self confident and a subtle switch in her walk may occur. You’ll notice she now walks with shoulders back, chest out and head tilted, ever-so slightly, up. This is because you just feel fabulous in a pair.

For one thing, they make your calves look incredible. Like you been working out for days. Men seem inherently drawn to a woman in a stiletto heel, maybe it’s the self confidence she now exudes or could it be those “fierce” stilettos? Even a lonely stiletto sitting out on the store display has a sexiness to it. That’s why stiletto’s aren’t lonely for very long. When I walk into a shoe store, the stiletto always catches my eye, even if I was just going in for some winter boots or some summer sandals, I can’t help but stop and admire. The beautiful curvature and strict heel, make the stiletto quite a site. So, no matter the twisted ankles, the at-times unbalanced feeling, we can’t live without our stilettos.

If you don’t take my word for it, go try on a pair and walk around. Their sure to put a smile on your face and a twist in your hips.

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My Favorite Sandal


I have finally found my favorite pair of sandals. These shoes, sold by United Nude are absolutely gorgeous. Unlike, any shoes/sandals I have ever seen. I am definately getting a pair of these. Say “Hello” to Porn, not what you are thinking. The name of these shoes are Porn. United Nude states these shoes are made out of the toughest plastic they could find. That’s good to know, because I was wondering if they would start to droop. With a floating footbed, this sandal is certainly unique. The company has many other shoes that are equally unique and pleasing, which ones are your favorites?

The Porn is available in Silver, khaki (shown), burgundy, and black. The black is available in leather, the khaki in nylon, and the burgundy and black come in patent leather. So many choices, so many choices Thinking. I can’t get over the way the top band wraps around to make the heel, who was the creative genius behind that . He really should be praised Not worthy. You can wear these shoes with confidence knowing no one else will have these on right now. Now, once they see yours I am sure they will begin begging to know where you got those fabulous shoes from. At a hefty cost of $250, maybe you will be the only one wearing them. Well, you and meWinking.

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