Fashion on a Budget

Looking good can be expensive and take quite a chunk out of your monthly budget. When money is tight and you still want to look your best it can take some creativity and determination to still stay in fashion. If you thought you couldn’t stay in fashion or afford to look good, Think Again! At times when money is the main concern buy less and buy better. You will have to have the willpower not to make splurge or impulse buys. Some things to remember when shopping on a budget are:

  • Buy Key Items – purchase items that are versatile and timeless
  • Buy Less – Put yourself on a shopping diet. Cut back on the amount of items you purchase on shopping trips.
  • Only Buy what you Need – The lure of sales and clearances will have you buying all kinds of things you never would have. Stick to your plan of what you went in to buy.
  • Make a list – Just as you do when you grocery shop, make a list of what you really need. This will keep you on track and away from unnecessary buys.
  • Don’t Window shop – If you are a “shopaholic” and trying to stick to a budget, never fall for window shopping. You are bound to end up seeing something you simply can’t live without.

Follow these tips when you are really trying to stay on a budget and you will save some money. Shopping can still be fun when you are trying to save some cash.

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Switching from Juniors to Misses/Women’s

There comes a point in every woman’s life that she needs to move from the junior section to the women’s/misses. That can sometimes seem like a long walk across a short aisle, but it has to be done. Even though you can still fit into junior’s doesn’t mean it is appropriate for you.

Junior sizes are not made for the rounded hips and butts of a woman. You will notice that women’s clothing are more curvier and offer more room than just a straight cut. Junior’s have a more athletic body build and they feature juvenile clothing trends. Around the age of 21, you need to start looking for clothing a little more mature.

Juniors are made specifically for teens and their fashion trends. Younger and more juvenile wear. Juniors usually features tighter fit clothes and less bust area. Misses will concentrate on fuller/wider hips and are more proportional. You will see small waist, bigger hips and breast area. In Misses/women’s you can find more dressy and business casual wear. Trends will follow suit with the fashion styles more fitting of a womanly figure.

Remember, just because you can fit in it doesn’t mean it’s appropriate. Next time you go shopping, take that trip across the aisle and join the grown up world of Misses/Women’s. In some stores, they may seperate misses and women’s, in this case Misses is the step up from junior’s. Women’s is the step up from Misses. Depending on your age and tastes you can decide which department best suits you.

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Buying Secondhand designer clothes

It’s becoming more and popular to buy secondhand or used clothing. The popularity seems to have just really taken off in the last 10 years. It used to be passe’ to shop anywhere but the most expensive stores. Now, with secondhand and consignment shops springing up everywhere, it is becoming more fashionable.

You can find all kinds of treasures in consignment shops. Even designer clothing is making it’s way out of the well-to-do closets and onto the secondhand scene. With the boom of “selling your used clothes” taking off, it is making it a lot easier for the not-so-rich to be dressed like you are. Good news for most of us Happy. Stores like Classic Closeouts are making it quite easy and convenient to find what you need and get it when you need it.  You can generally find consignment shops in cities very close to you, they sell and buy gently used items. Don’t expect the prices to be dirt cheap however, these are after all designer clothes. You can get a great deal, but they are not trying to give them away!

So, the next time you find a Coutoure dress you just can’t live without, give secondhand shops a try. You might just get more than you bargained for…literallyWinking. Isn’t it great when you find a deal!!

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Affordable Teen Fashion

I am always in the market for inexpensive cute quality clothes for my daughter (sounds like I am asking for a lot, I know). She is a fashionista in her own right, gets it from her mom :). Well, this trait can get to be quite expensive, two fashionaholics in one house. I, being a hardcore Internet shopper, look tirelessly for discounts and sales from stores I like. This past week I found a site that has gotten me really excited, Heavenly Couture. The exciting part is that everything on this site is $17.95 or less, and it’s quality clothing. How exciting, right!

     They sell cool junior fashions and shoes. Heavenly Couture really has some cute clothes for the teen and young adult in your home. For their prices you may end up making them a permanent shopping source. They are a store located in California, I am just glad they are on the net. I can’t wait to order some things for myself, I mean my daughter :). Their clothes remind me of Old Navy or AE, me and my daughter’s favorites. For the price, they have a nice selection and a very nice site to shop from. Get Shopping!!

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Shopping as a Sport

th_shoppingCAE28RNL The definition of sport is physical activity engaged in for pleasure. That sounds exactly like shopping to me, although shopping tends to be more intense. There is no denying that it truly is a sport. The adrenaline rush, the constant hunt, the feeling of accomplishment and victory after, I imagine this is how the Spartan’s felt after a battle won. We all love a good bargain coupled with an excuse to get out of the house, it’s simply heaven.

   This sport is usually more for women but lately more and more men have been drawn to this long time activity. A good thing about the sport of shopping is that anyone can do it. Men, women, young and old, anyone needing a good workout and having money to burn can be a shopper. The questions is are you willing to endure the long lines, searching from store to store, and losing the item you just can’t live without because it has sold out. Black Friday or the day after Thanksgiving is our Superbowl. This is the most intense, gut wrenching, yet, exciting day of the year for a shopper. This day starts as early as 4am and may not end until late into the evening.

     Shopping takes a lot of planning and research when you are after something you really desire. You can not just walk in and out of a store and have what you want, for the price you want to pay. You have to look tirelessly through page upon page of sales papers and magazines, before you truly know what you want. Taking notes of items that catch your eye and you may be interested in. Then once you speed walk mile after mile from store to store you are now able to determine that the item you saw at the 1st store is, in fact, the item you want. This part of the sport tends to aggravate, rather irritate, the casual spectator who joins us on your shopping excursion (usually a husband or a wife). Not unlike other sports, after this activity is over a shopper will be sore and be feeling it the next day. In this activity you have to be mentally and physically ready before you can compete on a shopping day with the hoards of other shoppers out. This is not for the faint of heart, you may find yourself in a puddle of tears at the bathroom or shouting and giving high fives out in victory at the car. Be prepared and let’s all just try and have a good time.

     The sheer joy of the whole experience is hard to express, bliss is a good word. Nothing can lift the spirits like a successful day out shopping. With one swipe of a card, you can go from having a bad day to loving life. So how bout skipping the gym and doing your workout at the local retail stores. One day shopping just may be added as an Olympic category. See you at the finish line…errr…the checkout linesmile_wink

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The Joys of Shopping Online

internet shopping There are many reasons people choose to shop online. One of the main reasons may be the availability of items you can not purchase in your local shopping area. By shopping online, you can purchase just about anything your mind can think up and all it takes is a few pecks on your keyboard. I choose online shopping because it is just plain fun, to me. The searching for bargains, finding coupons and discounts, and then the anticipation of getting something delivered to my door. It’s like bargain shopping without the foot work, who could ask for anything more!

     Imagine never having to deal with rude or pushy salespeople. It used to sound like a dream, not anymore. With the development of online shopping and getting great deals from it, we may start to see an end to regular store shopping. Just think, you can actually go shopping in your pajamas and at home, which saves time and energy. No more dealing with trick mirrors and lighting. You try it on when you get it and in the comfort of your home. If you don’t like it, or it’s the wrong size just send it back. Many companies offer free or low shipping and sometimes they even send you a free return label with your purchase.

     If you are unsure of what item to buy or what brand, you can simply read the reviews on the items. I hate when I am in a store and am totally confused about what to buy and what brand. Using the internet I can simply do a search of what I think I am looking for or get help selecting a brand, then I can make an informed decision of what I really want to buy. Just the thought of not standing in long lines, getting frustrated with the parking situation and being overwhelmed by too many people all trying to shop at the same place I am, is enough to keep me out of stores.

     You can shop anytime you get ready when you shop online because the stores are never closed. They stay open 24 hours and they never close for holidays. Just think, a store open all the time so you don’t have to hurry or worry about finding a parking spot. By shopping online, you get more of a selection and more available sizes. Some sites are taking at home shopping even further and offering Easy-Pays. HSN and QVC, let you use your debit/credit card and pay in monthly installments after you receive the item (easy-pays), I can’t even put my joy into words! Another plus is that many sites will begin sending you coupons once you purchase from them to entice you to keep coming back. Remember that, when internet shopping, browse around and seek out coupons and discounts for the item and for low to no shipping charge. But beware, online shopping is very addictive, just ask my UPS man!

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A Shopping Sprint

It’s all over the news: a different kind of race recently took place in Moscow, Russia that got everyone talking. In this race, in competition were women wearing casual to fancy clothes instead of the usual jogging outfit. And in replace of the normal rubber shoes or athletic footwear used for racing? They were clad in high heels.

Photo taken from

The event spurred from the concept that shopping is a sport – something that I’m sure most women would agree to. After all, traversing those big malls in search of the perfect shoe, top, or gift ain’t no piece of meat. Add the mental energy you put into the activity as you analyze the features of all items you see and decide which is the best bargain or deal, and it becomes all the more a challenge. But it is a fun challenge to the shopaholics, just like other types of sports are both fun and challenging for its athletes. And both activities have been known to relieve stress and depression. See the analogy? 😛

Going back to the race, I can just imagine how difficult that must be, running in high heels. But I guess when the prize is right, in this case what-else-but-a-spanking shopping spree, there’s no stopping the ladies.
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