Vitamin D and The Sun

We all know about the risks of sun exposure, especially in today’s times. Many people have started changing their habits, avoiding direct sunlight whenever possible, and wearing a lot of sunscreen. While the risks of sunlight are eminent, sunlight also provides something we all need: Vitamin D. In fact, experts say most people meet their vitamin D needs through exposure to sunlight. Ultraviolet (UV) B radiation penetrates uncovered skin and converts cutaneous 7-dehydrocholesterol to previtamin D3, which in turn becomes vitamin D3.

If you’ve totally reduced your sunlight exposure because of skin hazards, beware because the trade off may be Vitamin D deficiency which can result to a lot of ailments such as osteomalacia, bone diseases, and skeletal deformities. Studies show that homebound people, people often covered for religious reasons, etc are often lacking in Vitamin D. The good news is you can obtain Vitamin D from supplements and a few food sources like fish liver oil.

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Moisturizing Facial Tablets from Lush

Solid tablets of vitamin rich essential oils and hydrating fluids – that is Toner Tabs, the new and unique line of moisturizers from Lush. These tablets are free of preservatives and are designed to truly hydrate and revitalize the skin. Among the products in the line are the T Tree Toner Tab best for teenage and troubled skin, Vitamin C Toner Tab best for maturing skin, and the Vitamin E Toner Tab that balances and refreshes all skin types.

To use, all you have to do is drop a tablet in a bowl of hot water and then drape a towel over your head. Then you let the steam hydrate and revive your face.

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Do Your Feet Stink?

Have you tried various over the counter foot deodorant products to no avail? Here are four easy home products you can use or apply before you go out which may just do the trick and take off that nasty smell.

1. Wet Tea Bags. Put two black tea bags in a bowl of water and then dip your feet into the solution. You can also put some vinegar into the mixture. Do this for 20-30 minutes several times in a week.

2. Anti-bacterial Soap. Always use anti-bacterial soap when washing your feet to kill any bacteria that may be causing the smell.

3. Baby Powder. Dusting your feet especially the toe area with baby powder before slipping them into shoes can minimize sweating and at the same time dilute some of the odor.

4. Deodorizing Insoles. Remember to change the insoles of your shoes when they get old and wear deodorizing insoles only.

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Open Secrets To Young-Looking Skin

There are lots of ways to defy skin aging, such as purchasing expensive creams, getting surgical treatments, and more. But do you know that just sticking religiously to the basics can help you have younger looking skin for a much longer time? Here’s a reminder again of some of the bare necessities to achieve young looking skin.

1. Wear sunscreen! Health professionals, skin experts, beauty bloggers can’s stress it enough: these days, it’s not healthy anymore to go out without wearing sunscreen. So make sure you slather some SPF 15 on your face before heading out.

2. Lessen exposure to the sun. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, avoid direct exposure to sunlight. They say that if you want to look ten years older in no time at all, just expose yourself to sunlight for hours on end. Of course you wouldn’t want that.

3. Don’t smoke or stay near smoking people. Smoke totally dehydrates skin, sucking out the moisture and youthfulness of the skin.

4. Get regular sleep. Sleep deficiency will make your skin look stressed and tired all the time.

5. Eat a lot of fruits and nutritious food! The more healthy, antioxidant-loaded, and nutrient-filled you are, the more glowing your skin will be. Remember that what you take in (or not take in) will always reflect on how you look.

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Chapped Lips?

Lots of factors can cause chapped lips – the air, sun, humidity, decrease in water content, and more. If you constantly have a problem with chapped lips, check out some of the following tips to make sure your lips are always smooth and refreshed.

1. Apply lip balm. Of course, this is the number one method to avoid chapped lips. However, many people still forget to constantly apply lip balm. You can also use petroleum jelly.

2. Drink a lot of water. This increases moisture in the tissues and prevents lip drying. As much as possible drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

3. Avoid caffeine. Caffeine is one of the fastest ways to dehydrate, so better cut down if you’re a caffeine addict or switch to low-caffeine or decaf options.

4. Eat foods with lots of vitamins and nutrients. Chapped lips can signal nutritional deficiency. So make sure you aren’t lacking in all the important vitamins like calcium and magnesium.

How do you prevent chapped lips?

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5 Tips on Insect Bites and Stings

Headed for a trip outdoors and scared of possible bug bites or stings? Before you go out, here are some pointers on how to avoid or deal in case those nasty insects attack.

1. First and foremost, make sure you are wearing long pants and sleeves tucked into your socks and shoes for added coverage. Small ticks are especially tricky and can get to your skin easily, so make sure you got as less exposed skin as possible. If a tick does penetrate your skin, remove it carefully with a tweezer and then put it in a jar of alcohol to kill it.

2. If you’re allergic to bee stings, don’t go out without your bee kit. Bee kits usually contain a shot of epinephrine that is essential if a bee stings you.

3. No matter how itchy it is, don’t scratch a mosquito bite because it can get infected or bleed.

4. If you’re stung by a bee, wash the area with soap and water and apply ice to the sting. It will also be best if you have an antihistamine, hydrocortisone cream, or calamine lotion in handy to take away the itch.

5. If any type of insect stings you and you feel slightly out of breath or dizzy, don’t wait to rush to someone right away or go to an emergency station because the allergic reaction could be serious.

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Clinique’s M Cover for Men

Gone are the days when only women care excessively for their faces. These days, men use almost as much facial products as women (although they don’t necessarily like to talk about it! :D)

If you’re a guy who likes to use concealer to hide blemishes or pimples that you are currently treating, here’s one product you might want to try out: Clinique’s M Cover. Created specifically for men’s skin, the M Cover blends well in the face and looks perfectly natural. It doesn’t dry out easily as well.

If you’re a woman and you’ve got a husband or partner who’s constantly worried about certain elements on his face, you might want to help him out by surprising him with this concealer. It can cover dark circles, shaving nicks, and more. Aside from concealing, the product is also equipped with moisturizing and soothing ingredients that can heal or soothe the face.

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