Estée Lauder Multi-Protection Sun Towelettes for Body

Summer means intense heat from the sun’s rays, thus sunscreens become more necessary than ever when we go out of the house. Summer’s humidity also brings about a lot of sweating, and it’s always handy to have towels and tissues around to wipe the sweat. But do you know that you can actually wipe your sweat and apply sunscreen with one application? That’s if you have the Estée Lauder Multi-Protection Sun Towelettes for Body (SPF 15).

Convenient and portable, these towelettes are easy to carry around anywhere and are mess-free to use. However, what makes it a really great and unique product is that each towelette has an advanced blend of sunscreens that give you SPF 15 coverage every time you wipe your face or body with it. How cool is that?

Each towelette is meant for single use. You can reapply for as long as your parched body needs it, especially when you’re out in the sun.

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Summer Makeup Tips

Since it’s still summer in many parts of the world, here are some more tips you can use to prettify yourself for summer. After all, we can never get enough helpful makeup tips, can’t we? Hope these few pointers enhance your gorgeous features even more!

Cheeks. Due to the warmer rays of the sun, our cheeks are often more glowing during summer . Thus, it’s time to enhance that part and make it even more fabulous by bringing out those blushes and bronzers and putting them to good use. If you’re on the fair side, pink shimmers do wonders to your cheekbones by making them pop. If you’re on the tanned side, you can try a brown-toned bronzer with gold specks for extra fab points. Remember to apply your cheek stain and blusher on bare skin and not on top of powder.

Lipstick. Summer means color, thus the limit to lipstick hue is endless. This is the time to experiment with brighter and more out-there shades of lipstick or lip gloss. Don’t fret about being too loud nor go the usual safe route. It’s the season to be out there and have fun!

Facial Sheets. The humidity of summer entails sweating a lot, so make sure you’ve got handy facial sheets to blot out all the oil before retouching. Blotting occasionally with facial sheets allows your makeup to stay as clean and neat as can be.

Do share your own summer makeup tips!

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Summer Boredom?

It’s bound to happen, every summer you will end up bored some days. During the summer, there aren’t many shows to watch on TV (besides reruns), you run out of things to do, and you just start to get a bored feeling. The lazy days of summer can get to the best of people and make them feels restless or bored. Try some of these tricks for perking up your bored days.

  • Exercise – warm sunny days are great times to get out and work out
  • Park – go to the park and just relax and enjoy the breezes, if you have kids you’ll enjoy watching them play and join in
  • Fly a Kite – you’re never to old to pull out the kite and let it fly
  • Go to the Beach – if you are so lucky as to have a beach nearby, go to it and be a part of all it offers. Swim or just chill in the sun.
  • Join a Sport – many cities offer sport leagues that the public can join. Join one and relive your youth by playing a sport.
  • Go for a walk – get a buddy and walk around through your neighborhood, it’s great exercise and you’ll enjoy the company and views
  • Summer Programs – find out what activities your city is having for the summer. They usually have different daily, weekly, and monthly activities you can participate in.
  • Take a class – just because it’s summer doesn’t mean school’s out. If you have a local college find out if you can take a class that interests you. Cooking, dance, or learning to play an instrument could be quite fun.
  • Make every weekend a special occasion – you don’t need a reason to celebrate. Invite friends over for get together’s and have a BBQ, cookout, or just a friendly no-reason occasion. You’ll love it and this will make your time shoot by because of all the fun you are having.
  • Spa day – Start having a spa day every week or month.

You should never be bored during the summer. There are so many things to do, if you know where to look. Boredom is a state of mind, so change it. Get active and get interested in things. Enjoy your summer!

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Summer Legs

Summer is here and that means time to show off those legs. As you are pulling out that bikini and micro skirts, remember to take a look your legs. Are they ready to see daylight, yet? After being hidden for several winter months, odds are they need a little help. So while you are getting in shape for the summer months, remember to get those legs in a great summer shape.

  • Exfoliate – yes, just like your face needs exfoliation, so does your legs. Try using scrubs and body polishes to get really get those legs looking beautiful.
  • Conceal – if you have trouble areas you don’t like to show off on your legs like spider veins or stretch marks, give a body concealer a try for those legs. You need to look for a leg or body heavy duty cream which is also water resistant.
  • Tan – When tanning, make sure you get a good tan on your legs. Tans make your legs look fabulous! They will appear healthy and tight, even when they’re not Winking. A beautiful glow hides many flaws.
  • Moisturize – this part is super important. Dry skin only hurts you so keep your legs moist and silky. I use bath beads and oil to give an extra boost of moisturization. Your legs will look smoother and be softer.

Get those legs looking great and you will feel confident and sexy. Summer’s already here to get going!!!

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Shades and Shapes

In a previous entry, some basic tips on how to go about choosing and buying shades are given. For this entry, I’m posting some tips on the actual shapes of shades that you should get to complement the shape of your face.

Round Face

If your face is round or a bit full, the goal is to get shades that will make it look longer and thinner. Choose angular styles and deeper and darker colors to give an illusion of a less full face. Lighter colored shades will do the reverse. Shades with thicker frames also complement round faces because it lengthens the face. Avoid round shades that will only make your face look rounder.

Oblong Face

If you have an oblong face, the goal is make it look plumper or fuller to soften the look. Usually, round or square glasses do the trick. You can also wear shades that have more decorative frames to add width to your face.

Square Face

Square faces often have angular jaws and more defined forehead and cheekbones. The goal is to soften the effect of these angles by wearing round shades, regular oval shades or similar types. Never wear shades with square or rectangular frames as these will further highlight the sharp angles of your face. Unless, of course, that is your objective.

Oval Face

Oval faces are often the most versatile as they can go with almost any style of shades. Oval-shaped faces often have higher cheekbones and narrower chins. If you have an oval face, take advantage of it and experiment with trends and styles that will further enhance the proportions of your face. Go wild with the modern fashionable aviator or large round shades or look sleek with classic cat-eye styles. Just remember that the shades you choose still have to match your body colors and your personality for you to carry it well.

Triangular Face

Triangular faces generally have narrow jaws and small chins and wider width in the cheekbone and forehead area. The goal is to soften the look of the upper part of the face with rectangular or octagonal shaped shades.

More tips on the right sunglasses to wear here and there.

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Bronze your way to a beautiful summer!

When I think of summer and the beach, among the images that come to mind are golden bronze skins tanned to perfection. It’s the season when everybody especially wants to have the perfect skin tan and not look all pale and translucent.

Clinique, one of the world’s best makeup and fragrance brands, has come up with a great collection that complements all the popular colors and golden glory of summer. It’s called the Long-Last Bronze: Summer 2008 collection. Featuring makeup and beauty products in shades of light browns to fiery metal, the collection aims women to shine and glow this summer with excellent beauty enhancers that do not run, fade, or get beaten by the sun.

Among the stuff that tickled my fancy are the following:

Long Last Glosswear SPF 15

One of my favorite and most needed make up items is lip gloss, because (1) it beautifies the lips like lipstick but is quicker to apply; (2) it moisturizes my always chapped lips, especially during summer!; and (3) it’s a great lip protector.

Clinique’s new line of lip gloss comes in not 5 nor 10 but 18 wonderful shades, so there’s a shade for anyone no matter the skin tone or preference. For my lips, more often than not I choose plum shades, and I’m happy to see Clinique has a Stellar Plum summer shade and the yummy-looking Juicy Apple shade as well!

Touch of Bronze™ Moisturizing Body Lotion

What better way to show off that hot body of yours than to have golden radiant skin that will make all eyes turn? The new Touch of Bronze™ Moisturizing Body Lotion of Clinique is more than prepared to help you achieve that, with its non-greasy formula that can have you look glowing and fab in seconds. It works great with the UV-Response SPF 30 For Body.

I’ve always loved Clinique’s pressed powders and fragrances but this time I’m definitely trying out the summer lip sheer and bronzing body lotion. All for the love of the summer. 😉

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Going to the beach!

Yesterday several of my church mates went to the beach for a much needed overnight break. I would have wanted to come as I needed a break as well but it was such on a short notice and I had many tasks left to accomplish. Furthermore, they were going to a semi-remote place that I highly doubt has the Wi-Fi connection I could have used to catch up on work.

So there I was left at home, finding myself reflecting on past beach outings and the perks and wonders of going to the beach. I may have been left behind for now, but the summer season is just starting. After this month’s madness of work and school, I will party with a vengeance. 😛 For now, here are some of the reasons why I simply love going to the beach and the perks of it:

1. Breathing in nature. First and foremost, it is a change of view from the computer screen. I understand why some women think of their laptops or computers as their “boyfriends”, because they spend a lot more time with it than with anyone else. Going to the beach allows you to temporarily tear apart from your “boyfriend” and all the stress and pressure that accompany “him”. 😛 Seeing the blue majestic seas instead of traffic jams and beach umbrellas instead of cubicles is almost enough rejuvenation. Unless you work near the waters, obviously the beach is a direct relaxing contrast to what we always see in our daily lives.

2. Physical benefits! Going to the beach often entail some kind of activity. Unless you simply want to lounge by the sand and watch the scenery, the beach is the perfect place to flex some muscles by swimming or playing sports like volleyball. We all know how incorporating much needed physical activities in busy lifestyles can be very difficult. Going to the beach allows me to relax and reactivate at the same time.

3. Appreciating God’s creations. Sometimes I get too immersed with the daily pressures of life that I tend to be cynical and jaded and forget that there are still a lot of things to appreciate in this world. Seeing the beauty of God’s creations never fails to be a great reminder. 😉


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