Vitamin D and The Sun

We all know about the risks of sun exposure, especially in today’s times. Many people have started changing their habits, avoiding direct sunlight whenever possible, and wearing a lot of sunscreen. While the risks of sunlight are eminent, sunlight also provides something we all need: Vitamin D. In fact, experts say most people meet their vitamin D needs through exposure to sunlight. Ultraviolet (UV) B radiation penetrates uncovered skin and converts cutaneous 7-dehydrocholesterol to previtamin D3, which in turn becomes vitamin D3.

If you’ve totally reduced your sunlight exposure because of skin hazards, beware because the trade off may be Vitamin D deficiency which can result to a lot of ailments such as osteomalacia, bone diseases, and skeletal deformities. Studies show that homebound people, people often covered for religious reasons, etc are often lacking in Vitamin D. The good news is you can obtain Vitamin D from supplements and a few food sources like fish liver oil.

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Open Secrets To Young-Looking Skin

There are lots of ways to defy skin aging, such as purchasing expensive creams, getting surgical treatments, and more. But do you know that just sticking religiously to the basics can help you have younger looking skin for a much longer time? Here’s a reminder again of some of the bare necessities to achieve young looking skin.

1. Wear sunscreen! Health professionals, skin experts, beauty bloggers can’s stress it enough: these days, it’s not healthy anymore to go out without wearing sunscreen. So make sure you slather some SPF 15 on your face before heading out.

2. Lessen exposure to the sun. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, avoid direct exposure to sunlight. They say that if you want to look ten years older in no time at all, just expose yourself to sunlight for hours on end. Of course you wouldn’t want that.

3. Don’t smoke or stay near smoking people. Smoke totally dehydrates skin, sucking out the moisture and youthfulness of the skin.

4. Get regular sleep. Sleep deficiency will make your skin look stressed and tired all the time.

5. Eat a lot of fruits and nutritious food! The more healthy, antioxidant-loaded, and nutrient-filled you are, the more glowing your skin will be. Remember that what you take in (or not take in) will always reflect on how you look.

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Danger Hours Under The Sun

Do you know that skin cancer is the fastest increasing form of cancer in America? The danger of the sun’s ultraviolet rays is definitely no light matter, for not only does it cause beauty hazards like premature skin aging but also serious health conditions. This is why many experts and health professionals highly advise us to stay away from the sun. If it can’t be helped, we must apply sunscreen protectors, wear shades, and bring umbrellas to ensure that we have all the protection we need.

More than protecting ourselves, however, we must also be aware of the most dangerous hours to be under direct sunlight. In the northern hemisphere, the danger hours are between 10 am to 4 pm, but most especially around noon time to 3 pm. If your kids like to play outside during these hours, make sure you make them play inside to protect them against the long-term damages and health risks of sun exposure. Do you know that today, even 20-year olds get skin cancer?

Even when the weather is slightly overcast, remember that the sun’s ultraviolet rays are still present and protection is still needed. Of course, it is much better to completely avoid getting in the sun during the danger hours. But on the days that you just need to, be armed with all the protection you need.

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How to Maintain Healthy and Flowing Hair

Want to have healthy and shiny locks for years to come? Lots of entries on hair tips have been posted in this site but when it comes to our tresses, we can never get too many beautifying and protection tips. Check out more of these through the following guides to healthy hair I have acquired from experts on the net.

1. Protect your hair against sunlight and pollution.

The sun and pollution are two of the main enemies of our hair. Ultra violet rays dry and discolor our hair while pollution takes away the sheen of our locks. Since the sun today is especially more harmful, always wear a hat or a cap when you know you’re going to be exposed to it. You can also wear a bandanna or other hair clothes that are both protective and stylish. In addition, you can apply natural hair sun screen formulas before getting out in the sun.

2. Choose a natural-bristle brush.

Avoid using cheap plastic brushes or combs because these have seams that tear or split apart hair, especially if your hair is thin and fine. Use a soft boar bristle brush or natural bone or wood combs to avoid damage.

3. Brush properly.

Brushing allows us to stimulate our scalps and spread our natural hair oils from the root to tip of every strand. If your hair has a lot of knots and snarls, try to pull them apart first with your fingers before using a comb to brush from the bottom and slowly working your way up. Remember to keep your brush clean and wash it at least once a week with baking soda or your shampoo to get rid of bacteria that may have accumulated.

4. Towel gently after washing hair.

After showering, don’t rush and comb your hair. Take time to towel your hair properly, blotting it bit by bit to get the water out. Be careful not to pull hair or squeeze with the towel too tightly because wet hair is very fragile and can easily break.

5. Shampoo immediately after swimming.

If you just went for a dip in the pool or a swim in the beach, don’t forget to rinse and shampoo immediately to get rid of chlorine and salts that can damage your hair if it sticks to it for too long.

6. Do not shampoo every day.

Unless you are exposed daily to high city pollution, do not shampoo your hair every day as this can cause your glands to be hyperactive or may quickly dry your hair. Allow your hair to release its natural oils by shampooing every other day. If you are treating your hair for certain problems like dandruff, then it would be alright to everyday with your dandruff shampoo upon instruction. If you are constantly exposed to dirt and pollution and have no choice but to shampoo every day, use milder and natural-based shampoos that won’t dry up your hair.

7. Take vitamin and mineral supplements.

Deficiency in some vitamins and minerals often reflects on our hair and makes it look unhealthy and unattractive. If you are deficient of some nutrients, you might want to take supplements to boost your health and keep your hair glowing and healthy as well.

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Shades and Shapes

In a previous entry, some basic tips on how to go about choosing and buying shades are given. For this entry, I’m posting some tips on the actual shapes of shades that you should get to complement the shape of your face.

Round Face

If your face is round or a bit full, the goal is to get shades that will make it look longer and thinner. Choose angular styles and deeper and darker colors to give an illusion of a less full face. Lighter colored shades will do the reverse. Shades with thicker frames also complement round faces because it lengthens the face. Avoid round shades that will only make your face look rounder.

Oblong Face

If you have an oblong face, the goal is make it look plumper or fuller to soften the look. Usually, round or square glasses do the trick. You can also wear shades that have more decorative frames to add width to your face.

Square Face

Square faces often have angular jaws and more defined forehead and cheekbones. The goal is to soften the effect of these angles by wearing round shades, regular oval shades or similar types. Never wear shades with square or rectangular frames as these will further highlight the sharp angles of your face. Unless, of course, that is your objective.

Oval Face

Oval faces are often the most versatile as they can go with almost any style of shades. Oval-shaped faces often have higher cheekbones and narrower chins. If you have an oval face, take advantage of it and experiment with trends and styles that will further enhance the proportions of your face. Go wild with the modern fashionable aviator or large round shades or look sleek with classic cat-eye styles. Just remember that the shades you choose still have to match your body colors and your personality for you to carry it well.

Triangular Face

Triangular faces generally have narrow jaws and small chins and wider width in the cheekbone and forehead area. The goal is to soften the look of the upper part of the face with rectangular or octagonal shaped shades.

More tips on the right sunglasses to wear here and there.

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Bronze your way to a beautiful summer!

When I think of summer and the beach, among the images that come to mind are golden bronze skins tanned to perfection. It’s the season when everybody especially wants to have the perfect skin tan and not look all pale and translucent.

Clinique, one of the world’s best makeup and fragrance brands, has come up with a great collection that complements all the popular colors and golden glory of summer. It’s called the Long-Last Bronze: Summer 2008 collection. Featuring makeup and beauty products in shades of light browns to fiery metal, the collection aims women to shine and glow this summer with excellent beauty enhancers that do not run, fade, or get beaten by the sun.

Among the stuff that tickled my fancy are the following:

Long Last Glosswear SPF 15

One of my favorite and most needed make up items is lip gloss, because (1) it beautifies the lips like lipstick but is quicker to apply; (2) it moisturizes my always chapped lips, especially during summer!; and (3) it’s a great lip protector.

Clinique’s new line of lip gloss comes in not 5 nor 10 but 18 wonderful shades, so there’s a shade for anyone no matter the skin tone or preference. For my lips, more often than not I choose plum shades, and I’m happy to see Clinique has a Stellar Plum summer shade and the yummy-looking Juicy Apple shade as well!

Touch of Bronze™ Moisturizing Body Lotion

What better way to show off that hot body of yours than to have golden radiant skin that will make all eyes turn? The new Touch of Bronze™ Moisturizing Body Lotion of Clinique is more than prepared to help you achieve that, with its non-greasy formula that can have you look glowing and fab in seconds. It works great with the UV-Response SPF 30 For Body.

I’ve always loved Clinique’s pressed powders and fragrances but this time I’m definitely trying out the summer lip sheer and bronzing body lotion. All for the love of the summer. 😉

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Sun’s Effects

th_summer01 The thought of a sunny day can bring a smile onto almost anyone’s face. Playing and spending time out in the sun can be an enjoyable and stress relieving experience, if it is done correctly. Soaking up some sun used to be thought to be healthy, after all you get that gorgeous tanned skin…how can it be bad for you? The sun itself is fine, the overexposure and rays is where you get into trouble. Invisible rays, ultraviolet-A (UVA) and ultraviolet-B (UVB), cause the majority of the problems. Because there is no safe UV light, it is all bad for your skin and eyes. Too much sun can cause sunburns, wrinkles, age spots, and skin cancer.

      When leaving the house you should always wear a SPF Sunscreen of atleast 15. The higher the SPF number the better the protection from the sun. Sunscreen should be worn even on cloudy days. Many people believe they will avoid the sun by tanning at a salon. But most tanning salons use UVA bulbs which are even worse than being out in the sun. UVA rays go deeper into the skin and cause premature aging and skin cancer. UVA and UVB rays, although invisible, both cause suntan, sun damage, and sunburn.

      Some ways to protect yourself from the sun is to wear shades, a wide brimmed hat, and clothes that cover more skin. It is also recommended to avoid going out between the times of 10am – 4pm, these are peak sun times and you are more likely to get a sunburn. Harmful UV rays are worse during summer, at higher altitudes, and places closer to the equator. If you do get a sunburn, you can try cool, wet compresses, baths, and soothing lotions. When driving or being in the sun wear sunglasses, they filter light and they protect your eyes from UV rays. However, they can not protect your eyes from tanning lights.

     Beauty is becoming more and more important. Tanning is thought to signify healthy skin, not true. Tanning causes more trouble than it is worth; premature aging and skin cancer! At what price will we continue to pay for beauty? Why not try sunless tanning!?

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