Natural Remedies To Back Pain

Do you feel constant pain in your back area? If you’ve consulted your physician and you’re certain that it’s not caused by a major ailment like a herniated disk or tumor, check out these everyday activities you can incorporate in your lifestyle to lessen the ache.

1. Meditation/Yoga. Or basically any stress relieving activity. A lot of back aches are said to be caused by mental and emotional stress which manifests in your physical body, particularly the back area. So learn some Tai Chi or have regular stress relief activities.

2. Swimming/Aquatic Therapy. Swimming and staying in the water can help back pain by opening up stiff and sore muscles. In addition, water temperature and movement can soothe and relax the muscles.

3. Massage. A massage by a trained masseuse or therapist can make your life a lot easier by increasing your circulation and relieving muscle tension, spasms, stiffness and pain. So make sure you schedule a massage at least once a week with your favorite masseuse.

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Swimsuits that fit YOUR body

I never thought that you should put too much thought into a swimsuit, other than if you like the look of it. I always went for what’s pretty or not. Then I watched a show stating that you need to put the same thought into your swim wear as you do your clothes. It makes sense, I just never thought of it. All I knew was that some suits I bought looked really good, while others…let’s just say I never wore Blushing.  There are certain suits that will flatter your shape and others that will only accentuate your flaws. Once you can pick out the ones you should be wearing, you will feel a lot better about going to the beach and looking fabulous while you are out.

Pear shape – Look for separates and choose bottoms with darker colors to help balance you out.

Apple shape – Try one pieces with V-necks. You need to add shape and definition to the waist Also look for darker suits to give a slimming effect. For tummy issues get suits with built in tummy control. Look for suits with skirts on them, also.

Rectangle shape – You will want to find a suit that will make your waist appear slimmer. If you want a one piece, look for one with dark middles (making your waist appear slimmer). I like to see this body style in the 2 piece tank and bottoms. This will help hide your rectangle shape.

If you want to draw attention to a feature you love, wear bright colors to accent the area. What you are looking for is to try an achieve that perfect hour glass shape. So, if you already have one…you have it made! But for the rest of us, we need to conceal and reveal whatever we can to make us look our best.

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Swim and Heal

Much has been said about the good things our body can get from swimming, as the seemingly innocent gliding and moving in the water is supposed to be a total body workout. Since the actual benefits of swimming are still a bit vague to me, I looked for more specific answers to why it’s good for us in more ways than one. Check out what I found:

1. It strengthens the heart, lungs and muscles.

Swimming conditions all body types, from the perfectly normal ones to those plagued with alarming conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, or arthritis. In fact, doctors often recommend swimming as an activity to those recovering from a major surgery or heart operation because it is a not too taxing yet effective workout. Regular swimming also builds lung stamina and muscle strength without straining connective tissues like other workout activities could.

2. It’s a great calorie-burner.

Swimming uses all the major muscle groups in the body, which makes it a great weight loss workout and body toner. This is why many swimmers often have toned arms, legs, and tummy, which is one of the major fat problem areas of everyone.

3. It’s the perfect stress reliever.

Swimming is a meditative workout because it deals with not just the body but also the mental state. Exercising while enveloped in warm water induces a calm and relaxing feeling that not only reduces stress, it also help clear one’s mind as it improves delivery of oxygen to all muscles and stimulates blood circulation.

4. It works wonders in pregnant women.

Expectant women are often forbidden to do any moderate to heavy physical activity, but swimming is one of those activities that can actually aid them in their condition. For one, it strengthens the abdominal muscles that are very important when carrying and delivering the baby. Experts say that swimming also reduces the common negative symptoms associated with pregnancy, like high blood pressure and stiffness.

5. It’s a perfect bonding activity.

Now we all know about this one. Swimming is one of the best and healthiest activities we can do to bond and enjoy with our families and friends. The great thing about swimming as a bonding activity is that you can choose to talk and interact with people yet you can also swim off anytime and do your routines and beneficial exercises whenever you want.

Care to share more swimming perks?

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Going to the beach!

Yesterday several of my church mates went to the beach for a much needed overnight break. I would have wanted to come as I needed a break as well but it was such on a short notice and I had many tasks left to accomplish. Furthermore, they were going to a semi-remote place that I highly doubt has the Wi-Fi connection I could have used to catch up on work.

So there I was left at home, finding myself reflecting on past beach outings and the perks and wonders of going to the beach. I may have been left behind for now, but the summer season is just starting. After this month’s madness of work and school, I will party with a vengeance. 😛 For now, here are some of the reasons why I simply love going to the beach and the perks of it:

1. Breathing in nature. First and foremost, it is a change of view from the computer screen. I understand why some women think of their laptops or computers as their “boyfriends”, because they spend a lot more time with it than with anyone else. Going to the beach allows you to temporarily tear apart from your “boyfriend” and all the stress and pressure that accompany “him”. 😛 Seeing the blue majestic seas instead of traffic jams and beach umbrellas instead of cubicles is almost enough rejuvenation. Unless you work near the waters, obviously the beach is a direct relaxing contrast to what we always see in our daily lives.

2. Physical benefits! Going to the beach often entail some kind of activity. Unless you simply want to lounge by the sand and watch the scenery, the beach is the perfect place to flex some muscles by swimming or playing sports like volleyball. We all know how incorporating much needed physical activities in busy lifestyles can be very difficult. Going to the beach allows me to relax and reactivate at the same time.

3. Appreciating God’s creations. Sometimes I get too immersed with the daily pressures of life that I tend to be cynical and jaded and forget that there are still a lot of things to appreciate in this world. Seeing the beauty of God’s creations never fails to be a great reminder. 😉


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