If stress trigger your need to put some food in your much, why not reach for something healthy that will also help alleviate the stress?  What type of food does that you ask?  Well check out these favorites…

1.  Chocolate – My number 1 favorite.  Eating a 1 oz. piece of dark chocolate can bring on a feeling of calm in less then 2 minutes according to researchers at UCLA.  The feeling can last up to 2 hours!  Chocolate contains a couple compounds that help boost alpha waves in the brain.  Alpha waves are the things that hep calm the brain down.  Who said eating chocolate is a bad thing!

2.  Carrots- Probably my number 2 favorite.  Munching on a handful of these crispy veggies also can help reduce nervousness by 20 percent according to those same researchers.  Actually any number of crunchy veggies can help with this.  The natural aggressive act of crunching between the teeth can actually increase endorphins  which are known to make humans feel good.  The same type of reaction that you can get from sex.  The calm effect can take place within 15 seconds of crunching!

3. Beans – Beans help to PREVENT sugar spikes.  When there are sugar spikes in blood levels a feeling of anxiety can also rear its ugly head.  Beans help equal prevent these spikes when studied among women.  Nearly 50% felts calmer after eating a bean dish (hummus).  The balanced blend of fiber, rote in and polyphenols that prevent tensions triggering blood sugar spikes and crashes can last for up to 4 hours!

Next time you feel stress or tension, its ok to eat.  But reach for something that will help you through it, not something you will feel guilty about indulging in afterwards.


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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

stress Everyone gets stressed or the feeling of being worn out or drained sometimes. From money, to relationships, to just life there are times you just can’t avoid feeling stressed out. But you should do your best to get over it as quickly as possible. Stress can affect you mentally and physically, immediately or over time.

     Many times we are stressed and don’t even realize it. The first sign of stress is tension. You will start to feel tight or sore and you will become irritated very easily. Some other signs are stress are headaches, weight loss or gain, being exhausted, doubting yourself, backaches, or “sick to your stomach” feelings. If you feel any of these you should start looking into stress management options.

     There are a few things you do to reduce your stress level. Get plenty of rest and sleep, a clear mind may be able to deal with the situation better. Exercise on a regular basis. Exercising has a positive effect on your mood and helps keep your body fit and more capable of handling stress. Relax, try not to take things too seriously. Realize that there will be hard times and it won’t last forever. Find a place of solitude. You will be able to clear your thoughts and better assess the situations that are stressing you. If all else fails, talk with someone.

   Everyone goes through stressful situations, it’s the way you handle these situations that will determine whether the stress is over quickly or taking over your life.

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