Start your Day off Right

 image Many times waking up seems to be the hardest part of the day. Especially when you have a job to go to and that annoying alarm clock keeps sounding every single morning. To make your mornings start off right and to get your day off on the right foot. Try some of these morning tips to waking up.

  • Switch Alarm to something soothing to wake up to – that horrid alarm sound, will even give you chills when you hear it on TV. Switch to something soothing like soft music or a morning talk show to spark your interest and get you to wake up.
  • Coffee – just the smell of coffee can be enough to wake you up in the morning. Get a coffee maker and have it set to start making coffee 15 minutes before time for you to wake up. The aroma will seem to draw you to it.
  • Shower – Wake up with a shower every morning. A nice refreshing shower is sometimes all it takes to shake off slumber and feel energized.
  • A quick foot massage – a quick massage of the feet can get your juices flowing and help you feel revitalized. When I am really tired in the mornings, I give my feet a massage while showering, this helps me to get moving.
  • Stretch – stretching is an ideal way of waking fully up. A great morning stretch is to stand up and raise both arms above your head. Then stretch all the way down to try and touch your toes, stay there and continue to stretch your hands down to the floor. Then rise slowly and shake is all off.
  • Work out – early morning workouts are great for getting your body moving and ready for the day.

These are all things I do to start my day correctly. Hope these tips help. You don’t have to try them all, just give one a try next time you find it hard to wake up and get moving in the mornings Happy.

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