Preventing Saggy Boobs

One of the female body parts that women (and men) highly place importance on are the breasts. After all, every female knows how much the male species get attracted to sexy and perky breasts. It is one of the focal points of female sexuality.

However, the inescapable truth is that breasts tend to lose their perkiness and elasticity with aging. This is why sagging breasts is one of the main concerns of women everywhere. Over time, gravity and other external factors can pull down the ligaments in our breasts and cause it to sag. While technology has given women the power to reverse the process and even enlarge (or reduce) the breasts through surgery, many women still fear of the risks involved in such operations. Not to mention the monetary costs of such.

The good news is there are ways to help lengthen the perkiness and elasticity of our breasts. Of course, these are not fool-proof, ultimate solutions, but following these few tips given by experts will surely benefit you in the quest to stay as sexy and as perky as you can.

1. Wear only the best supporting bras. Good supportive bras that hold your breasts firmly in place can counter the gravitational effect because these bras support your breast tissues despite constant movement. Women with big boobs in particular should really wear good supportive bras because big breasts are heavier and can cause more strain on the breast tissues. Furthermore, if you are an active female who likes to exercise or play sports, make sure you wear only the best sports bras that will prevent your breasts to jiggle a lot and lose their elasticity.

2. Drink a lot of water. Drinking a lot of water keeps you hydrated, and hydration keeps your skin elastic. Aside from water, consuming lots of fruits can also boost your hydration and keep skin elastic. So instead of reaching for that soft drink, opt to blend or reach for a natural fruit shake instead.

3. Maintain your weight. It’s true that gaining weight often means gaining larger breasts, but once you lose that weight, this also means a lot of unhealthy fat loss in the breast area. If you are overweight now, lose the weight through the proper ways and then stick to your healthy weight. Constant weight gain and weight loss stresses your breasts, affecting their youthful perkiness.

4. Do not smoke. Female smokers, here’s another reason why you should stop smoking. Incessant smoking highly affects skin elasticity in the long run, so unless you want droopy, dehydrated boobs before you reach your golden years, better quit while you can.

Care to share more tips to prevent saggy boobs?

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