A Slice of Heaven

A few hours ago I had lunch at one of my favorite pizza parlors. As usual, I had the four seasons platter consisting of four different types of pizza, two of which are my absolute favorites: New York Classic (spicy with a lot of greens) and Four Cheeses

(cheese overload with a bite).

I think I speak for millions of people when I say pizza is one of the best inventions in the world. Originating in Europe, pizza is so delicious and addicting that it just had to cross into other parts of the globe and spread all over. What I really like about pizza is its simplicity and versatility. Put toppings and a great sauce on a flat bread or dough, heat everything up, and voila, you’re in heaven. Experiment, twist and add things around, and you have a combination of other flavors that will suit other types of palate.

The Critiques. While pizza in general is not considered as bad as burgers or greasy potato chips, it is often classified into the junk food category. They say pizza, particularly the commercial ones, have a high amount of salt and fat content with all the meat, cheese, and seasonings incorporated in it. Well I guess when something is commercial, it’s bound to have those components we do not want much of in our bodies – the price of mass production and all that. But I still believe in the motto “everything in moderation” and that you don’t have to deprive yourself of stuff you like as long as you lean more on the healthier stuff.

The Good Stuff. More than satisfying our taste buds, studies in recent years indicates that our favorite food could actually have health benefits in the form of anti-cancer properties from its tomato content. Besides, since pizza is generally easy to make, anyone can whip up healthier versions of it at home. “Healthier” means less of the oil, meat, cheese and preservatives, and more on the veggies, tomato sauce, and non-fat or organic cheese. My family loves making pizza on pita bread with lots of tomato sauce, a huge heap of veggies, a bit of pepperoni or grilled chicken, and grated fresh cheese and pepper to taste. No preservatives, very little fat. Just 100% natural pizza goodness suited to our individual liking.

How do you like your pizza? 😉

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3 Tips For A Healthier Barbecue

Almost everyone loves barbecued meat. Unfortunately we also know that it isn’t exactly the healthiest food. So here are some tips given by expert cooks on how we can have a healthier barbecue.

1. Microwave meat before barbecuing. This process reduces time over the charcoal, which as we know can have harmful properties. Remember that it’s best to use an oil-free marinade to hamper the formation of cancer-causing chemicals.

2. Make kebabs with fruits and veggies. Who said barbecue has to be all-meat? Incorporating fruits and veggies in your barbecue is one good way to pack on the nutrients, and besides, fruit and veggies are great because they don’t form harmful chemicals when flame-cooked. In fact, you can skip the meat altogether if you want to and just grill fruits and veggies for a much healthier option. Vegetables taste a lot more awesome when grilled.

3. Take all the skin off. If you’re barbecuing chicken, remember to take off all the skin because half the saturated fat in the chicken breast and thigh is all in the skin! Remember to take all the skin off before you marinade and grill because cooking with the skin on and then taking it off at the dinner table just makes you lose all the flavor from your marinade and seasonings.

Care to share your healthy barbecue tips?

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Natural Ways To Beautify

As we grow older, it seems that the cost of beauty increases. We tend to cover up or enhance more parts than we used to and we seem to need more and more products and treatments. Beauty is definitely one of the topmost concerns of everyone, and if you want to make yours last longer, you cannot just depend on the products alone. It is also essential that you incorporate natural beauty habits in your lifestyle, like the following:

1. Hydrating well. Never underestimate your water needs or try to replace it with sodas and other unhealthy drinks. Water is good for your overall body because it flushes out toxins that can cause your health to deteriorate or your body to age faster. Water is one of the basic nourishments our body needs to keep it healthy and young.

2. Eating greens. While it may seem boring at times, the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables are endless. Taking in more of the healthy stuff than carbo- or sugar-loaded foods reflects on our looks as well.

3. Stretching your muscles. Living a sedentary life is one of the fastest ways to bulk up on the fats and lose your youthful figure. Stay active as much as possible either through sports, dance, or whatever is your passion. Hamper aging by keeping that blood flowing.

4. Rejuvenating! Stress is one of the leading factors of physical aging, and a person can look much older than she really is just because she’s stressed all the time. Take time to relax and do the things that calms and re-energizes you.

Care to share your natural ways to beautify?

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Quick Breath Fresheners

Want to freshen your breath after a dinner date but hate to go to the comfort room and keep your special date waiting? Certain herbs, it seems, are specially made for women and men to surreptitiously freshen their breaths after dining.

One such wonder herb that is famous for quick breath freshening is the seemingly useless parsley. Contrary to what some people think that it is just a decorative ingredient, parsley has a high chlorophyll content that diffuses “bad toxins” in the mouth that causes odor. What’s also great about parsley is that it’s easy to chew and doesn’t taste too bad. Parsley can also be dipped in vinegar before chewing and swallowing to double the effect.

Other great remedies to bad breath are cloves with its antiseptic properties and peppermint tea. Actually, taking herbal teas, fruits, and vegetables after a meal of bad breath culprits like cheese, meat and garlic works wonders to tainted breath. Just make sure to chew, eat or drink some greens after your pizza or steak and you’ll be fine.

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