Vitamin D and The Sun

We all know about the risks of sun exposure, especially in today’s times. Many people have started changing their habits, avoiding direct sunlight whenever possible, and wearing a lot of sunscreen. While the risks of sunlight are eminent, sunlight also provides something we all need: Vitamin D. In fact, experts say most people meet their vitamin D needs through exposure to sunlight. Ultraviolet (UV) B radiation penetrates uncovered skin and converts cutaneous 7-dehydrocholesterol to previtamin D3, which in turn becomes vitamin D3.

If you’ve totally reduced your sunlight exposure because of skin hazards, beware because the trade off may be Vitamin D deficiency which can result to a lot of ailments such as osteomalacia, bone diseases, and skeletal deformities. Studies show that homebound people, people often covered for religious reasons, etc are often lacking in Vitamin D. The good news is you can obtain Vitamin D from supplements and a few food sources like fish liver oil.

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Fruits Flush Fat

Did you know that by eating fruit you can actually flush away the fat?  Well you can.  Eating certain foods help to turbo charge the weight loss.  Certain fruits are Low Energy Density which means that they contain more water, fiber and enzymes then others.  These fruits help aid in weight loss.  Fruits density rating should be between 0 and .6.  Some fruits with their energy density rating are listed below.  By eating these fruits you can help your body eliminate fat.

Strawberries       .2
Raspberries       .3
Watermelon       .3
Grapefruit         .3
Cantaloupe       .4
Honeydew        .4
Papaya             .4
Peaches           .4
Tangerines .4
Apricots .5
Pineapple .5
Oranges .6
Plums .6
Blueberries .6
Apples .6

Ripe fruit is rich in nonfluorescent chlorophyll catabolites which are super extra anti-oxidents.  They eliminate free radicals that can cause all types of illness in the body.  Studies suggest that vine ripened fruit has twice as many metabolism revving carotenoids then fruit thats picked when its green.  The longer the fruit is on the vine the more nutrients it picks up from the soil.  Best bets are buying local produce from farmers markets that have been vine ripened to help aid in the weight loss battle.

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Vitamin D – not to be overlooked

Did you ever take the time to read how many units of every vitamin are in your multi vitamin tablet? well look again. 70% of all multi vitamins DO NOT give you the recommended daily allowance required to maintain healthy hearts, body and bones. The RDV for women are 2000-4000 units of Vitamin D per day. Vitamin D reduces the risk of breast cancer, hypertension, diabetes, colon cancer and gum disease. Net time read the label and check with to make sure you are getting what you need.

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Did You Drink Your Milk Today?

As a child, I never liked milk. I would throw the glass of milk my mom prepares for me every morning in the sink (baaad, I know). But now that I’m 23, I feel like my bones are not as strong as I want them to be. Hence, I’m trying to incorporate drinking milk into my lifestyle. After all, milk is a complete food, packed with most of the essential vitamins and nutrients our body needs everyday. So it’s not just about bones and calcium.

Milk is great for overall health because it is one of the world’s most complete foods and there’s no other drink that is as nutrient-filled as milk. Of course, it is also the richest dietary source of calcium, that’s why all babies and kids are required to drink it. But that doesn’t mean adults should stop drinking milk. Everyday, it seems that more and more sicknesses are naturally occurring and we need all the nutrients we can get. Most especially, we need milk to stop osteoporosis from occurring when we get older.

Worried about getting fat when you drink milk? Fear not because there are many low-fat and even non-fat versions. Can’t stand the pure taste of milk? You’re not alone. When I found out that I still can’t stomach pure milk, I bought Anlene’s chocolate flavored milk that tastes a lot better. Good news is there is a lot of flavored milk as well in the market so take your pick.

Before you even start worrying of buying all sorts of vitamins and eating all sorts of food to fill up your deficiencies, maybe you just have to drink a glass of milk everyday, for starters.

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The Humble Seaweed

Do you like the taste of those delicate little bite-sized slices of Japanese goodness called sushi? Oh yes, those fresh seaweed-wrapped rice hors d’oeuvres that only gets better when eaten with a touch of soy, lime and wasabi? If you answered yes, then you’re in for a bonus health surprise!

Seaweed, the wonder health food?

Seaweeds are classic delicacies known not only for their nutritional value but for their distinct and delicious fresh flavor which enhances the flavors of food. Sushi is definitely delicious, but did you know that seaweed makes it twenty times more nutritious than the garden salad you’re eating?

For centuries, man has mined and deeply penetrated the soil for its minerals used to produce steel and industrial and consumer products. Because of man’s abusive ways and processes towards the earth, there’s been continuous reduction of our needed minerals and nutritive components in the land plants we consume.

However, the seaweed is one of the earliest forms of life here on earth, existing even before the very first traces of man’s developed civilizations. The earliest known records of man which made seaweed as food are the coastal-based early civilizations of China, Hawaii, Japan and Norway which, coincidentally, seem to be the healthiest people in the world!

The sea is truly teeming with edible sea plants that are high with vital substances man and all sorts of living things need to sustain life here on earth. And one of them is no less than the very simple and unpretentious seaweed.

Seaweeds have high iodine content that’s why it’s often used in the making of medicines that could prevent goiter. It has also been proven to cure allergies and enhance the immune system. Studies have also said that seaweed can regulate the hormones and metabolism and improve bloodstream. Furthermore, it’s rich in iron that could combat osteoporosis.

Seaweed for the skin!

Now here’s what women of all ages need to know: seaweeds are used a lot for beauty and skin products because of the high concentrations of mineral salts, amino acids and all sorts of vitamins and minerals all essential for skin repair, detoxification and re-mineralizing. It also helps promote a youthful skin color. Thus, eating a lot of seaweed-based foods like sushi and salads could definitely help hasten the aging process and prolong the beauty for years to come.

Know any more powers of the humble seaweed?

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Pop Your Pills

Do you take your daily vitamins? Kids aren’t the only ones who need to take their daily vitamins. The American Medical Association now recommends all adults to take daily multivitamins. People take vitamins for a majority of reasons. Basically, people take them to be healthier and ensure they are getting adequate nutrients in their body. The FDA has a Daily Required Allowance (DRA) they publish to let you know the various amounts of minerals and vitamins your body needs. If you eat a well balanced 3 meals a day containing foods from the each food group, you should have enough vitamins and minerals needed. But if you don’t eat properly you may need to supplement with daily vitamins.

The older you get the more important it is to take daily vitamins. Vitamins help your body to stay in proper working condition, sounds like a vehicle, doesn’t it? Well your body is your vehicle and it needs to be kept running smoothly. Vitamins assist your blood in staying clean, digestion and organs working correctly, and can help you feel a lot better. Find out what vitamins and minerals you may need to be taking at this neat website, it gives you your optimal daily intake.

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How to Maintain Healthy and Flowing Hair

Want to have healthy and shiny locks for years to come? Lots of entries on hair tips have been posted in this site but when it comes to our tresses, we can never get too many beautifying and protection tips. Check out more of these through the following guides to healthy hair I have acquired from experts on the net.

1. Protect your hair against sunlight and pollution.

The sun and pollution are two of the main enemies of our hair. Ultra violet rays dry and discolor our hair while pollution takes away the sheen of our locks. Since the sun today is especially more harmful, always wear a hat or a cap when you know you’re going to be exposed to it. You can also wear a bandanna or other hair clothes that are both protective and stylish. In addition, you can apply natural hair sun screen formulas before getting out in the sun.

2. Choose a natural-bristle brush.

Avoid using cheap plastic brushes or combs because these have seams that tear or split apart hair, especially if your hair is thin and fine. Use a soft boar bristle brush or natural bone or wood combs to avoid damage.

3. Brush properly.

Brushing allows us to stimulate our scalps and spread our natural hair oils from the root to tip of every strand. If your hair has a lot of knots and snarls, try to pull them apart first with your fingers before using a comb to brush from the bottom and slowly working your way up. Remember to keep your brush clean and wash it at least once a week with baking soda or your shampoo to get rid of bacteria that may have accumulated.

4. Towel gently after washing hair.

After showering, don’t rush and comb your hair. Take time to towel your hair properly, blotting it bit by bit to get the water out. Be careful not to pull hair or squeeze with the towel too tightly because wet hair is very fragile and can easily break.

5. Shampoo immediately after swimming.

If you just went for a dip in the pool or a swim in the beach, don’t forget to rinse and shampoo immediately to get rid of chlorine and salts that can damage your hair if it sticks to it for too long.

6. Do not shampoo every day.

Unless you are exposed daily to high city pollution, do not shampoo your hair every day as this can cause your glands to be hyperactive or may quickly dry your hair. Allow your hair to release its natural oils by shampooing every other day. If you are treating your hair for certain problems like dandruff, then it would be alright to everyday with your dandruff shampoo upon instruction. If you are constantly exposed to dirt and pollution and have no choice but to shampoo every day, use milder and natural-based shampoos that won’t dry up your hair.

7. Take vitamin and mineral supplements.

Deficiency in some vitamins and minerals often reflects on our hair and makes it look unhealthy and unattractive. If you are deficient of some nutrients, you might want to take supplements to boost your health and keep your hair glowing and healthy as well.

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