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The NuSkin Galvanic Spa Reviewed

NuSkin Galvanic Spa

My mother always says “You’re only as old as you feel.” I don’t mean to dampen anyone’s spirits but wouldn’t it be a lot easier to believe in that if you didn’t discover a new wrinkle or fine line every time you looked into the mirror? Can fifty really be the new thirty? As usual, my inner nerd needed to find an answer and my search led me to the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa. Could this be it? Mankind’s leap forward to take aging one step backward? Read on to find out…

First things first, I had to figure out how safe (or not!) the usage of electric current on the delicate surface of facial skin is. Turns out, galvanic current has been used in spas worldwide for over 50 years. And just in case you were wondering, it is pain-free. Phew!

Also at first glance, the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa seemed a little too complex for me. What were those attachments? Those gels? Positive and negative polarities? It sort of reminded me of my horror school days. Let me reassure you though, it’s not as complicated as you think it is.

What it contains:

The Nu Skin Galvanic Spa consists of a device with four interchangeable conductors: the ageLOC face conductor, Spot treatment conductor for concentrated treatment to specific areas, a scalp conductor and a body conductor. Also included are two specially formulated gels with ageLOC. What exactly is ageLOc? Let’s just call it a revolutionary blend of ingredients that target the source of aging in skin and stop it, a little bit like a super-hero don’t you think? 😀 While the current stimulates cell rejuvenation in your face, body and scalp,the gels help eliminate toxins and impurities from your skin and minimize your pores and allow them to breathe.

The process:

Before the actual process, remember to wash your face and dry it. Also, let your hands be moist. Next comes the Pre-treatment step. Apply the gel and use your face conductor on it. During this step, the spa instrument and the the pre-treatment gel are negatively charged.The negative charges repel each other and drive the pre-treatment gel into the skin.

Next comes the treatment step. Apply the treatment gel and follow the same process. This time, the galvanic spa instrument and the treatment gel are positively charged. Again, they repel each other and drive the gel into the skin.

Wash your face when the gel dries, and look into the mirror…instant younger, healthy looking skin!

The Ingredients:

Now I’m pretty anal about anything that I consider applying on my face. I need to know all the ingredients involved…just in case. So the pre treatment gel containining Marigold, sea kelp and vanilla extracts delivers some much needed nutrients to your parched skin, soothing it and getting rid of stress. The treatment gel contains magnesium which promotoes cellular energy, Arginine which helps skin recover from stress, Aspartate which balances your skin’s pH and Tocopheryl nicotinate, a form of vitamin E, which helps moisturize, condition and provide antioxidant protection. Ah divine!

Complementary Products:

You can also use the Glavanic Spa Body Shaping Gel which works with the instrument and body conductor to target fat and toxins for a firmer, more toned appearance. Adios cellulite! (I think my mom is going to like this one the best) and for your hair, the Nutriol Hair Fitness Treatment which contains a seaweed derivative thanks to which your hair will seem more luxuriously voluminous than ever before!

And finally:

The Nu Skin Galvanic Spa delivers customized levels of intensity, since not every person needs the same level of current. This way, each user can achieve the best possible results for herself. The best part is that the instrument itself decides the optimum current level for your skin. Big big plus for a goofball like me 🙂

Now tell me, do you know of any other instrument that can take care of so many needs in one go? I didn’t think so.

And if all that isn’t enough, just remember, the biggest advantage of the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa is that it’s like bringing a spa home. Let’s face it, in between looking after the kids, working, cooking, grocery shopping and other household chores, who has the time to visit a spa?

Also, when you really think about the thousands of dollars you would spend at weekly or even monthly spa treatments and cosmetic surgeries, the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa actually becomes the more affordable option. It’s also small, light and easy to carry around so you don’t have to leave it behind even when you travel.

And last but not the least, clinical studies show that the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System makes your skin care regimen upto 70% more effective!!! I can’t argue with that kind of science.

Looks like I’ve found my mom a birthday present! Let’s face it are you going to look 24 again by using the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa? Probably not! But you can look eons younger than what you actually are. Wouldn’t you want people to be surprised when you reveal your actual age? The Nu Skin Galvanic Spa can actually give you that satisfaction. Here’s to fewer wrinkles, younger skin and a fabulous life! Btw, I would love to know your personal experiences with the Galvanic Spa. If you want more information on this awesome new product or the company check this out…very cool website as well.

What is Arbonne?

I keep getting email s from people asking me what Arbonne is all about, so I figured I would write a bit about it. Arobonne is a Swiss formulates, manufactured in the US line of health, nutrition, wellness, cosmetic and anti-aging products.

All of the products Arbonne sells are:

Botanically Based: A proprietary belnding of science and nature based on herbal and botanical principles.

pH correct: Skin care of pH of 5.5 insures maximum benefit to our skin. Arbonnes formulations have at least that.

Hypoallergenic: Voluntary human testing meets hypoallergenic substantiation claim criteria. Our products are NEVER tested on animals.

Dermatologist Tested: Voluntary human tests done under the watchful eye of an independent dermatologist.

Formulated without animal products and by-products: Plants and herbs together with science and technology offer superior benefits to our products.

Formulated without mineral oil: Occlusive oil can interfere with skin functions as well as advanced delivery systems. Mineral oil is also illegal in most countries to be used in human products as it is a proven carcinogen and a by product of petroleum (gasoline).

Formulated without dyes or chemical fragrances: Dyes and fragrances are known irritants and can cause allergic reactions.

The company was founded in the US in 1980 with a vision to provide products unparalleled in quality and effectiveness. Arbonne is headquartered in Irvine, California and the company is guided by a powerful and dedicated Executive Team that is committed to the company’s founding principles and its continuing and building upon the success of Arbonne’s first quarter century in business.

The wonderful thing about Arbonne is that it’s not just about the fabulous products, it’s also about the great people. The Arbonne family is made up of many thousands of people working to make their dreams come true, like I have. Through sales incentives and rewards, travel opportunities, a generous compensation plan, a Mercede Benz cash bonus program and great products, Arbonne offers a unique opportunity that can help make anyone’s vision for the future a reality. If I was not doing it I would not believe it!

Products are sold through a network of Independent Consultants throughout the US, Canada, Australia and the UK. People are under the impression that Network Marketing is like a “pyramid scam”. As a matter of fact, Network Marketing is simply the distribution system or form of marketing which channels goods or services from the manufacturer directly to the consumer, through a “network” of people like me. According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations, the network marketing industry in the US has grown from $16 billion to over $29 billion in direct sales over the past 10 years with over $13 million sales people, and globally there are over $99 billion in sales with over 55 million distributors worldwide for a variety of Network companies.

Let’s face it, some of those Network marketing companies may not be all they sound like. Not all network marketing companies were created equally. Which company you choose can mean the difference between success and failure. According to Dr. Charles King, a Harvard graduate, University of Illinois professor and business consultant, there are four business principles necessary to the success of a business:

  1. Marketplace Demand
  2. Consumable Product
  3. Timing
  4. Leveragability

Marketplace Demands = Sales: Our company is a product driven company in the growing industries of health personal care, weight mangement

Consumable Product = Used Everyday = Repeat Business: All Arbonne products are consumable

Timing = Today’s consumer = Baby Boomers: Our products and business cater to the Baby Boomers, who control two-thirds of U.S. spending and want anti-aging and health products.

Leveragability = Network Marketing = Team effort: If you work just 10 hours a week and find 10 people to do the same, you benefit from 110 hours of earning power.Arbonne offers superior botanically based products, a generous compensation plan, exceptional support, free online training and committed leadership.

We have 7 Avenues of Income: Retail Profit, Bonuses, Mercedes Benz cash bonus program, Overrides, Life Insurance benefits, Travel opportunities, campaign and incentive programs.If you want more information on Arbonne, please do not hesitate to contact, I am happy to share in whatever information I have with you. I can even teach you how to do what I do, make the money I am making, and take control of your life!

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The Secret To My Success

There truly is a “secret to success”.
1. Get up early
2. Work Hard
3. Find Oil

There are tons of people who always complain about their job, the long hours they work and that they need more hours in the day to get things done. Having been tired of hearing co-workers complain and whine I realized I had been one of them incognito! It’s just that I did my whining (and my wine-ing) at home. Don’t misunderstand me, I loved my job and the people I worked with, but you just can’t hire someone else to do your pushups for you!

I was looking for an extra 3 hours a day to be a mom and a wife. No matter how hard I looked it just was not happening. My days turned into nights, and my nights turned into days…and here I thought I had a life. Then I realized something, if it was meant to be it was up to me and something had to give. I had made a conscious decision to give up blaming, complaining, justifying, defending and making excuses and finally chose to take control of my life! I remembered reading something Jack Canfield had written that summed it all up. He spoke about Psychoneuroimunology, broken down it means “Psycho” (dealing with the psyche, feelings) “Neuro” (affecting the nervous system) “Immunology” (being susceptible to disease). Basically everything you think will affect the outcome in your life. Ever hear the saying “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”? It’s all bought on by our own doing. This concept just hit home with me and made so much sense. So I figured that I would make an honest effort to change things in my life to afford me more time to do the things in my life that I CHOOSE to do, not that I HAVE to do.

I wanted to control my own life and NOT have my life control me. I began thinking about things in the way that would change the overall outcome of my actions. It was not easy after 40 somewhat years of “being wired” the way I had always been. No one likes change, not even when it comes wrapped with a big red ribbon on it. We are creatures of habit, so I decided to have an elastic band on my wrist, and anytime I had a thought that could in any way be shaped into a negative (for example I really want to buy that beach house, but its too expensive) I would flick that band on my wrist and re-word my statement to be something like “I will buy that beach house by May 2007”, eventually you re-wire your brain and all of your thoughts become positive no matter how you slice them. By doing this and remaining focused on the outcome you desire, it really does become yours! Here’s the proof…..

So I was in the process of doing the “re-wiring” and along comes a friend of mine with a new job opportunity for me that she said will enable me to be in control of my life again. She told me about this new company that has enormous potential and enables you to create the life you always dreamed of having. She told me she gave up her tenure, 401k and all the other bells and whistles that came with her teaching position she had for 15+ years to embark on this new adventure with this company. She gave me some samples of the products, which I loved, and decided to purchase from her. She invited me to a business presentation about the company and it all sounded too good to be true. I figured, “hey I can do this in addition to my other business and see what happens”. Well now here I sit, recruiting, but for others to join ME in MY business venture, making a decent paycheck, nothing to snuff your nose about, sent on vacations and work PART TIME! I did not fully give up my former life in graphic, because I loved the creativity, but the best part is now I CHOOSE what jobs I want to take because they are fun to do, not because I have to help support my family. The funny thing is I am in more demand now as well; I attribute that to the positive thinking and focus. I have to say, the mind really is an amazing thing and if you just put things out into the universe, somehow in some omnipotent way they do transpire. Now I have more then doubled my income, have time off, have more balance in my life and get to do the things I choose to do in my life. I’m not waiting till I retire; I am doing it all now. After all who knows what the future holds for any one of us.

So that’s the secret to success!

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